Love your enemy!Reflexions on the Pittsburgh massacre


The recent mass murder of Jews in a Pittsburgh Synagogue have shocked and horrified the world. The attacks highlight, once again, America’s psychotic pandemic and the seemingly unstoppable proliferation of evil and hatred in a godless society.


President Trump has strongly condemned the attacks, yet the leaders of organised Jewry such as the Anti-Defamation League have blamed Trump for the rise of what they refer to as ‘white nationalism’. But little or no mention is made of Trump’s close relationship with Israel, the so-called ‘Jewish State’. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former Chief Strategist, was the editor of Breitbart News which was set up in Israel. Nationalists are divided between Zionists and anti-Zionists. But neither camp advocates violence towards Jews.

Why Trump is to blame

Trump has been compared to Cyrus the Great in Israel due to his policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Yet in spite of that, some of the world’s leading Jewish intellectuals and media personalities, including the elite political club referred to as neocons ( who are predominantly Jewish), oppose him. They argue that Trump’s nationalism is contrary to Jewish interests.

Jews have played a leading role in the effort to oust President Trump from the White House and it is certainly true that the majority of American Jews veer towards the globalist Democratic Party. Yet, there are a minority of Jews who support Trump as they fear immigrants from Third World countries may not have seen Spielberg films about their history and may, therefore, lack guidance in their research on the Jews –  with unpredictable results.


It seems, however, that fear is what motivates many of Trump’s Jewish supporters. I have argued that Trump’s pro-Israeli policies may kill the colony with kindness. The reason for this is simple: Jewish elites never wanted a nation-state they could call their own. Once they got control of finance and the global media, their aspirations were international. Jewish global domination is the entire basis of their religion and there is no such thing as a secular, atheistic Jew. If you identify as Jewish, you are a member of the cult.

For Jewish elites, Israel is merely a stepping stone to world domination. Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel must become a “world power”. There is no real indication that Jewish elites want a lasting settlement in Palestine. French Zionist Jacques Attali has said he wants to see Jerusalem become the capital of a world government. World government is something Donald Trump claims to oppose; that was clear from his recent UN speech.


The heinous crimes in Pittsburgh could not have come at a worse time for Trump. Powerful Jewish interest groups are blaming Trump’s nationalism for the massacre. It seems Trump’s love for the Jews is unrequited.

Those ignorant of Jewish history, that is to say, most people will now point the finger at writers critical of political Judaism. They will say, “ Now, look at what you are contributing towards!” But I have argued that 2000 years of Western civilisation based on Roman Catholic doctrine have explicitly and categorically defined the attitude we must adopt towards the Jews. As Jews, they are the enemies of humanity who carry the heavy burden of decide. We must, therefore, pray for their conversion to Christianity so that their souls may be saved. We must NEVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES advocate violence or hatred towards them. Mathiew 5.44 says, ‘ Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.’


Christianity forbids murder and Christians know that those who commit such evil acts will suffer the fires of hell. We criticise political Judaism because it is the philosophy of the Pharisees. In John 8.44 Christ says, ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.’ Christ was speaking to the Hebraic leaders of his time, who, centuries after his death, would codify their anti-Christian doctrines under the rubric of ‘Judaism’.

What is anti-Semitism?

The word Semitism is derived from the Hebrew ‘shem’, meaning ‘name’. The term anti-Semitism does not refer to someone who dislikes Arabs and Jews – its original cultural and linguistic signification. In the language game of politically correct discourse, anti-Semitism refers to someone who names those in power, when they happen to be Jews.

Only they can mention their own name and we who read their literature know that they refer to themselves as the Jews. An anti-Semite is, therefore, someone opposed to political Judaism and its ideology of violence and hatred. In its current usage, an anti-Semite is simply a traditional Roman Catholic, someone who believes in the 12th-century papal doctrine issued by Pope Callixtus II ‘Sicut Judeis Non’ –  a doctrine formulated to protect Jews from Gentile violence, which was often brought on as a result of Jewish crimes against Gentiles.

In 1 Thessalonians, II.14 St Paul says of the Jews, ‘ Deo non placunt, et omnibus hominibus adversantur’- they are displeasing to God and hostile to all men.’  An anti-Semite is simply an educated and faithful Roman Catholic. Anti-Semites therefore never physically or verbally abuse Jews. In fact, anti-Semites love Jews!

Anti-Semitism is opposition to Semitism, understood as opposition to a political system where an ethno-religious oligarchy claims the right to enslave the masses and replace the Christian social doctrine of love with the Satanic anti-social doctrine of hate.

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

In 2011, a madman called Anders Brevik opened fire in Norway killing 77 left-wing activists and injured 319 people. Professor Ola Tunander, a leading Swedish academic on Security Studies published a paper in Nytt Nordsk Tidskift, a leading peer-reviewed journal, claiming the attacks were the work of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, Mossad. Tunander was, unsurprisingly, denounced as anti-Semitic in the Israeli press and the matter was scarcely reported in the respectable Jewish-owned international media.



There are no indications, however, that this attack was a false flag and we should not fall into the trap of assuming that every terrorist attack is necessarily a false flag. Just because Jewish terrorists were most likely behind 911, and many other major global terrorist operations does not mean Jewish terrorists are behind all attacks. This attack appears to be the work of a far-right ‘white nationalist’ terrorist and there is no lack of nutcases in the white nationalist milieu.


We are allowed talk about Jihadi terrorism and ‘white nationalist’ terrorism. But we are not allowed to mention the fact that countries openly supporting terrorism such as Saudi Arabia are Zionist regimes, who collaborate closely with Israel, nor that those white nationalist terrorists may sometimes be working wittingly or unwittingly on behalf of organised Jewish interests.

We must pray for the Jews!

Christians should pray for the innocent victims of terrorism in Pittsburgh but they should also pray for the liberation of Jews from Judaism and their conversion to Roman Catholicism, not doing so constitutes hatred towards Jews. When the swamp of perverts and criminals currently occupying the Vatican is drained, Catholics throughout the world will not pray – as they are currently encouraged to do – for the well-being of Jewish criminals and Zionists, but for their conversion to the one true faith.


President Trump has proposed placing armed guards in every Jewish synagogue. It is an excellent proposal.  In fact, the entire US population should be armed. Tyranny cannot ever be imposed on an armed populace!

More must be done to protect Jews from an alarming growth of violent incidents against them. And Jewish elites have legitimate concerns about people who commit similar crimes to themselves. They rightly fear that exposing their criminal activities will lead to pogroms. But they have nothing to fear from Christian critique of political Judaism, for true Christians would never advocate violence or hatred towards them.

The Pittsburgh murderer should be executed and violent crimes against Jews should be combated with the full rigour of the law. However, as much as we desire to see the Jews cured of the spiritual malaise that has afflicted them from the very beginning of Judaism’s entry into human affairs, we reserve the right to criticise them and to oppose those activities on their part which are ‘displeasing to God and hostile to all men’. Catholics love and pray for their enemies; will Jews love and pray for their enemies too?

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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