New Dehli Riots are a Plot to Destabilise India

'Scared And Distracted Gunman With Stick,' Says Delhi Police Head Constable on Confronting Rioter in Maujpur
India’s “peaceful protesters” source

There has been much international coverage of the anti-government riots in New Dehli where Muslims have been protesting against a new law, which would expedite citizenship for Hindus, Christians and Buddhists fleeing persecution from neighbouring countries.

We are being told a fairly standard and simple story. There is a “far-right” Hindu nationalist regime in New Dehli which is waging war on the country’s Muslim population. Muslims are the victims; Hindus are the perpetrators. Human rights groups and self-described leftist radicals are indignant at the fact President Trump completely ignored the “pogroms” against India’s poor Muslims during his recent visit to New Dehli. However, the US government has not backed Modi.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom was accused by the Indian government of “politicising” the riots in its recent report due to their ignoring of Muslim atrocities.

The usual suspects of leftist fake opposition are salivating with another wonderful chance to show what happens with the “far-right” implement populist domestic policies. The Indian government has passed a number of important reforms in recent years. They updated the constitution to regularise the situation in Kashmir last year, an important piece of legislation which finally gives citizens there more rights and consolidates the region as part of India.

But Wahhabi fanatics in conjunction with the global liberal correctorate waged a media war on India. For several weeks, as Indian troops attempted to stabilise the region, there was nothing but lies and disinformation about what was actually happening and the historical and political context.

Now the Indian government has passed another important piece of legislation which will expedite citizenship for religious minorities fleeing persecution in Muslim countries, in particular, Pakistan. The new law will make it much easier for them to gain Indian citizenship. It would not have made any sense to include Muslims in the legislation as the victims are non-Muslims in Muslim countries!

But it has provided another reason for the liberal correctorate and their Muslim allies to go after the Modi regime. The role of the Wahhabis is to beat their chests, burn, loot and murder; the role of the liberal press is to call their victims the perpetrators and the Modi regime, yes, you guessed –Hitler!

It’s a ready-made formula which works pretty much every time. For “radical leftists” of course, every Wahhabi terrorist who takes to the streets brandishing a sword in one hand while singing serenades of human rights and freedom to Western journalists is similar to a Palestinian in the West Bank, fighting the Israeli occupation. Subtlety in reasoning is not the liberal’s forte.

So, the most important and perhaps symbolic story of these riots was ignored by the Western press. A rioter and delinquent by the name of Mohammed Shahrukh threatened to kill a police constable by putting a handgun to his face. The incident was captured on camera and the constable’s brave handling of the situation has made him something of a hero in Indian social media.

There have been over 42 deaths and 200 injuries in these riots. One Hindu man was stoned to death in front of his son; another man had his head drilled open in his shop; one police officer was stabbed for 6 hours, 400 times, his eyes gouged out; he was chopped to pieces and buried in a nearby dump.

The protesters have no cause other than fomenting chaos and sectarian hatred. They planned the protests to coincide with President Trump’s visit to New Dehli.

India is facing a possible civil war. Globalists are on the side of Wahhabi fanatics because they are excellent killers and create chaos. Globalists want to break up all nation-states, rearranging them into docile statelets so as to bring them under the control of international institutions under the emerging UN Green Regime.

In Asia, Buddhists and Hindus are the scapegoats because they are the majority in nations globalism is attempting to destroy. All forms of democracy must be destroyed in the process of globalist homogenisation. Democracy presupposes the rule of a majority. But the real rulers of capitalist democracies are oligarchs. In other words, true democracy is impossible: oligarchy reflects the material reality of the world where the super-wealthy rule in their own interests.

The oligarchs use minority rights to subvert the democratic process. One could, of course, accuse the Modi regime of doing the same thing: prioritising the integration of persecuted minorities seeking refuge in India for cynical populist reasons. There is probably much of this in everything the Indian government does, as it too serves oligarchal interests. But one must also acknowledge that there is a significant element of patriotism in the Modi regime — and that is why it is receiving such bad press.

Many analysts equate globalism with Zionism due to the preponderance of Jews in international finance and media. The analysis is incorrect. Globalism is not Zionism, but it is intricately related to it; globalism is the political expression of Kabbalist Judaism but it only has one real enemy: traditional Roman Catholicism. That is why all the other false religions, including conciliar Catholicism and atheism, become tools of Kabbalist Judaism.

You will not find one self-described “anti-Zionist” who is even interested in finding out the facts when the liberal elite uses Muslims to go after some other religious group.

Iranian government hypocrisy

It is a blindness which could prove costly for Muslim countries who are fighting the same enemies. Take, for example, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javid Zarif tweeted on 2 March that “ Iran condemns the wave of organized violence against Indian Muslims. For centuries, Iran has been a friend of India. We urge Indian authorities to ensure the wellbeing of all Indians and not let senseless thuggery prevail. Path forward lies in peaceful dialogue and law.”

What a load of hypocrisy! India has the largest Shiia community outside Iran. They are generally well-integrated into Indian society and, if they have any problems, it is from the same Wahhabi fanatics burning busses and murdering innocent civilians in the streets of New Dehli!

Iran is now facing a major crisis with the coronavirus pandemic. It will need to support of India as the US will use the coronavirus to overthrow the government. Although India maintains close relations with the US and, increasingly in recent times, with Israel, it has also been a vital partner of Iran, continuing to buy Iranian oil in spite of US protests. Both countries are cooperating in combating Takfiri terrorists and have made joint declarations to that effect. In fact, the Military Aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi has, echoing India, accused Pakistan of backing terrorism.

Zarif’s comments will sour relations with New Dehli, making it more difficult for Iranian citizens. The first rule in international politics and diplomacy is to respect the domestic policies of partner governments when criticism could adversely affect vital national interests. Zarif has shown here once again that he is an incompetent foreign minister. Zarif should wonder how it is that his view of the riots is the same as that of the “Great Satan”, the US government!

A prominent Indian patriot who has been bitchslapping the clown Bernie Sanders on Twitter responded to Zarif’s comments.

“ I will never support Iran’s leaders again. Javad is blatantly lying, ignoring how Islamist mobs killed, burned Hindus alive in New Dehli. India has been a friend to you, but gets slapped in the face.”

Outside forces are fomenting civil war in India. The consequences for India and the world will be catastrophic. It could also create millions more refugees, many of whom will be funnelled into Europe by Zionist agencies such as IsraAid. Meantime, agents on the Likud payroll such as English thug Tommy Robinson will help aggravate inter-communal tensions in Britain’s multicultural nightmare. A civil war in India will mean a civil war in Britain where Pakistanis and Indians are already on the verge of conflict.

There has been violence and atrocities on all sides in these recent New Dehli riots. I have, as usual, focused on the story you haven’t heard which is the story of who is responsible, why and what this means for the future of everyone.

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