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January, 2016

  • 21 January

    Barnett’s Five Flows of Globalisation

    Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe (Part 3 of an 11 part series) As German independent TV station, K-TV has revealed, the current refugee crisis is most likely the brainchild of the aforementioned US military grand strategist General Thomas PM Barnett. Barnett was a strategic advisor to former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and currently works with the Israeli military consultancy firm Wikistrat.

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  • 20 January

    The Weaponisation of the Refugee

    Coercive Engineered Migration: The Weaponisation of the Refugee (Part 2 of an 11 part series) Artificial mass migration as imperial policy has a long history. To illustrate this, we will cite a few historical examples.

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  • 16 January

    Is Victor Orban the ‘Chavez’ of Europe?

    Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism’s War on Europe (Part 1 of an 11 part series) If aggression against another foreign country means that it strains its social structure, that it ruins its finances, that is has to give up its territory for sheltering refugees, what is the difference between that kind of aggression and the other type, the more classical type, when someone declares war, or something of that sort. — Sawer Sen, India’s Ambassador to the UN

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November, 2015

  • 14 November

    Who is responsible for the Paris attacks?

    The original upload of this video by RT International has over one million views and bought truth out of the shadows. This is my analysis of the the forces at play behind the Paris attacks in November, 2015. It is re-uploaded to my YouTube channel here along with all my other television appearances. Thanks Gearóid

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