Wildcats and Persian Cats: Trump’s Twitter War on Iran

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Since assuming office in 2016, President Trump has surprised and outraged many of his liberal critics. His latest incendiary tweets against Iran have perplexed fans and foes alike. But the Trump administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran have far more in common than their rhetorical outbursts would suggest.

So Donald Trump is ranting and raving about Iran again. The liberal media are saying he’s trying to distract their attention from his recent ‘evil’ encounter with Vladimir Putin. He’s trying to appear tough again. But Trump’s pronouncements on Iran are so bizarre, so disconnected from any reality, that they just don’t convince – liberals that is! The New York Times is not quite convinced Trump really wants to destroy Iran. Why?

We need to contextualise. President Rohani of Iran represents the neo-liberal wing of Iranian politics. He is not a populist. Rohani is even advised by an economist who attended the 2016 Bilderberg meeting. If you don’t know what Bilderberg is, you don’t understand globalisation. Rohani is the Empire’s hope for Iran. The Empire is an international superclass of billionaires. It is sometimes referred to as the globalists, neocons or simply…… the Jews.

Trump and the globalists

So, the international super class want President Rohani to open up the Iranian economy to Western plunder and, in particular, Israeli influence. They understand that the only way to get control of Iran is through soft power brainwashing, and they have massive satellites pumping propaganda into Iran for that very purpose.

So for example, part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ( JCPOA) deal involved allowing UNESCO to influence Iranian education. UNESCO is a globalist organisation which pushes sexual perversion in schools. In Iran sexual perversion is not tolerated. UNESCO wanted the Iranian government to endorse LGBTP (p is for paedophilia) ‘education’ in their schools.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei very homophobically and transphobically and paedophobically rejected their demands. In May 22 2013 former US Vice President Joe Biden thanked Jews for driving the gay agenda in the United States. Tel Aviv is described by many as the world’s gay capital.

Iran is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, with a long intellectual and scientific tradition. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 was a revolt against the Western decadence imposed on Iran’s people by the previous US-backed regime. Tehran is not going to allow globalists to warp the minds of its youth.

President Trump officially left UNESCO in 2017 ostensibly due to the organisation’s ‘anti-Israel’ bias. Now, ever since the founding of the UN, Jews have been… you guessed it.. over-represented. Hardly surprising, therefore, to find that just as America and Israel pulled out of the organisation, the Jewess Audrey Azoulay took over as UNESCO’s director-general.

In 2016, as France’s Culture Minister Azoulay took part in the LGBTP Pride Parade in Paris. Azoulay is a liberal. As I have stated before, liberal Jews push the agendas of globalisation – moral turpitude, humanitarian wars and fake progressivism, while ‘neoconservative’ Jews push the Israeli settlements, wars and fake conservatism. It’s a dialectical process of global takeover which takes time but the Jews can be remarkably patient!

UNESCO contributed to the creation of the ‘Common Core’ education programme for the United States under the Obama administration. Common Core is the blueprint for a global education system in line with the values of the perverted values of the globalists.

Trump opposed Common Core but has been unable since taking office to role back the programme where individual US states have adopted it.

Thanks to the likes of Azoulay, we now have transvestites visiting our children’s schools and children are being encouraged to ‘choose’ their gender. The liberal wing of international Jewry is far more powerful than the overtly warmongering neo-conservatives; but there is a horizon where liberals and neoconservatives meet: Donald Trump. From Noam Chomsky to Bill Kristol, the hatred for Trump is more than common among the Jewish intelligentsia. Noam Chomsky even believes Trump is… wait for it .. “worse than Hitler”.

So, what does LGBTP have to do with the latest Twitter war between Trump and the Islamic Republic of Iran? Well, on the surface, nothing really –  except perhaps on a deeper level. The liberal Jews are cleverer than their conservative counterparts. In fact, it is the liberal Jews who have made people equate liberalism with intelligence, culture, sophistication etc. After all, only backwoods Christians are homophobic!

The liberal Jews don’t trust Trump. He weakens Jewish-led globalist institutions. They feel that Trump can be only one of two things: a fanatical Zionist who loves Israel more than Israelis because he wants to see all the Jews leave for Palestine or a long-term enemy to the cause of Jewry i.e globalisation, one world government and the enslavement of humanity. Liberal Jews see Trump in terms of the latter.

So the New York Times says Trump is trying to distract from his controversial meeting with Putin by lashing out at Iran. They point out that he behaved in a similar fashion towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea before striking a deal with Kim Jong-Un whom he described as a genuinely popular leader loved by his people. Neoconservative, mainstream liberal and Chomskyite Jews would like to see an end to Kim Jong Un and his rather un-Jewish form of nationalist socialism. The neoconservatives would like to see an all-out nuclear war while the liberals and Chomskyites would like to see a Gene-Sharpe ‘popular uprising’.

The New York Times says ‘here are well-financed, powerful constituencies at home and abroad — like the Israeli government and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a Washington-based lobbying group — which will mobilize against any new diplomatic overture to Iran.

The New York Times is telling us that the Jewish Lobby in America is more powerful than the elected government but of course, Jews don’t run America! Only anti-Semites believe that – and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who told Bill Maher, “ We have America”.


Wildcat False Flags

In March 17 1992, a bomb exploded inside the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The terrorist attack was blamed on Iran. Experts confirmed that the bomb had gone off inside the building, contrary to Israeli claims. Iran denied the charge and no evidence was ever found to implicate the Islamic Republic. In July 1994 another bomb exploded in Buenos Aires at the AMIA-DAIA Jewish centre. Iran, Hezbollah and Syria were all accused by the Israelis of the crime. Again, no evidence was ever found to implicate the accused.

The bombings served to demonise the axis of resistance in the Middle East against the Israeli occupation of Palestine at a period when international pressure was forcing the Israelis to negotiate a peace accord with the Palestinians.

Since Operation Susannah in 1954 to 911, 77, the Breivik Massacre and many more, the Israelis have the capacity to carry out terrorist attacks on a grand scale which provide justification for wars and social agendas in their geopolitical interests.

Conserving empire

Thomas Kaplan is a Jewish billionaire who directs the Panthera Institute, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of the world’s wild cats. Kaplan is one of the principal financiers of the United Against Nuclear Iran(UANI) organisation which militates for sanctions against the Islamic Republic on the grounds that they are trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Sheldon Adelson, a major financial supporter of President Donald Trump, is also a member of UANI.

Kaplan is close to former CIA director David Petraeus. The CIA has a long history of using environmentalist or humanitarian cover for covert terrorist operations against states hostile to US foreign policy interests.

Scientist George Schaller is vice-president of the Panthera Institute. He was invited to Iran by Persian Wildlife Heritage, ostensibly on a mission to protect the country’s cheetah. Schaller toured the country extensively, filming and photographing important sites. Several members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage were arrested by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence on charges of espionage for the Israelis. One of the accused Kavous Seyed-Emami committed suicide in prison after his arrest. The Persian Wildlife Heritage cooperated closely with George Schaller.

The current president of Panthera is Fred Launay. He is also president of the ‘Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund’. Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the crown prince of Abu Dhabi. He has been extremely active in attempts to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Western intelligence agencies have a long history of using humanitarian and ecological organisations as cover for political subversion and espionage.

Twitter war

So what is Trump’s latest caterwauling against Iran all about? Trump is hated by the neoconservatives, most of whom are Jewish. During his presidential campaign Trump said Bill Kristol, one of the leaders of the neoconservative movement and former chairman of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), was only interested in “killing people” and driving America into useless wars (ie, wars for Israel).

The more cunning elements of international Jewry counted on Iran opening up to Western cultural and economic penetration as a prelude to long-term regime change.

Trump’s pandering to Kaplan/Kristol school of US foreign policy has pushed Iran closer to Russia and China. The more prescient strategists of US foreign policy such as former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski understood that the long-term future of one-world government depends on integrating Eurasia into the global governance consensus.

Kissinger has described the turmoil in the Trump administration as a civil war between Jews and Gentiles.

Kissinger’s faction of the US ruling elite wants to increase Israeli penetration of the Eurasian powers, Russia, China and Iran.

We should understand that Israel’s long-term goal is to make itself the vehicle of Jewish global domination. The crude Zionist card of Netanyahu can only succeed if the growing, global populist movement adopts a pro-Israeli stance while leftists such as Jewish billionaire George Soros finance ostensibly anti-Israeli organisations such as Democracy Now and Human Rights Watch while, ultimately strengthening global Jewish interests.

A considerable section of the populist movement is Zionist. Alex Jones Infowars is the most flagrant example. The role of the Sorosite anti-Israeli organisations is to deflect attention from the Jewish elites and onto the Israeli military. Zionist agencies are not only financing mass immigration into Europe, they are also promoting Islamophobic activists such as Tommy Robinson. Controlling both sides is what any intelligent oligarchy would do.

The Sorosite leftists focus activist energy on ‘bringing down the wall’, exposing IDF human rights abuses and massacres. Such activism often serves to strengthen the global authority of the UN and other powerful globalist organisations directed by Jews such as Human Rights Watch. The aim of such organisations is to drive victims of Zionist colonisation into the hands of Jewish globalisation. Thus, the same activists risking their lives in Gaza, calling for the fall of the wall, call for ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Syria and smuggle migrants into Europe – all to the delight of the Jews.

Israel will not hesitate to organise another major false-flag terrorist attack blamed on Iran. Bzrezinski warned about such an attack several years ago and Patrick Clawson of the influential Zionist Washington Institute for Near East Studies has openly called for a false flag terrorist attack to be used as a pretext for a US war against Iran.

In a report by the US Army School for Advanced Military Studies, Israel’s intelligence service Mossad was described as ‘wildcat, ruthless and cunning. Able to carry out an attack on US forces and disguise it as an act committed by Palestinians/Arabs.’

The Zionists are currently training the Mujahedeen Al Khalq at a US military base in Albania. The Mujahedeen have already carried out terrorist attacks in Europe blamed on Iran. A false flag terrorist attack could push the Trump administration into war with Iran.

I have said repeatedly that Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric was mostly rhetoric and that it would not be unlike him to change his mind and attempt to strike his own deal with Tehran. In my interview with Press TV France I have repeatedly emphasised the importance of the Shale gas revolution in the United States in Trump’s hostility to Iran. Trump wants Europe to buy US shale gas and Iran is an unwelcome competitor for the European energy market.

Trump’s recent comments stating that he is prepared to meet the Iranian president without preconditions is a case in point. The statement appears to be contradicted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. This seems to be the nature of Trumpian dialectics: up the anti, then contradict, then have your subordinates contradict the contradiction. But the situation is extremely volatile.

If globalist networks can orchestrate a ‘mass casualty event’ and blame it on Iran, Trump may opt for war. But his ‘victory’ would be Pyrrhic at best and ‘Bushite’ at worst. It would certainly jeopardize his chances of re-election. Such a war would strengthen the axis of Resistance in the Middle East and possibly lead to the total destruction of Israel. The problem for the liberal-left Jewish-led establishment is that they believe that deep down, that is precisely what Trump wants to do to them.

Trump’s supporters are comparing him to a lion.

Niccolo Machiavelli said all leonine leaders needed foxes, who were more cunning. Right now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Trump’s fox who, if the ailurophile Zionists have their way, will turn the US president into a badly-bruised Persian cat.

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