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My response to geo-political events as they happen.

“This European project has failed and we should leave – the sooner the better”

“I think unless we have a change of the current order, the working conditions will continue to deteriorate and crimes, problems to deal with immigration will rise,” the expert said. “If Le Pen is defeated, I think the support for the National Front will continue to grow because this is the only person who is at least proposing some kind of an alternative”

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US Secretary of State Tillerson’s attempt to remove Assad

“It doesn’t make any sense that a President like Assad would do anything as reckless as this knowing that for six years he has had absolute hostility from all the major press agencies and every attempt has been made to discredit him and demonise him. So what is this about?” Thanks to PressTV uploaded to YouTube on the 6th of April 2017.

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As the US and EU disintegrate, is it time for a French renaissance?

Things were looking good for days. President Donald Trump had reportedly sent US senator Tulsi Gabbard on a fact-finding mission in Syria and wanted to know if President Assad would cooperate with the US in defeating ISIS. Assad was willing to cooperate with the new American president. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent statement in Ankara that the US had renounced its desire to remove Assad seemed to mark a major policy shift in the right direction. French presidential favourite Marine Le Pen was unequivocal in her desire to work with the Syrian government to defeat Takfiri terrorism. France’s …

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Myanmar defies the “International Community”

Aung San Suu Kyi, leader del de facto del Myanmar, ha rigettato la richiesta delle Nazioni Unite per un’indagine sulla situazione della cosiddetta minoranza etnica Rohingya nel Paese. Le violenze sono esplose nella provincia di Arakan, nell’ottobre 2016, quando i terroristi jihadisti hanno attaccato un posto di blocco della polizia al confine del Bangladesh, uccidendo nove poliziotti. Gli attacchi furono attribuiti all’Organizzazione Solidarietà dei Rohingya (RSO), organizzazione terroristica jihadista con collegamenti con l’Arabia Saudita. Gruppi per i diritti umani legati al dipartimento di Stato degli Stati Uniti e ai servizi segreti inglesi, come Human Rights Watch e Amnesty International, hanno …

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