French PM’s refusal to back down on labour reform

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is refusing to back down on labour reform and so worker protesters are unwilling to stop industrial action. As a result we’re seeing an increase in terrorist style attacks within the labour reform movement by agents provocateurs and agents of the State to discredit the protesters. Organisers of the labour reform movement would never sanction the kind of violence being perpetrated at the moment. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls will use this as pretext to crack down on real protesters rather than reverse the policies that are removing worker’s rights.

“The protests are really hurting the ruling class, it’s costing a lot of money for very powerful people in France and they want an end to it. You are going to see more and more violence, and I don’t think that violence is coming from anyone genuinely protesting it’s coming from forces that want it to fail and want to see it discredited.”

Thanks to Press TV uploaded to YouTube on the 15th of June 2016.

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