Trump or Clinton? The best choice for American workers

I said some time ago that Donald Trump was the only candidate in the US presidential elections one could support. He represents to a considerable extent the interests of the national bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie needs a strong manufacturing base and relies heavily upon co-opting the working class. The national bourgeoisie see that there is no future in laissez-faire capitalism. In America they can see that if they do not resurrect American manufacturing, China will overtake the United States as global hegemon. Forget all that claptrap about Trump’s supposed ‘racism’. Hillary Clinton is the racist. She is the demon who laughed after the brutal murder of Muamar Gaddafi, the man whom Nelson Mandela had described as the twentieth century’s greatest revolutionary. Clinton and her minions unleashed barbaric racists on the streets of Benghazi who lynched Black Libyans and tortured them in cages.

All over the world, the conflict right now is between the national and comprador bourgeoisie. The comprador bourgeoisie are absolute psychopaths. They are in alliance with the petite bourgeoisie – a class characterised by naivete, arrogance and fear. Hillary Clinton represents them. She represents international finance capitalism, Zionism, and Satanism. The Wikileaks email revealing the Satanic rituals practised by Hillary’s campaign boss John Podesta prove that these people actually practise Satanism. Clinton is the queen of an international death cult.

Fools never learn from the past. Fools made a lot of noise about Bernie Sanders. I said last year that I disliked him more than any of the other two because he was a liar and cheat.  My analysis proved correct. Sanders claimed to be left-wing but what was his attitude to the genocidal war on Syria? Did he condemn the media lies about the war? Did he expose the military-industrial complex? No. In his presidential debates, he said America’s attempt to spread democracy through war was only making matters worse. How can a left-wing politician seriously claim that the US Empire is attempting to spread democracy? Bernie Sanders is the candidate of the Amy Goodman goon squad of human rights leftists cheering on CIA-backed ‘dictator topplers’. For them, ‘neo-liberalism’ is a catch-all term used to disguise the vacuity of their poorly disguised collaboration with imperialism. And then Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton. Sanders, Corbyn, Tsipras – all these open-collar ‘radical leftists’ are a bunch of fraudsters; they are worse than the far-right!

So, is Trump going to save America if elected? No, only American workers, organised, class conscious and in solidarity with workers in Mexico, behind that Trumpian wall, will save America. Trump needs those workers to get elected and they need him to bore a hole in finance capitalism so as to make what Trumpists are calling the ‘Second American Revolution’, that is to say, the national democratic movement, into a movement against capitalism and for socialism. Trump claims that the election is rigged in Clinton’s favour. He is probably right. But American workers know that the system itself is rigged and if Trump was really pro-worker, no one would ever have heard of him. But workers can and should use him.

Donald Trump is certainly a fat bag of contradictions. He says he will protect American industries and “make America great again”. But when was America ever great? He says he admires Ronald Reagan who began the deregulation process that led to the Clintonite mafia now running the United States. Under Reagan’s watch, the CIA trained and armed death squads in Latin America and smuggled drugs into the USA, yet people in the intelligence community such as Dr. Steve Pieczenik want Trump precisely because they believe he’ll bring the rogue networks under control. Under Reagan’s watch the National Endowment for Democracy was formed; the institution has become the preferred tool of the neocons who hate Trump!

Trump has praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and genuflected before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Yet, he has publicly implied that Israel is supporting terrorism in Syria. He did not mention Israel directly but said that a close ally in the Middle East was supporting terrorism, an ally who could not be named:That can only be Israel. In spite of that, Trump has two major Zionist oligarchs now supporting him, namely, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Sheldon Adelson. Could the oligarchs secretly want Trump to win, given the fact that Clinton is now so discredited?

Trump says he’s going to end the US policy of fomenting regime change in other countries. He’s an anti-Reagonite Reagan! The best thing that can be said about Trump is that he is unpredictable. If he is elected there is at the very least a chance of positive change. If he were to rein in corporations, it would be a tremendous boost to the international anti-globalisation movement. There is at least that possibility in Trump. With Clinton, there is no future for humanity. Nothing!

Trump is indubitably a charlatan and a fraud. He wouldn’t have succeeded in the crooked American empire had he been a man of the working people. But a Trump victory could push the United States towards progressive change if and only if American workers unite and steer the so-called’ national revolution’ into a socialist one. We are a long, long way from socialism in the United States where, as Steinbeck noted: ‘Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves, not as a exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires’. But positive social and political change requires sober analysis of the concrete historical and class conditions.  In this case it involves communists and progressives sharing a platform with people today whom they will vehemently oppose tomorrow. The superiority of Leninism is precisely that capacity to grasp the essence of the time’s contradictions and steer them towards the emancipation of the poor. Right now, a Trump victory represents the condition of the possibility of a popular revolt against the world imperialist order. If you are an American communist, get Donald Trump, put him into a cannon and fire him at the oligarchs, then seize power and send all the Trumpists to  labour camps in the newly liberated ‘red states’! ;)

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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