Kanye West and the Sons of Noah

Ham Mocking Noah by Bernadino Luini

Here I argue why it is imperative to resurrect the traditional Catholic view on the three human races.

We are perhaps all expecting Kanye West to ‘die suddenly’ after his recent diatribes on Jewish domination of the US media and entertainment industry. Everyone knows West is simply telling the truth. The Jews pretty much own and control all of the US media and entertainment industry. They boast about it in the Israeli press. It is possible to mention it provided you are, 1, Jewish, and 2, you preface your statement with something like, “Thank God, Jews own and run the US media!”

West seems to be aware of this and, canny businessman that he is, has decided to claim the first, calling himself a ’black hebrew’. There is a school of thought among African Americans that they, and not the Khazars, are the true Hebrews. We’ll come back to this in a moment. Suffice it to say here, however, that the Black Hebrew identification claim could be a clever discursive trope designed to keep West from ’dying suddenly’.

So, West has declared war on the Jews, and he happens to be the wealthiest and possibly most influential black man in the world, if not in modern history. But does our negroid David have enough stones in his sling to bring down Goliath?

Blacks as tools of the Jews

In numerous articles and books, E. Michael Jones has shown how the American black community fell prey to Jewish manipulation, particularly from the 1960s. It is no secret that Jews played a key role in the civil rights movement. One could of course, hail this as good thing. But not if we consider the ways in which Jews wanted to use the black community as a weapon to break up other ethnic communities in America.

By donning a T Shirt which says that White lives matter, West is telling American blacks not to fall for Jewish-funded fake anti-racism campaigns designed to demonise white people, while at the same time spreading promiscuity and criminality among the black population. For that is precisely what Black Lives Matter is all about.

But there are some issues that emerge from his recent interview with Piers Morgan which I want to address here.

Who is the black man?

The Jewish role in black transatlantic slavery is something every black should know about.
The slavery continues through mind-controlling mass media and entertainment industry, which is a Jewish business. Again, this is something you can say if you are a Jew. Joel Stein, writing for the Los Angeles Times, says it blindingly obvious that the Jews run Hollywood, and that he hopes Jewish domination of the film and entertainment industry continues!

Until the nineteenth century, most Christians believed that the black man was a descendant of Ham, one of the three sons of Noah who survived the Flood. They also believed that the reason the black man was so miserable was because of the curse which Noah pronounced on Ham’s son Chanaan in Genesis 10. After alighting from the Ark, Noah plants a vinyard and gets drunk on the wine. He is found naked and unconscious by his sons Japheth, Shem and Ham. Japheth and Shem dutifully cover their naked father but Ham mocks him. When Noah awakens he curses Ham, saying that his sons will be subject to the sons of Japheth and Shem.

Father James Meagher in his book How Christ Said the First Mass explains that this scene is a prefiguration of Christ on the cross. Noah is a type of Christ. The wine represents the blood of Christ which is in the form of wine at the holy sacrifice of the mass. Meaghar had no doubts but that this story explained the dismal predicament of the black man.

In 1873 Pope Pius XI composed a beautiful prayer in Latin for the conversion of the ’sons of Ham’. The duty of the sons of Japheth and Shem was to bring the sons of Ham to Christ. There is almost no one talking about this traditional view of race today. Ask any Catholic priest and he will probably dismiss the story of Noah. Of course, much of the Old Testament is not meant to be interpreted literally. Allegorical, anagogical and readings are often required to glean the hidden sense contained in much obscure scripture.

Now, ’science’ tells us that we are all descendants of the black man, that the human race began in Africa and that, therefore, the mass migration of negroes into Europe is some kind of ’homecoming’. Liberals seem to be perfectly unaware of just how racist this view is. If we evolved from blacks, that implies blacks are at a more primitive stage of evolution, thus inferior. It is precisely the argument of the white supremacist WASP types. Left liberalism and WASP supremacism are two sides of the same coin. The only difference is that the white supremacists are more honest in their interpretation of Darwinism. Of course, Catholics should have nothing but contempt for either of these schools of imbeciles.

The traditional Catholic view of race might, prima facie, appear terrifying, but it is far more profound and philosophical. The three races of Mongoloid,Causcasoid and Negroid are the sons of Noah. But the sons of Ham bear a particular relation to Christ on the cross.

Christ took upon himself the sin of the world. When he died, his body was blackened from the blood and gore of the Passion. Sin brought death into the world. Adam and Eve were ‘dressed’ in the light of the Lord, until they sinned. The Hebrew word for skin ‘or’ is isophonic with the word for light.

God then dressed their shame with the skins of an animal. Clothes are a second skin. Catholic priests wear the black soutane to signify their death to the world. Perhaps this is the deeper meaning of black skin. Through their servitude and degradation, brought about by the pride of their father, the sons of Ham are uniquely related to Christ in HIS passion. The black skin which might be considered a curse in the Hebraic world of the Old Testament is a sign of contradiction and thus ironically a blessing in the era of the Good News.

In his recent interview with Piers Morgon, West spoke about the problem of absent fathers in black families. He implied that this too is due to the nefarious influence of Jewish-controlled mass media. Referring to his broken marriage, West said he was still the priest of his family. The notion of the father as priest of the family is distinctly Catholic. The role of the father is to be the spiritual head of the family. The regeneration, therefore, of the negro, depends on the restitution of patriarchy.

In his interview with Piers Morgan West was ludicrously arrogant: “I’m an extremely brilliant artist” etc. Also, name dropping from the world of bourgeois so-called ‘high culture’ is never wise if you can’t follow it through. West said he was like the painter Henri Matisse but couldn’t really elaborate.

Ham’s pride was punished by brutal servitude. The Catholic Church’s view of the black race is based on this story. That is why in 1873 Pope Pius IX composed a beautiful prayer in Latin for the conversion and salvation of the sons of Ham, that they be released from servitude through Christ. The prayer specifically asks ‘ut Deus omnipotens tandum aliquando auferrat maledictionem Chami a cordibus eorum’ that Almighty God may at length remove the curse of Ham( or Cham) from their hearts. An indulgence of three hundred days is granted to all Catholic who say this prayer after the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be to the Father.

Evangelicals foolishly believed the curse of Ham justified slavery. The Catholic Church believed it proved the fraternity of the human race.There are three races: Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid. All three are descendants of Noah.

But the negroes will never be emancipated until they grasp the meaning of the curse of Ham. The curse of Ham, manifested in their negritude, relates them directly to Christ and the first man Adam.

Black liberation activists are too focused on cultivating black pride. They would do better if they promoted humility.

They spend far too much time inventing glorious pseudohistories about Africa, and ‘Kemat’ and how the White man distorted their history. But the reality is that before the sons of Japheth sent missionaries to Sub-Saharan Africa, it was a barbaric hellhole. The same can be said for most countries before Christianity. There is a popular trend in Ireland, for example, to extol the virtues of pagan Ireland. The reality is that the pre-Christian Irish were no just as barbaric and stupid as every other pagan culture. And centuries of Christianity still hasn’t expelled all the barbarism from our hearts.

The misery of Ham is that his brother Japheth has become a catamite while his other brother Shem has become a bully boy. Shem wants Ham to hate Japheth, blaming him for his servitude and misery. But Shem holds the key to his shackles because Shem does not see Christ in Noah. Shem sees himself in all things and must thus posssess all things. Shem brought a curse upon himself too, at the foot of the cross when he said “let His blood be upon us and upon our children.” (Matthew 27: 25)

Christ on Calvery was blackened by sin. Whiteness is associated with purity and light; blackness with sin and darkness. This is the reality of the physical world. Blacks need to deal with this reality.

St. Peter Claver, the ’apostle to the negroes’, said the role of Japheth was to serve his brothers Ham and Shem and bring them to Christ. St. Peter Claver held that though the skin of the negro was ‘black’ his soul could be white. No one ever loved and served the Negro more than St. Peter Claver.

Ham is a tool of Shem’s war on Japheth. Japheth escaped the curse of Noah because he was humble.

West seems to be influenced by black Hebrewism, or the idea that the negroes are the ’real Jews’. He should abandon this preposterous nonsense. Blacks are the sons of Ham and thus Sons of Noah, the father of the post-diluvian world and an important type of Christ.

Perhaps the ideal relationship between the three races of humanity could be compared to that the Blessed Trinity. Shem, Ham and Japheth. This is the order in which they are enumerated in Genesis 9: 18-19. The three are equally humanity, but also equally distinct. Shem might be the Father of the Old Testament; Ham might be the Son of the new, while Japheth might be the Holy Spirit, the paraclete which descends into the world after Christ/Ham’s victory over death on the cross.

In the Transfiguration Jesus take up Peter, James and John to a mountain to witness his divinity. Peter, James and John are from the chosen race of the Hebrews but they represent nonetheless the three sons of Noah. Just like Shem, Ham and Japheth, Peter, James and John are always in the same order. James, the first martyr, might correspond to Ham in so far as he represents the idea of dying to the world symbolised by the priest’s black soutane. The analogy is overstretched and perhaps theologically erroneous but it is nonetheless useful to rethink the meaning of race in biblical terms. It doesn’t matter what race we are so long as we are transfigured by Christ.

Kanye West must become a Catholic!

West is eminently likeable. But Shem has his fingers on every possible assassination device. In my humble view, the role of Ham today is to say to Shem, “ The good news is that Christ has liberated all of us from the slavery of sin. Noah’s curse on our father was annihilated in Calvery and your curse was also annihilated in Calvery.”

It takes guts to take on the Jews. West is clearly a leader worthy of respect. There are far too many ‘alt-right’ figures in the black community who are articulate but who conform to Jewish interests.

West is risking everything saying what he says. But the negroes will never shake off their slavery to Shem until they see themselves as Ham. Seeing themselves as Ham will also bring them closer to the sons of Japheth, the European races whose missionaries brought millions of black men to Christ.

When Ham and Japheth unite as sons of Noah, they can wrest discourse from the mouth of Shem and insist that anti-Hamitism and anti-Japhetism be inscribed in the charter of unacceptable ideologies. The Jews are anti-Hamitic and anti-Japhetic. Under their so-called ’Noahide Laws’ they would enslave Ham and Japheth. The Jews are masters of mockery. The proud love to mock and jeer. Ham mocked his Father. In Calvery, the crucified man to the left of Christ joined in with his executioners in mocking Christ. ”Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us then!” There’s something insidiously leftist about mockery. Dismas, the executed man on the right, was the first Christian to enter heaven because his heart died to the world.

As Father Jordon J. Macrae writes on the mocking convict:

‘The other criminal, crucified to the left, takes his pride to the grave and runs his mouth in mockery in sympathy with the very Roman officials and the crowds who condemned him. In a most bizarre display of so-called “Stockholm Syndrome,” that crucified man emulates their pride and takes up their prejudice to mock Christ.

That other man echoes Satan tempting Jesus in the desert. He sneers, even from his own cross: “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us then!” The arrogance of his agenda was exactly what C.S. Lewis predicted of pride’s true nature. It deprived the condemned man of an awareness of the reality of his life and death. It stole his common sense. It left him with the worst combination of human traits: a closed mind, and an open mouth.THE MOCKERY OF PRIDEThe world is mocking us. It mocks the Church, our faith, our Redeemer, and the Cross itself. Like the man crucified to the left of Christ, the world mocks us even from the cross of its own condemnation. It is nothing new. Noah was mocked, even as the rains came. The Jews rescued from slavery and led out of Egypt mocked Moses at Sinai. John the Baptist was mocked, and thrown into prison. Christ has always been mocked, every step of the way, from Calvary to the present day, and we must be mocked from our position on that other cross – the cross of Dismas – as we too challenge the world by grasping the mystery of Christ. The more we grasp it, the more we seek to be with Him in Paradise, the more we are mocked by people whose pride makes their prejudice too enticing to pass up, even from the cross of their own sin.’

We live in a world of closed minds and open mouths, of fools who join with their persecutors in mocking those who would liberate them.

The Church always warned the sons of Japheth that if they left the Church, they would be ruled by the sons of Shem. Who can say now that it hasn’t happened? Is Japheth becoming Ham? Is that perhaps the third and unspoken curse on the sons of Noah?

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