The Rohingya Psyops: Waging Covert War on Myanmar

The United Nations has accused the Government of Myanmar of committing ‘genocide’ against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country’s troubled Rakhine State. In recent weeks the crisis in Myanmar has escalated, with human rights groups and NGOs publishing copious denunciations of the alleged human rights abuses and mass murder committed by the Myanmar Armed Forces, (Tatmadaw). The Myanmar government claims that they are fighting a war on terrorism against forces which seek to destabilise the state, Islamist forces in particular. They also claim that the so-called ethnic minority commonly referred to as ‘Rohingya’ are really illegal East Bengali immigrants.

Despite thousands of serious allegations of rape, pillage and mass murder committed by these Bengali immigrants in Myanmar, human rights groups and the ‘international community’ have blamed all the violence on the Burmese authorities. Who are the Rohingya and why have they now become the focus of international attention? Why has the position of the Burmese authorities been ignored or dismissed? What geopolitical objectives could be behind an attempt to destabilise the country, as Burmese authorities have alleged?

Who are the ‘Rohingya’?

There is no ethnic group called ‘Rohingya’. The term ‘Rohingya’ is a word of Bengali etymology which means Arakan. A ‘Rohinga’ is simply an Arakan Muslim, a Muslim of Rakhine State, the Western province of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Dr. Jacques P. Leider, director of the French School for Asian Studies in Thailand, and an expert on Rakhine State history, puts the oft-quoted name into context:

“Rohingya is a name, not an ethnic category, that has been revived in modern days to identify Muslims in Rakhine as a separate social group. One may eventually compare it with the name of the Chinese Muslims in Myanmar who are called ‘Panthay’.”

In the 19th century, the British Raj brought in Bengalis to work for the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine State colony in Western Burma. The Muslim settlers were used in a similar way to the Presbyterian settlers in Ireland in the 17th century;  Protestant and Presbyterian settlers were settled in Ireland by the British imperial state in order to create a local loyalist force against the native Irish. The consequences of that plantation are still being felt today in the British-occupied section of the ancient Irish province of Ulster.

The British used Bengali settlers in Burma to administer the Rakhine State on behalf of British interests. Since that time,  they have been periodically committing massacres against the indigenous Buddhist population of Burma’s Rakhine State region. The Muslims causing all the trouble are backed by the Saudis, Pakistanis, Turks, Bangladeshis and by the British and Americans who want to ‘Kossovise’ mineral-rich Myanmar. I should like to stress ‘Muslims who are causing all the trouble’; for it is a minority of the Rakhine State’s Muslims who are attempting to wage Jihad on behalf of Western geopolitical interests and the ongoing Zionist global war on terrorism, euphemistically and erroneously referred to as the ‘clash of civilisations’.

Since independence, Myanmar’s Rakhine State’s Muslim population has become the majority and Buddhists have suffered persecution; temples are often attacked and burned. Rapes of local Buddhist women by Muslim men are regularly reported. Arakanese Buddhists live in fear. The Islamist violence against Buddhists in Rakhine State is often followed by brutal attacks on Muslims in areas of the country where they are a minority. An independent Rakhine State which, like Serbia’s Kosovo, would depend entirely on the United States for its security, would be an enormous geopolitical prize for the US and a major tool of incremental destablisation against China, where the US is currently waging covert jihad through Uigur terrorists – many of whom are training in Syria and Iraq. The World Uighur Congress is backed by Washington.

The Myanmar authorities are currently fighting a war of national liberation against two terrorist organisations called the Rohingya Liberation Organisation.(RLO), and the Rohingya Solidarity Organisation (RSO). The RLO is supported by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and ipso facto, NATO. Recent reports from Indian intelligence agencies have indicated that the Daesh are now recruiting Rohingya in India and sending them to Saudi Arabia for training.

The Rohingya terrorists are most likely receiving arms and training from Bangladeshi military intelligence under the supervision of Turkey and the US, while the Saudis are providing the radicalisation and the cash. The Rohingya refugee story is a gigantic psyops which is intended to manipulate the emotions of ignorant mass media consumers, who do not understand the history and complex geopolitical context of Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal.

With a population of 160 million, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The Bengali state is one of the world’s great sweatshops – providing slave labour for powerful Western corporations. But the state cannot provide enough employment for the country’s burgeoning youth. As a consequence, hundreds of thousands of Bengali youths take to the waters, heading mostly for Thailand and Malaysia. Exploited by a brutal mafia of traffickers who coordinate with Western intelligence agencies and NGOs, these economic migrants often end up on the shores of Rakhine State, where refugee camps are erected. They are then recruited by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups for purposes of destabilising Rakhine State on behalf of Western interests. The Rohingya crisis is the most brutal and blatant example of what Kelly Greenhill calls ‘Weapons of mass migration’, whereby human beings are used by one state as geopolitical weapons against a target state.

In spite of extensive research carried out on the ground in Myanmar by independent researchers such as Rick Heizman – which extensively and exhaustively document ethnic cleansing by Rohingya Muslims against poor Buddhist peasants –  the human rights organisations which are shaping the international media narrative have simply relayed accusations of genocide made by the very organisations committing atrocities, namely the organised terrorist gangs of the Rohingya insurgency.

Although the public is led to believe that organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are independent, they are in fact closely linked to the British and American governments and function as para-statal agencies of imperial war propaganda.  Human rights organisations infiltrated by Western intelligence agents play a key role in creating the public consensus for US, NATO or UN military interventions in countries where a pretext is needed for a war of conquest, cynically disguised as a ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Bangladesh/Myanmar border tension

The alleged training being provided by the Bangladeshi military to Rohingya terrorists is one of the factors fueling conflict between Myanmar and Bangladesh, where border tensions have escalated recently. In his book ‘The Politics of Refugees in South Asia- Identity, Resistance and Manipulation’, Narvine Murshid writes:

Does Bangladesh have any incentive to prevent an armed struggle in Myanmar? Recently, Myanmar-Bangladeshi relations have been contentious over gas exploration in the Bay of Bengal. According to Bangladesh, Myanmar infringed upon Bangladesh’s territorial waters around St. Martin’s Island, but following an investigation, the maritime tribunal declared that the area lay within Maynmar’s maritime boundary.”

The Politics of Refugees in South Asia 

In 2012, a Muslim mob attacked Buddhist labourers in Ramu, Bangladesh, destroying temples and many homes. Local politicians participated in the sectarian violence. Some tried to justify the hate crimes by claiming that the violence was due to the frustration felt by Rohingya who were unable to enter Rakhine State to ‘protect’ fellow Muslims from ‘Buddhist repression’ after the border was closed by the Bangladeshi military.There is sufficient reason to believe that the Rohingya terrorist groups are being armed and trained in Bangladesh. The above-mentioned author was told in Bangladesh ” It is an open secret that the Rohingya have access to small arms”. The Western powers are supporting Bangladesh in this endeavour, through the human rights war industry which consists of completely ignoring the ethnic cleansing by Muslims of Buddhists in Rakhine State and ignoring the fact that many of these so-called victims of Burmese state repression are Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

It is possible that the CIA and MI6 are also backing some Buddhist terrorist organisations in order to discredit the Myanmar state. Violence has escalated in Rakhine State since the assassination of  Muslim human rights lawyer U Ko Ni on the 29th of January by Buddhist terrorists. U Ko Ni was an advisor to Myanmar’s leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. The Burmese government said it was an attempt to ‘destabilise the state’.  Amnesty International told the New York Times that a proper independent investigation must be carried out into U Ko Ni’s assassination. The clear implication is that government forces may have been involved. It is much more likely, however, that forces attempting to undermine the government were behind the killing.

By deception they wage war

Many of the organisations and media outlets who are reporting truthfully on the Syrian war have been completely deceived by the sophisticated and well-funded ‘Rohingya’ crisis in Myanmar. Iran’s excellent news service Press TV have heretofore relayed disinformation and lies from Zionist organisations such as Human Rights Watch which blame the Myanmar state for the violence in the country. They have made no effort to objectively explain the geopolitical nature of the Rohingya crisis nor have the victims of Rohingya terrorism been given a voice.  The Islamic Republic of Iran has made major foreign policy errors in the past. In the 1990s Iran supported the Bosnian Mujahedeen, collaborating with the USA in the funneling of arms to terrorists who were massacring Serbian civilians on behalf of NATO interests.  Iran hoped to gain influence in Europe and had fallen for Western propaganda which demonised the Serbian government.

The Israelis played a key role in that deception by expressing support for the Serbs. Relations between the Serbs and Israel had been good. But disinformation agents such as journalist Robert Fisk made much of the Israeli support for Serbia in order to conjure up in the liberal leftist’s do-gooder imagination comparisons between the Israeli regime’s oppression of  Palestinians and Serbian repression of Bosnian and Kosovan terrorists.  In a 6th of January 2006, Independent newspaper column on former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Fisk wrote:

Largely forgotten amid Sharon’s hatred for “terrorism” was his outspoken criticism of NATO’s war against Serbia in 1999, when he was Israeli foreign minister. Eleven years earlier he had sympathised with the political objective of Slobodan Milosevic: to prevent the establishment of an Albanian state in Kosovo. This, he said, would lead to “Greater Albania” and provide a haven for – readers must here hold their breath – “Islamic terror”. In a Belgrade newspaper interview, Sharon said that “we stand together with you against the Islamic terror“.

Although a war criminal and butcher, Sharon sometimes expressed views that were out of sink with mainstream Zionism. As I pointed out in my series on Zionism’s war on Europe, Sharon may have been murdered due to his astonishing admission that Israel would have to end the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Robert Fisk is and always has been an agent of NATO disinformation and war propaganda.

In the above-cited article he wants the reader to believe that Sharon’s objection to the NATO bombing of Serbia was a bad thing, simply because Sharon thought the West’s support for Islamic Jihad would, in this case, threaten Israel’s security. The reality is that the war on Serbia was the beginning of a series of of brutal wars of aggression against independent nation states as part of an attempt to create an Israeli-dominated world order. But you will not read that in the frantic, liberal leftist imperialism of Fisk’s dishonest columns. In demonizing one side of a complex war, and providing justification for a bombing campaign that led to massive loss of innocent lives, in Bosnia, Libya, Syria, and beyond, Robert Fisk should be tried for complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Fisk is a deft writer and most people therefore fail to see how he constantly distorts the truth.

NATO has never backed the Palestinians or offered to intervene when they were being carpet bombed by the Zionist regime. But it did back the terrorists and drug dealers of the Kosovo Liberation Army.  Iran made virtually no gains from its geopolitical adventure in Bosnia. The pro-US ‘independent’ Bosnian regime subsequently voted to maintain sanctions against them in the United Nations! Much of the demonisation of Serbs was carried out by Bernard Henri Levi, a fanatical Zionist and ‘New World Order’ agent of chaos. French Zionist Bernard Kouchner was another key player in the destruction of Yugoslavia.

Biased media reporting on Myanma

Now, the same lies and distortions are being published on Press TV comparing the Burmese government’s repression of the Rohingya terrorist insurgency to Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. The writers in Press TV who are publishing this nonsense ought to reflect on the fact that Iran is facing a major war with the United States.  The same groups massacring Buddhist civilians in Myanmar have been bombing Mosques throughout Iran in recent years and will have no hesitation in cutting Iran’s Shia Muslims to pieces when Zionist ‘Babylon’ marches into  Persia!

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been unequivocal in his condemnation of Takfiri terrorism. But there is an important fifth column operating at the highest levels of the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of Zionism. If Ayatollah Ali Khamenei does not take steps to remove these people from positions of power and influence, the Islamic Republic of Iran could become the next Syria.

Buddhist militia are now emerging throughout Myanmar; they are warning citizens to arm and defend their race, religion and fatherland against the Bengali invasion. Religious and social tensions have been manipulated by the West in the past. In 2007, the CIA organised the ‘Safron Revolution’ –  a colour revolution which used Buddhist monks as a battering ram against the state in order to advance Western geostrategic interests in the country.

As stated earlier, there may be terrorists among the Buddhist population on the CIA payroll. The Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu has been accused of inciting racial hatred and mass murder against the Muslim population. Time magazine published a picture of him on their front page with the caption: ‘ The face of Buddhist terror’.  I have seen many documentaries and media reports which simply dismiss his argument that he is defending his people from Islamist terrorism. Crimes alleged to have been committed by Buddhists against Muslims are reported as incontrovertibly confirmed,  while crimes allegedly carried out by Muslims against Buddhists are simply dismissed, without any investigation. The allegations against Wirathu may be true but I have yet to see anything one could consider an objective and impartial investigation.

A ‘violent criminal’ Wirathu does seem to be ‘by all accounts’ writes a  well-known alternative media commentator without independent corroboration of the accusations. The BBC published a report entitled ‘ Our World: Myanmar’s Extremist Monk’ where one was left in no doubt about who the good and bad guys are in Myanmar’s escalating civil war. In this BBC documentary, horrific murders committed by Buddhists against Muslims are extensively investigated. Family members are interviewed etc but no such respect is shown to the families of Buddhist victims. We are told that the authorities stopped the filming of the documentary and took the BBC team away for questioning in order to verify their accreditation. The implication is that the Myanmar government is trying to hide something. But it is clear that it is the BBC which is attempting to hide information. The BBC did not interview one single government official; their point of view is completely excluded.

We have no information on any Buddhist victims of Islamist aggression, in spite of the BBC’s admission that the photos Monk Wirathu showed them were gruesome and too horrific to show. We are simply told that Wirathu is not concerned about Muslim victims. Wirathu could say the same thing about the BBC’s lack of concern for Buddhists. We do see extensive evidence of Buddhist destruction of Mosques in Meiktila but nothing about the Islamist destruction of Buddhist temples throughout Rakhine State. We are told that the government does nothing to stop Buddhist violence a few minutes after we are told that Wirathu was imprisoned for 9 years by the government precisely for his alleged political crimes.

BBC reporter  Jonah Fisher shows the ‘evil monk’ footage of a Muslim man being beaten to death by Buddhist terrorists. The reporter asks him if his preaching is not contributing to this violence. After condemning the violence towards the Muslim, Wirathu replies:

“If the conflict had started because of my teachings in areas where I preach, then our side could have started it, but that is not what happened. They attacked us and we responded, that’s how I see it”. One faction of the Buddhist monks instrumentalised in the CIA’s ‘Safron Revolution’ of 2007 want Wirathu’s nationalist 969 Movement to be crushed as it is an obstacle to ‘democratic reform’. Translated into geopolitical language, Wirathu’s nationalism is an obstacle to the West’s plan to balkanise the country. The country’s former President Thein Sein was less supportive of regional autonomy for the Rakhine State than Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Thein Sein is a supporter of Wirathu.

Wirathu has proposed legislation that would make it illegal for Muslim men to marry Buddhist women. He managed to find two million signatures for the petition to be presented to parliament.  The legislation is ethno-relious and Western critics call it  racist but it is a perfectly rational proposal from a Buddhist nationalist point of view. Many Buddhist women are being converted to Islam and the Islamic population is rising rapidly. In fact, leaflets are circulating in the country offering money to anyone who can convert the daughters of powerful officials.The indigenous population feels under threat and are taking steps to preserve their culture and identity. Similar rules exist in many Islamic countries but no one talks about that. For example, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Muslim men are permitted to marry non-Muslim women but the women must convert to Islam, thus ensuring the continuity of Islam as the state-religion.

We are told that Wirathu has a ‘hateful’ and ‘intolerant’ message. Wirathu does seem to hate the Islamisation of Myanmar and he is intolerant of the many crimes against humanity committed by Takfiri terrorists. He wants the Muslims to remain a minority and condemns acts of violence against them. He is hateful and intolerant indeed! A Press TV documentary entitled: ‘ The Racist Monk of Myanmar’ could have been produced by the BBC, CNN or Israel’s Channel 1! Wirathu is referred to as a ‘fascist’ and demonised from start to finish.

In recent years the United States has been redeploying forces to the South Pacific in what is increasingly looking like an emerging military confrontation with the People’s Republic of China.  Support Islamist and Lamaist terrorism are two important poles of Washington’s military strategy against China. One actor who has been on the CIA payroll for many years, namely, the Dalai Lama, has publicly condemned the Myanmar government for its ‘repression’ of the Rohingya Muslims.

The CIA have funded terrorist insurgencies in Tibet since the Chinese communists liberated the country in 1950, ending centuries of brutal slavery and serfdom. The Dalai Lama, who is hated by many genuine Buddhists, will no doubt rely on a strong supply of Takriri terrorists to keep the People’s Liberation Army busy in Xinyang while Lamaist terrorism is fomented in Tibet. The conditions are ripe for civil war. The ‘international community’, that is to say the United States clearly supports Bangladesh’s covert war on Myanmar as they want to block Chinese influence in the Bay of Bengal and use Rakhine State as a base of operations for the coming US-backed jihad in China’s Western province of Xinyang , as well as the destabilisation of Thailand,  Malaysia and Indonesia. Although the election of President Donald Trump portends the possibility of a US change of course, with the CIA in clear conflict with the US president on foreign policy, the likelihood is that it will be business as usual for the US military-industrial war machine.

In 1942, more than 50,000 Buddhists were massacred by ‘Rohingya’ Muslims in Maungdaw, Rakhine State. Massacres against Buddhist civilians have been occurring on a massive scale in recent years. The Rohingya modus operandi is to blame the victim. Rick Heizman is one of the few researchers who has documented the ongoing genocide of poor Buddhist peasants by Western-backed Rohingya terrorists. His work has been ignored by the two biggest global crime syndicates of human rights terrorism Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Heizman’s work for the Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation is thoroughly researched. The above-cited Dr Leider is one of the few experts who has approached the Rohingya problem scientifically. He has denounced the emotional and biased analysis of the international media and human rights groups. He told Burmese media that, “Journalists have to focus more on diversifying their sources of documentation.”

No reproductions or reprints without express permission.
Cover image thanks to Flickr user DYKT Mohigan, used under Creative Commons. No alterations were made to the image.

About Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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  1. Dear Gearoid O Colmain,
    You write a fantastic article on Rohingya ( Bengali) and Myanmar. I am very happy to read the article and the way you write story is amazing. Let me ask you where did you get the mandate from to use the word ” terrorist ” to refer to rohingya? You mentioned that 50000 Buddhist people were massacred by Muslim but you don’t know more than 200000 Muslim were massacred too by Buddhist. If you want to be sincere with what you are doing, please get the true picture of both sides before you write on any situation.

    • Spécialiste autoproclamé de pacotille ce pauvre désœuvré s’est donné comme mission enculer des mouches. Bourrées de mensonges, manipulations et commissions ce torchon est à l’image de l’auteur, un trou de balle monumental, excrément de l’oxydent décadent. Je pleins ceux qui lisent ce type d’article pour se faire des avis au lieu de chercher eux même.

    • Zahid, if you are going to make such statements (200,00 Muslims massacred by Buddhists), please at least provide some unbiased evidence of this, otherwise you are just parroting the same lies being pedalled by the BBC, Sky, CNN, etc and their helpers in Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

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  5. Bravo !! An excellent article. Facts laden and truely unbiased article on the subject.Finally someone other than Mr. Rick Heizman is shedding the light on the subject unfolding the blatant lies, disinformation,twisting,distortion on the subject against Buddhists in Myanmar country by a gang of OIC,UN, the US and the Western liberal media and their governments each for their own selfish geopolitical interests . Actually they all are misleading the world on the subject with the hidden agenda of their own self interests.

  6. Quel tristesse pour notre monde aujourd’hui ! Je suis dans le regret de dire que ce monde est en train de périr sous l’emprise du capitalisme pure et dure qui ,est démunie de tout esprit d’hummanité. Faisons une analyse comparée:
    Premièrement, quand le terrosisme a éclaté ces dernières années, certains l’ont confondue à l’Islam, ce qui à entriné une islamophobie à travers le monde. Les musulmans pour se justifier ont beau crier que ces pratiques des terroristes n’a rien à avoir avec les prescriptions musulmanes et que c’est un montage des occidentaux pour dénigrer l’Islam et pervertir le monde à leur guise. Mais cette thèse n’a jamais convaincu les non musulmans. Ce qui est trouvé dilatoire et le refus des musulmans à reconnaître que leur religion est violante selon eux.
    Deuxièment, voilà les Rohingya qui sont massacré parce qu’ils sont musulmans disent-ils. Aussi bizare que celà puis paraître celà semble être trouvé normale selon ce article et que la même preuve de la main caché des occidentaux vient d’être évoquée encore ici.
    Alors je pose les questions suivante:
    1- Si c’est vrai que ce sont les occidentaux qui sont derrière ces deux cas que j’ai évoqué, alors que devraient dons faire le reste du monde en général et les croyants en particulier ?
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    3- Le monde pourra-t-il avoir la paix durable en encourageant la violance religieuse ?
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    Where is the ccritique of the British under who’s so called orders these so called massacres were carried out?

    A journey man clothed Academic whom fails to even justly render accounts of history.

    Citations of direct sources? Not just another academics works wouldn’t gona miss?

  10. Thanks for this excellent article. I posted it here on Facebook page:
    There is also a North Korean dimension to the crisis. The Burmese are being softened up for an upcoming visit by US Ambassador Yun whose top agenda will be discussing North Korea. The atrocity propaganda campaign wielded by the powers-that-be have put Myanmar on the defensive. They want to cut off Burma from North Korea completely to isolate that nation even more. Myanmar is one of the main allies of North Korea. North Korea has been supplying it with arms over the years. The recent Bangladesh central bank heist of $81 million that was blamed on North Korea by the NSA is no doubt propaganda aimed at creating a distance between Bangladesh and North Korea. Bangladesh has been courted by the US, and this would explain its actions in the crisis.

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  12. Bonjour Gearoid,
    Dans une contribution au journaux en ligne “Riposte Laïque” et “Résistance Républicaine”, en réponse à un échange avec La Mosquée de Paris à propos des Rohingyas.
    Dans ce cadre, m’autorisez-vous à mettre un lien avec votre article qui apporte une lumière objective sur cette actualité que peu de médias relaient objectivement ?
    D’avance, je vous remercie.
    (Vous pouvez me contacter sur mon adresse email.)
    Bien à vous,
    Jean-Louis Chollet

  13. Pity that you jump from one subject to another.
    you would have stayed focus on burma, I would have shared this article with pleasure in the name of neutrality and for the “diversification des sources”.
    However, you showed that you were, yourself, partisan of some ideas, idealogy and, i daresay, of “parti pris”.

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  15. The article seems to lean more towards disinformation rather than information. A minority never stands up to the fight the majority unless for some reason it has had enough. Where ever there is genocide taking place on a massive scale always understand that land is being procured for some nefarious reason. In the Rohingyas case it is the resources well hidden under that land which is also being eyed not just by the Burmese but by the International Bankers too. The only true loser in this situation will be the Burmese government and its people for they will earn a bad name for themselves and will not be benefitted by what they so desire and as a result ending up with a lot of blood dripping from their hands too.

  16. Thank you writer so much for this excellent article! This reflects what is reality truly. Liars throughout the whole World don’t like to see such expressions.

  17. This is a reply to nora polloshka. My previous reply using the reply button got deleted for some reason. Gearoid Colmain outlines usefully for us readers the Iranian view on the situation. This is important to know because Iran is an influential Shiite nation. That being said, it is disappointing that Iran decided to take the position it has, a position I am sure stems from religious bias (I am aware of the Shia and Sunni divide but that is mostly due to hostility of the Sunni to the Shia – Iran has been very supportive of Sunni Muslims in most cases where they needed support, eg, Palestinians.) So, it is interesting to find out that Iran did the same thing with regards to the Yugoslavian War. This shows a pattern of behavior on Iran’s part. As for Myanmar’s ally, North Korea, it is firmly in the Burmese camp. So Iran should really re-consider its position. DPRK is allies of both. Myanmar is the stronger ally – it has been an ally for longer and the relationship has been going on (secretly now) until this day. Simply put, if Myanmar goes down, DPRK goes down. And the US knows this too, so this is why Myanmar has become a target of this atrocity campaign; why it has burst onto the world stage – it is orchestrated. Other reasons why Myanmar is targeted is Myanmar is neighbors with China. And Myanmar’s resources are attractive too to many global elites. And so is Myanmar’s continued support of the US dollar.
    So Iran has to take its blinders off. It cannot afford to lose an ally or see an ally go down. These non-aligned nations must stick together for survival.
    These days atrocity propaganda campaigns are becoming more prominent as a tool of the global elites to cause destabilization in target nations. Minorities are being manipulated in this campaign. They are the useful tools to put the majority on the defensive.
    Leftists cannot any longer claim the moral higher ground. It was under a liberal government (Obama’s) that the war on Syria got started and Libya was invaded. Atrocity propaganda campaigns were used to great effect to justify the interventions in these cases, and the left wing groups and human rights organizations and other NGOs played and still play a large role in those conflicts – see antifa and Kurdish groups in Syria.
    Therefore, we cannot view the minority as automatically the victim here. When “weaponized”, literally (by being given arms as many Bengali are being given and anti-Assad Syrian militants have been given) as well as figuratively – by being given a platform on the world’s media and support by these left wing groups (including Amnesty International) and right wing groups like Human Rights Watch, the lines between left and right get blurred.
    What we see in Myanmar today is a case of an activated minority – most of this minority are not indigenous to Myanmar but relatively recent illegal immigrants – waging a pys-op war against the majority, aided by the full might of the western powers and the billionaire-funded NGOs and the fully compliant media, almost acting as an accomplice of the global elites.
    So it’s not simply a case of the Burmese majority against the “Rohingya” minority, but a case of a small country being assaulted by the propaganda warfare of the world’s most powerful and militarized superpower nation, the USA, and its allies, including the UK and other western European nations, Saudi Arabia, UAE and so on, and now even IRAN. Myanmar is in danger.

  18. My Dear Gearoid O Colmain,
    That is absolutely right about bengali crisis near myanmar bangaladesh border area.
    I sincerely appreciate you to mention it
    allover the world especially in muslim communities.

  19. My Dear Gearoid O Colmain,
    That is absolutely right about bengali crisis near myanmar bangaladesh border area.
    I sincerely appreciate you to mention it
    allover the world especially in muslim communities.

  20. Instead of Western governments, leftist NGO’s are coordinating the immigration just as in Europe. It is sad that a good article is infused with Marxist rhetoric. It is the mental disease of our times.

  21. A Ghearóid

    Argóint casta agus cliste. Nuair a mbíonn lucht mór gan airgead ná cumhacht is minic a bíonn luchtanna eile ag cur isteach ar an scéal.

    Na pobail Muslim i Myanmar, nách é Araibis a dteanga trácht agus oideachais, agus as sin, teanga an idirlíon acu freisin?

    Anois le Francaise agus Béarla ag obair go cruinn agat, saghas dhátheangachas, nách mbéadh sé éasca go leor duit leagan Gaelach agus leagan Aireabach a foilsint ar leith?

    le meas, ar aon chóir,


  22. I expect the atrocities committed by the poor innocent Burmese army in Kachin and against the Shan and Karen peoples are also part of this monstrous conspiracy that Mr O’Colmain just plucked out of his arse.

    The figures of murderous atrocities you cite are just made up, and most of the ‘thousands of allegations’ you blithely quote come from the same army and authorities who are doing the killing.

    The fact of the matter is that the Burmese Army has form in massacres going back decades, particularly around the Thai border where all the gold and precious metals are.

    Have hundreds of thousands of Rohingya simply risen up, committed atrocities against the poor, innocent Burmese – and then fled across the border into Bangladesh because they want an improved lifestyle?

    Jesus, and I thought the white supremacists backing Trump in the name of patriotism were bad…

  23. Trying to eat the margin of the leather

    We have been worried recently about the blood-shed conflicts which almost every one hears in Rakhine State. We cannot even guess the day on which the people from the Northern part of Rakine State can live in peace and stability. Let me put up several things about this problem as much as I can reach out.
    These fresh conflicts occurring in Buthedaung, Maungdaw and Rathedaung townships do not currently occur. It triggered in 1942, a time the British rulers retreated and the Japanese entered Myanmar. It has been for 75 years. We have to understand these problems as the source of the political strategy of the certain foreigners who tried to sunder a part of land in Rakhine State and created as their own land. We have taken notice that these problems starting from 1942 gradually transformed into the features in 2012. It is the final strategy in cases occurring in 2017. In the other words, it is the attempt to occupy the Rakhine State using human-waves.
    They have used this strategy since 1951. It could be seen in the incident in which they held the Alalthankyaw Conference in that year and they claimed the following facts.
    Nothern part of Rakhine State had to be recognized as a separate free Muslin State. It had to be the same level of Shan State, Kachin State, Chin Special Division etc., which were already organized in accordance with the constitution of Union of Myanmar. Since, then, they revealed their objective to establish a state of autonomy. Since they were neither Myanmar citizens nor Myanmar ethnic groups, the government of at that moment did not let it.
    Therefore, Mugyarhidin insurgents appeared and their rebellion were against the State. They made guerilla warfare. Then they disintegrated in several years. In 1988, with the movement of the activities of Democracy, they again appeared hoisting the red flag. At that time, they were aided by the organization abroad like O.I.C and what their objective and strategy were grew clearer and clearer. They plainly declared that their objective to establish the Islamic land in Rakhine State. That opinion occurred in Saudi Arabia in late 18th century. It aimed that every land that could be cultivated and grown had to be occupied for all muslin brothers. Then the land had to be divided for them and set up the societies based on agriculture. Then, they had to get ready to participate in Jihad. Every Malawi also told their disciples that every land on earth was created by their god and every muslin had rights to live on it.
    The second is the term of their nationality. They themselves self-identified as Rohingya. They ask for to be identified them as Rohingya forever. Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary General, and Yanhee Lee, a Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, recommanded that one had to call the name the nationality which the people of that nationality wanted to be called. If so, there is a problem because that meaning of Rohigya is Rakhinethar(Arakanese) in Bengali. Therefore, if the Bengalis who are not Rakhinethar (Arakanese) are called as Rohingya, it will be a disrespectful insult upon the real Rakhinethar (Arakanese) and a being unjust. If the usage is called human right, it will surely be contemplated as a break of human right on real Rakhinethar (Arakanese).
    Mr. Andrew Patrick, the ambassador of Britain to Myanmar, pointed out that the problem was not concerned with the international affair but just the one that only Myanmar Hluttaw has to determine. The Government of The Republic of the Union of Myanmar perpetually insist that the term Rohingya is never in the history of Myanmar and it is just the meaning of Rakhinethar (Arakanese) in Bengali.
    The third was the attempt that Rakhine State would be separated from the territory of the Union of Myanmar and established as an Islamic State. It is the same as Kosovo which was separated from Serbia, the constant enemy of muslin world. The principal attention was to decompose Yugoslavia after Balkan war. Here, one of the United Nations’ agreements which refers to Responsibility to Protect (R to P) becomes a deduction which is what they want to inferred as much as they like. The definition of R to P is that if a government cannot protect the persecuting on a race in a country, the international community must invade and protect them.
    Taking a good favour upon the this point, one could vividly seed that they tried to make the international community to invade the problem of Maungdaw and Buthedaung because U Shwe Maung who was the former Member of Parliament repeatedly said it need the international community’s pressure to invade that conflict there. Here, we need to make worldwide awareness in which they were just those who started terrorism in Myanmar. We also need to make international community know that due to their demand of the terrorists, if the territory of Rakhine State is separated, it will be directly opposite to the charter of the United Nations.
    Meanwhile, there was a blatant insult upon our sovereignty. It was the declaration from the Bengali Muslin conference helt on 1st August, 2012, in London. It stated that they were going to establish Islamic Rohinland, which would be 16042 square kilometers by area and the capital city will be Sittway.
    In fact, we cannot be taken action with R to P. It is clear that the problem is just our internal situation. They are not repressed by the Government of Myanmar. They are only those who violated the constitution of Myanmar and are trying to separate the part of the territory and establish their own State. Then, let us look at the timely action when Kofi Annan’s report came out. In his report, the term ‘Rohingyas and Bengali’ which can be arguable and the State Counsellor also suggested was not used, he said. It was clear that Kofi Annan’s commission did not recognize the term Rohingya. Therefore, on that very day, they attacked over thirty police posts and an army battalion at the same time.
    For the above mentioned reasons, these terroristic attacks are the movement that insult our sovereignty and the attempt to rob the land which owned by the ancestors Rakhine people. It is like a saying, “Sleeping on the leather; one trys to eat the margin of it,” isn’t it ?

  24. Ce que tu dis est peut être vrai, mais assimiler des musulmans a des terroristes prouve bien que tu es toi même terroriste dans ta tète, il te manque juste le contexte idéal pour transformer ta haine idéologique pour le musulman en des actes de violences

  25. I was watching on TV a particularly dumb “explanation” of the “rohingya” problem in Burma. They showed two different groups of people. One group looked to me like Indians, you know: from India. The other group looked Burmese, you know: a bit like Thai. The commentators pretended not to notice that. I switched it off and thought “rohingya” had to be some kind of bogus propaganda word. So I searched for “rohingya propaganda word”, which led straight here. Thank you, Gearóid, for setting it out so clearly. Bengalis! So simple! Why doesn’t everyone call them that?

  26. These so called Ros go for soft civilian targets rather than arm to arm combats.

    With Qaeda, Pakistan, ISI and Saudi connections to kill as many innocent civilians, run, hide, play victims and domniate whereverver they are, there is no name for these fictional people other than ‘terrorists’.

  27. so just a nazi type web site spewing jew htred

  28. I think you’re leaving out the fact that the Burmese Military Junta wanted to give the Rohingya citizenship but it was not supported and caused an uproar by the US-backed Aung San Suu Kyi’s supporters. The military even intervened to stop violence by her supporters who were targeting a Rohingya camp. And you spend too much time demonizing the Muslim populations while not demonizing the Buddhist extremists violence. Your article is completely biased most of the Rohingya are innocent victims caught between two extremists factions both supported by the West (the Buddhist terrorists and the Muslim terrorists). All those other Countries i.e. Saudi Arabia are Western vassal states that heavily rely on them for security and do what they’re told to do.

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