Sri Lanka’s Church Bombings: Geostrategic Terrorism and Drugs in the Empire of Chaos

Blasts reported two churches in Sri Lanka During Easter Mass- ശ്രീലങ്കയിലെ കൊളംബോയിൽ ഈസ്റ്റ ...

Sri Lanka’s Catholics are leading the fight against globalisation. It is in this context that one should view the recent terrorist attacks.

The Sri Lanka bombings which killed  290 people and injured hundreds more mark the intensification of the world war on Christianity. On Easter Sunday, 9 blasts rocked the cities of Negombo, Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Batticaloa. 4 Roman Catholic and one Protestant church were targeted, along with 3 hotels.

Roman Catholics constitute over 6 % of the Sri Lankan population. Negombo is an extremely devout city. It is often referred to as “Little Rome.”

This is the first time Sri Lanka’s Christian minority, which constitutes 7 % of the population, have been targeted by terrorism.

Who is waging this war and why? In recent years, Sri Lanka– a key strategic asset for the United States in Asia — has experienced a massive wave of Muslim immigration. The country is predominantly Buddhist and many Buddhists have complained that there is a concerted attempt by the United Nations to subvert the dominant culture of the country through mass immigration in order to render it more pliable to US/ globalist interests.

The problem of nationalism

Empires can only rule over divided people. Decadent empires with unrealistic ambitions of forming a centralised global government are the most predatory. The Buddhist nationalists in Sri Lanka are being unjustly demonised for simply defending their homeland against US neocolonialism. The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organisation are routinely referred to as “fascists” by the international press. Even so-called “ anti-imperialists”, that is to say, failed Marxists of the last century join the chorus of bullying and demonisation.

The BBS organisation is most likely being manipulated by Indian Intelligence, according to analysts in Sri Lanka. But they do have a legitimate grievance: Muslim gangs are routinely attacking Buddhist temples and attacking Buddhist monks. Many have been killed and hospitalised. Like the Rakhine Buddhists of Myanmar, they are the victims of an international conspiracy.

The Buddhists have also complained about the influence of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka. They say that the Catholic global mission in the country is detrimental to the survival of their culture. There is no suggestion here that Buddhist extremists might have been behind today’s attacks. The BBS is not a terrorist organisation and they have condemned the attacks.

Did Muslims carry out the attack? Thirteen Muslims have been arrested. People who are new to the war on terrorism need to understand what it is and why it is happening. For centuries, financial elites have sought globalised central power. In the last century, they have centralised their power more than ever before. Those financial elites run the international press. The international press is the means through which they communicate with the public.

Samuel Huntington, as US academic, wrote a book called The Clash of Civilisations in which he stated that Islam and the West were incompatible and would come to conflict, resulting in the globalisation of war. That has happened.

But do Western governments want to stop those head-chopping Muslims? No. NATO and Israel arm and train them, then send them into target countries for covert operations. The hirsute, fatwa-spouting madmen you see on your television screen are nothing but puppets of the military-industrial-media-intelligence complex.

Since former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski created the Islamist Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, in order to, as he put it, “give the Soviet Union their own Vietnam”, Jihadi terrorism has been a tool of US/Israeli imperialism.

Most terrorist attacks in the world are carefully-coordinated and highly complex operations involving hundreds of people and sophisticated technology. In Europe during the 1970s and 80s, thousands of terrorist attacks were carried out by a secret group working for European and American intelligence services. The “stay-behinds” had been set up after World War II as a possible underground resistance force against a Soviet Invasion of Western Europe. The terrorists infiltrated far-right and far-left groups. The P2 Lodge was a Masonic lodge in Italy, where many of the atrocities took place. It was composed of members of the media, politicians and finance.

The false flag terrorist attacks were part of a US military initiative in Europe called “strategy of tension.” The aim of the terrorist campaign was to force the citizens of Europe to look to the state for protection, thereby reinforcing its power. The conspiracy was revealed by the former Italian President Francesco Cossiga and was submitted for investigation by the EU Parliament.

Daniele Ganser was the first academic in Europe to write a doctoral thesis on the affair. He was surprised to find that no other academic in Europe was aware of Operation Gladio. That’s how ‘informed’ our esteemed professors are!

Israel’s cock-fight foreign policy

In 1983, the Tamil Tigers for the Liberation of Elaam (TTLE) started a civil war in Sri Lanka in order to gain independence. The Sinhalese government brought in 50 Mossad officers to train the military in counter-insurgency. In 1984 and 1985, the Israelis trained both sides in the civil war in military bases near Tel-Aviv. The Mossad used Indian intelligence, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW) as an intermediary. The money was laundered through the infamous BCCI bank – a major source of financing for international terrorism. The international drug trade was a key source of financing for a civil war in a developing country organised by world powers.

The Israeli-owned ZIM shipping company – one of the biggest in the world — was instrumental in shipping arms to terrorists.

As I explained in my previous article last year, Sri Lanka is a key strategic asset for the United States in its Pivot to Asia.

Maintaining a strategy of tension is essential as the only way for the Israeli-controlled US to dominate Asia is through the Muslim- inhabited coastlines of South and South-East Asian countries. Myanmar, South Thailand, South Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and China’s Xinyang Province are all target areas for Islamist destabilisation, balkanisation and the ever-recurring pretext for globalist “humanitarian intervention.”

The United States of Israel is attempting to encircle and control China. Sri Lanka is a key element in that game plan. Israel, however, is playing all sides – controlling US perception and security while selling technology stolen from the US to China. Israel functions as globalisation’s glue — an international state operating through all the other states of the world.

So, did Muslims carry out the attack? We must, first of all, understand this important point: Most of the victims of terrorism in the world are decent, peaceful, honest, hard-working Muslims, and most of the terrorism comes from the West in the form of genocidal wars disguised as “humanitarian intervention” or Muslim patsies in the service of imperialism.

So, we ask the question again, Did Muslims carry out the attacks? We must second of all realise that a branch of Islam, fully supported by the EU and the United States, namely Wahhabism, advocates this kind of terrorism and their European headquarters now are in London and Dublin.

False flags and drug war

Sri Lanka to Start Hanging Drug Dealers to 'replicate ...


It has been reported that the Sri Lankan police were informed of an imminent attack on 11 April. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says he was not informed. Wickremesinghe is known to be a close collaborator with US interests in Sri Lanka.

An unnamed intelligence agency informed the police. Some speculate it could be the Australian Secret Intelligence Service(ASIS), who collaborate closely with MI6 and the CIA. Could they also have informed them of the intelligence agency behind the attacks? In 2007, Italy’s Corriere De la Sierra interviewed Italy’s former President Francesco Cosigga about the 911 attacks in America. He said:

“[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Qaeda September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.

Many intelligence officers all over the world know who the real terrorists are. It is possible that Israel is being closely watched by other high-level officials. But it is impossible to tell who exactly informed the Sri Lankan police. It could also have been the Mossad. After all, the best way to attack a country is to pose as its protector. After yesterday’s attacks, Israel was first off the mark to help with the “investigation”.  A group linked to ISIS called National Thowheed Jamaath(NJT) are being blamed for the attack. The US-funded Groundviews media outlet is pushing the line that President Maithripala Sirisena failed to act on the intelligence he had supposedly received prior to the attacks. In my previous analysis of Sri Lanka, I showed how Sirisena was also being blamed for the incompetence in protecting Muslims from Buddhist violence. We should bear in mind some information which could be significant. Mossad’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s war was heavily financed by the international drug trade.

Leaders who combat drugs rarely receive much praise from globalist agencies. Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra, Philippines Duterte have all been accused of heavy-handed measures in their war on drugs.

On 24 February, the largest consignment of illicit drugs in the nation’s history was seized by the Sri Lankan police. On 25 March 107 kgs of drugs were seized by the military. On 1 April, 769 KGs of illicit drugs were seized in Colombo. President Sirisena has launched a war on drugs and his model is Duterte’s Philipines. On 3 April the Bakmaha Divuruma, the national anti-drug campaign was launched. Sirisena is looking to countries such as Singapore as models of who to completely eradicate drugs.

Since the British opium wars of the 19th century, drug trafficking has been a major feature of Western imperialism. Opium drugged half of China and enriched British oligarchs. In fact, many of the prestigious universities in the United States were built with money from the drug trade.

In his article The Opium War’s Secret History, the New York Times’ Karl E. Meyer writes:

“Along with the slave trade, the traffic in opium was the dirty underside of an evolving global trading economy. In America as in Europe, pretty much everything was deemed fair in the pursuit of profits.”

Why should we not believe things are any different today?

James Petras has pointed out that drug money was a major source of liquidity for US banks after the 2008 crisis. If we have a drug epidemic in the world, it is because powerful people have an interest in its perpetuation. Since the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, heroin production has increased 40 fold. He writes:

“Laundering drug money is one of the most lucrative sources of profit for Wall Street; the banks charge hefty commissions on the transfer of drug profits, which they then lend to borrowing institutions at interest rates far above what – if any – they pay to drug trafficker depositors. Awash in sanitized drug profits, these US titans of the finance world can easily buy their own elected officials to perpetuate the system.

Sirisena is a former communist who has expressed admiration for President Putin of Russia. He has also vowed to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in food. He is believed by India to be a Chinese asset. That would also make him a target of Western destabilisation.

The Catholic Civil War

One might be tempted to see a connection between the burning of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris and the attacks in Sri Lanka. Is there a connection? There is no direct link other than the fact that historically Francis Xavier, the great Spanish Jesuit, evangelised Portuguese Goa in India and Goa’s evangelisation led to the spread of Christianity in Sri Lanka. Francis Xavier was educated in Paris, the Eldest Daughter of the Church. Catholicism in Sri Lanka is traditional.

The Arch-Bishop of Colombo Malcolm Ranjith is a critic of the Vatican II reforms. He advocates a return to the Latin mass and restitution of liturgical and sacramental tradition.

He is also a Cardinal. He was one of the Cardinals favoured to succeed Pope Benedict XVI.

The homosexualist, Sorosite cult pushing Pope Francis and the New Age eco-fascist agenda hate people like Cardinal Ranjith. They want to destroy the Church. The fact that Sri Lankan Catholics are traditionalist would make them a target of the New World Order. Cardinal Ranjith is not only a champion of Catholic tradition; he is a staunch anti-capitalist. He has been heavily involved in anti-poverty programmes. Cardinal Ranjith is also deeply involved in Sirisena’s war on drugs. He has supported moves to impose the death penalty for drug pushing — sparking criticism from globalist organisations such as Amnesty International.

Cardinal Ranjith has led anti-drug marches in Colombo and is a key ally of President Sirisena’s war on drugs. The Sri Lankan cleric set up the charity Seth Sarana in 1986. They have constructed several thousand quality homes for the country’s poor. Ranjith is also the leader of inter-faith dialogue in Sri Lanka.

Cardinal Ranjith has come under attack from the LGBTQP lobby for his opposition to gay marriage –a key element of US imperialist subversion throughout the world.

The supporters of Pope Francis would like to see clerics like Ranjith out of the way so that they can replace the Catholic Church with a homosexual earth cult based on the ancient mystery religions.

Cardinal Ranjith does not believe in human rights. He has called human rights the “new religion of the Western nations.”

He says the West is attempting to impose human rights in order to control developing nations and that countries who follow religious principles have no need for human rights. These ideas of Cardinal Ranjith are extremely heretical in terms of the emerging One-World Mystery Cult.

Cardinal Ranjith has said the liturgy and love of the poor have been the compass of his life. This contrasts markedly with Pope Francis, whose criticisms of capitalism only serve to strengthen the argument for world government and whose fake populism involves subverting Church doctrine.

Terrorism is an international state

In the 18th century, the British Empire allied itself with Abdul al Wahab, an extremist cleric in the Saudi peninsula, the Southern extremities of the former Ottoman Empire. Al-Wahab was the son of a Jewish convert to Islam. He created an extremist cult which sought to take over the Empire. The British hoped to use Al-Wahab as a tool to destabilise the Ottoman Empire. The plan failed and Al-Wahab and his followers were crushed by the Ottoman military.

Ibn Saud was installed in Saudi Arabia in 1932 by the British. Britain and subsequently the Americans became the protectors of the Wahhabite Al-Saud clan. The Wahabi death cult was revived by the Americans during the Cold War to undermine independent secular regimes such as Nasser’s Egypt.

King Abdul Aziz Ibn-Saud, the first monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moische, a Jewish merchant from Basra. 

The Saudi regime is a key ally of Israel, as it serves to impede Arab unity and progress.

The Wahhabi death squads have been the secret weapon of US/Israeli imperialism since the state’s inception. They have committed genocide in Libya; genocide in Syria; genocide in Yemen; terrorist attacks in Iran, terrorist attack in Lebanon  — any country anywhere which Globalist Elites want to destabilise.

So, the question as to whether Muslims carried out today’s attacks is like asking if  Irish block-layers designed the Empire State Building: the networks behind global Jihadist terrorism are intricately linked to state-forces.

We have entered a particularly internecine period of religious warfare. When Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris was set fire, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was set fire at the same moment. In the aftermath of the fire in Paris, the Free Masonic elite called for the “rebuilding of the temple”. The public, ignorant of history, and brainwashed by meaningless and sensationalist media soundbites and outrageous lies, have no idea who is really running the world. They are being pushed into a world war orchestrated by evil men, and they are turning to the very same evil men for “protection.”

The terrorist attacks are likely to strengthen anti-popular elements in the Sri Lankan military and the faction around pro-Western Prime-Minister Wickremesinghe while weakening the nation’s drive to rid itself of drugs, poverty and civil strife.

There is a state in the world with tentacles in every country; an international state which has not hidden its desire to rule the world. It is a state whose name we are not allowed to mention. Understanding why and how that international state has gained so much power has been the object of much of my work. I have found its tentacles in every state in the world which has experienced “Jihadist” terrorism. Understanding what that state is; why it has gained so much power and why we are not allowed to talk about it is the key ending the phoney “war on terror.”





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