A Poisoned Crown: St Corona and World Government

Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, built circa 1240 to house the ...

The following reflection argues that France needs to come to terms with its own history if it is to lead Europe again, while Christians should study the culture that venerated St Corona, a culture of valour rather than fear.

You probably have it, and if you don’t you probably will. Coronavirus from the Latin coruna, crown and virus, poison is one of the millions of bits of scrap DNA floating around in our bodies. The human body is a metabolic machine which takes in nutrients and expels toxins all the time. Disease (or rather dis-ease) occurs when that metabolic process gets disrupted. All dis -ease is toxaemia: an excess of toxins in the body — or the mind. For our thoughts can also make us ill. Doctors are increasingly attributing physical illness to stress and emotional turmoil. The panic and trauma of the global lockdown will lead to millions of suicides, depressions and other health problems.

Naturally, old age plays a major role in disease. Old people often have poor immune systems and can die from the common cold. Over 650,000 people die of the flu every year. Most of those people are over 60 and a very high percentage of them suffer from other serious forms of toxaemia.

If you are healthy and fit, you could probably ingest a lot of poison and survive. If you are old and weak, it will probably kill you. So what is it about this particular poison that has everyone in a panic? We are told that it has the morphology of a corona or crown. Indeed, the mass media tell us this could be the crown of poisons, the king of pandemics. One cannot help but suspect that this will please the global warmists, who are now telling us that this is the planet’s way of saying enough is enough. The ecologists seem to think nature is a person, giving us signs of her displeasure.

So where did this story begin? It’s hard to say. In my last article for the Irish Patriot newspaper, I mentioned the Event 201 simulation which was run by the world government in October 2019. Our world government is remarkably transparent. It is not some secret cabal meeting in a cave. The videos of the simulation were online and our unelected leaders were perfectly transparent and honest about the necessity of protecting the population from a global pandemic which could kill millions.

They were also very concerned that their trusted media outlets might not be listened to; that people might read unauthorised opinions on blogs and social media. Twitter would have to be controlled and laws would have to be passed criminalising unauthorised opinions. This might shock the American more than, say, the Frenchman. France is a far more authoritarian country than the United States. In fact, it is probably the most authoritarian country in the world. That might surprise people who will say it must be North Korea or Iran or China etc.

Those countries certainly have limits on what you can say and do, without getting into trouble. But the limits are different because none of them has a claim on legitimate authority. France is different. France is a country which, until the apostasy of the absolutist king Louis XIV, proclaimed its leader to be God. The official historical King of France is Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother is its queen. This mystique is key to understanding what I mean by saying that France is the most authoritarian country in the world.

The word authority comes from the Latin augure, to increase. What would it mean therefore to say that a country is associated with divine increase? Pick up a history book. What do you find? France evangelised the world. The French, more than any other nation, built western civilisation. By western civilisation, we mean Christendom. It is, of course, as much eastern as it is western. We only call it western because of the role of France. While Spain was the greatest empire ever, France was pivotal and here we want to love at her role in fate of Christendom.

France’s four great catastrophes

There are probably four great events in French history which sabotaged the authority of the aristocracy. The absolutism of Louis XIV; the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo and the German occupation. The absolutism of Louis XIV broke France’s promise to Rome to be its protector. Thereafter, France lost its authority.

In many respects, the French revolution was a justified chastisement for the treason and corruption of the late Ludovingian kings. But the revolution was simply the transplantation of English deist philosophy onto the soil which had given the world St Thomas Aquinas and the great schoolmen.

Throughout the 19th century, the new Freemasonic church asserted itself against the old. But it was the church of the wealthy bourgeoisie. The new religion of man replaced the clergy with the arrogant “philosophes” and the “experts”. Former French education minister Vincent Peillon has described freemasonry as the state religion in France. What an ugly, cold and unpopular religion!

Most people who listen to the state media apparatus believe they are free. Liberty is the credo of the state religion. Indeed, the word frank means free. A French man is a free man.

Belief in Liberty is so strong that now the clergy are saying that we have to take liberty away in order to keep us free! Everywhere you go, you hear someone repeating the state psalm: State, deliver us from this evil, now and forever, amen.

In the ancestral order, the labourer and his family were protected by the workers’ guilds and the sacraments of the Church, which was open day and night for the public. Class differences and exploitation existed, but aristocrats often received their titles and privileges through risking their lives in crusades and wars. Many of the aristocracies had legitimacy and authority. Today’s elites have, on the contrary, no authority whatsoever: mammon is the basis of their social being.

In the past, people lived in awareness and constant fear of death. Parents often buried their children. Pain and suffering were part of life. People of all classes did not really fear just death; they feared the Four Last things: death, judgement, heaven and hell.

Today, people live their lives as though they will never die. The state clergy tell us that, in a sense, death doesn’t exist. We are just turned off and feel no more. As Willa Cather says, the laboratory and not the lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world. Blind belief in the authority of natural scientists has allowed us to flee our own humanity.

We live in a world steered by intelligence but hostile to reason. Modern philosophy confounds the two. We can make iPhones but we cannot think because our intelligence has, in a sense, surpassed reason. In a fully intelligent world, there is no more need for thought: intelligence, now almost fully artificial, can do that for us.

After the French Revolution, Napoléon conquered half the world and then lost it all. He believed he was God and ended up living out his days a pathetic prisoner of the British. After the humiliation of the German occupation in World War II, the French became vassals of the Anglo-Americans once again.

I have been reading an extraordinary book about the Révolution Nationale, the French national revolution from 1940-44. Most people are unaware that there was a second revolution in France, led by Maréchal Philippe Pétain. It was called the National Revolution but is pejoratively known as the Vichy Regime.The book I’m reading is called, ‘La Revolution Corporative Spontanée en France’ by Jean Paillard.

Pétain - Portrait photographique 1941.jpg
Philippe Pétain

During the war, in the areas under Vichy control, there was a Catholic solidarist revolution: the guild system of labour organisation returned and was remarkably successful. But it was opposed by an alliance of the bosses and the leaders of the left-wing trade unions. The alliance between left-wing leaders and extreme capitalism goes back a long way.

Contrary to popular myth, Pétain was actually an ally of the United States throughout the war. That is confirmed in his memoirs by the American ambassador to France during the war, Admiral Leahy.

As communist historian Annie La Croix-Riz points out in her excellent book Le Choix de la Défaite, a cabal of financiers and industrialists conspired to allow the Germans to invade and occupy France during the war in order to crush organised labour and subordinate France to the atheistic, materialist regime of Hitler.

Jean Paillard was himself a former communist who found that the solidarism he sought in communism could only be realised in social Catholicism. His analysis concurs with that of La Crox-Riz — except he shows that the financial cabal which was known as “Synergy” was more against Pétain than the trade unions. In fact, they used the trade unions to disrupt Pétain’s efforts to restore the corporatist system. One thinks of the Macron/ Rufin alliance today or Mélenchon and Dassault.

Pétain wanted French labourers to be the masters of their work. La famille, le travail, la patrie: family, work and nation replaced the degenerate values of the bourgeoisie: liberté, égalité and fraternité.

Every effort the Vichy regime made to restore the particularly French corporatist system was sabotaged by the German occupiers in collaboration with the French Left. The collaboration of the French Left with the German national socialists is not widely known but was rather extensive.

Pétain wanted to bring finance capitalism to an end. In his speeches and letters, he constantly rails against the financial elites — their lack of patriotism, dishonesty and greed.

Philippe Pétain was one of the last great leaders of France. A hero of the first world war, the Marechal worked tirelessly from 1940 to 1944 to restore French civilisation. Pétain had moral authority but very little power. His cabinet was always full of traitors and scoundrels working behind the scenes for Synergy. Pétain clearly hated the financial oligarchy but loved the French workers.

The post-war propagandists in France love to present the armistice signed with Hitler as a great betrayal of France. But it was the financial oligarchy who plotted the nation’s destruction and defeat. The armistice was a great victory over Hitler, as it enabled Pétain to maintain control over key parts of the French empire.

It is strange that Pétain was presented as the great collaborator of Hitler, in spite of the fact that German chancellor eventually had him arrested and thrown into prison, while the post-war leftist intellectuals all collaborated with the Germans occupiers in Paris.

Pétain established a regime which had many similarities to the spirit of anarcho-syndicalism, except the class struggle was replaced with class cooperation. And there was legitimate leadership under the Catholic Church.

Workers corporations were a form of self-government. The State would simply act as a mediator in disputes among corporations. One should not confuse workers guilds or corporations with the capitalist idea of the Corporation. They were the very opposite of the capitalist corporation.

I don’t think any of this would interest contemporary leftists. But nothing seems to interest them these days other than LGBTP; climate change, immigration and anti-racism. If you don’t believe me, pick up a copy of any cultural magazine and you will read about those themes in every article about every film, documentary, play, or political event.

The sad thing about globalisation is that language and culture doesn’t matter any more. When I pick up the Irish equivalent to the French magazines, I read the exact same rubbish, written by the exact same petty-bourgeois leftists. I think the coronavirus might help some of those leftists that hiding from reality is no longer an option and it might be time to grow up.

But back to Pétain. He, like Stalin, wanted to destroy the state. But while Stalin wanted to destroy the bourgeois state and replace it with the dictatorship of the proletariat, Pétain wanted to eliminate both the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.

In other words, the sovereign self-governing Christian worker would no longer be ruled by a class but by the King of France, Jesus Christ. Irish philosopher Denis Fahy, who is widely read in France and not in Ireland, called this the social reign of Christ the King. Radical equality and social justice are only possible through our incorporation into the Mystical Body of Christ.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin made a valiant effort to encourage workers to engage in self-criticism. It is a pity, leftists don’t read Stalin’s voluminous writings. They could learn a lot about communism. But, of course, most leftists hate Stalin and love Trotsky. From Bernie Sanders to Jean-Luc Mélanchon, leftism is a cynical game for losers and the eternally “betrayed” revolution.

All of the progressivist experiments in the USSR failed. The economic success of the Stalinist era was largely due to the patriotism and nationalism which Stalin was able to infuse into Soviet Workers and the genius of his leadership was largely due to the fact that he, like Salazar in Portugal, had trained to be a priest. Communists would do well to consider why Stalin, a Marxist, often said to his comrades, “God be with you.”

A revived and the modernised corporatist system where the public good is the motor of production is the basis of Catholic social doctrine. The only way to implement such a system is to eliminate parliaments and politicians and give executive power to the worker’s guilds. But a strong leader is also necessary. The Gilets Jaunes movement failed because it was acephalous, without a leader. Syndicalism has long been a failure due to the cooptation of its leaders by class traitors and charlatans.

There is an Index Librorum Prohibitorum in France of all the authors from the left and the right who have pleaded the case of the poor old Marechal! But Synergy won the war and now they have declared a new war. Emmanuel Macron, that bauble of the Rothschilds, has said we are at war with coronavirus. But who does he mean when he says “we”?

The Left in France never understood the Marxist conception of the state. The state, said Lenin, is the dictatorship of one class over another. No genuine leftist would claim that the bourgeois state, in some sense, serves the people: it serves the class which wields state power. So, when Macron says “we” are at war, he means the oligarchy is at war with the people. Let us not forget that over the last year, the people of France have been in open and furious war with the “state.”

But to hell with Marxism! The Catholic view of the state is this: it is the brain of the body. Now, that brain is infected and sick and the sickness has paralysed the body politic.

The coronavirus crisis is probably going to destroy the global economy. Only a solidarist economic model will build a sustainable future. All of the post-war economic “miracles” in Germany, Italy and Spain were based on the application of social catholicism. France’s “trente glorieuses”, it’s thirty years of economic glory was largely due to the fact that De Gaulle maintained many aspects of Pétain’s social catholicism. As we enter economic and civilisational collapse, solidarism is the only path forward.

The picture of the stain-glass windows above is from the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, built by Saint Louis to house the Crown of Thorns. Louis IX was, in my view, the greatest leader in history because he understood that the function of a Christian leader was to teach by example the virtue of humility. He meditated often before the Crown of Thorns and regularly practised mortificatio superbae, the mortification of pride. He would often invite paupers to his table and serve them food while he himself fasted.

The Pasteur myth

When the new religion of human rights and liberty was taking hold in France during the 19th century, Louis Pasteur became the most famous scientist. Pasteur developed the germ theory of disease which holds that the body becomes ill when external germs invade it. The key to treatment, therefore, is to identify the pathogen and attempt to neutralise it.

Pasteur was a brilliant orator and promoter of his own work. But he falsified many experiments, often blatantly cheating and lying. Several academics have now shown that in many respects Louis Pasteur was more of a politician than a scientist. His great and forgotten rival was Professor Antoine Bechamp. Bechamp held that disease was in a sense dialectical – – a complex process of external and internal factors. The key to good health, therefore, was strengthening the bodies natural defences, the milieu interieur.

Unlike Pasteur, Bechamp was extremely rigorous, carrying out thousands of experiments. But Bechamp had no political clout. The germ theory of disease prevailed and it is the accepted view today. It is a pity Michel Foucault, whose archaeology of knowledge is so useful, did not investigate the Pasteur/Bechamp debate. It is a cogent example of how power defined a new field of knowledge.

It was perhaps safer for Foucault to focus on undermining natural law and reason — a favourite pastime of the oligarchy.

Coronavirus is left-wing!

[Coronavirus] Les fake news aussi sont contagieuses ! | Le ...

There is a cure for the Covid-19 flu or common cold: hydroxychloroquine. It is simple, cheap and extremely effective. A doctor in the United States tried it on 100 patients and had 100% success.

Yet, the French press accused France’s top microbiologists Didier Raoult of promoting fake news for recommending hydroxychloroquine! He and many other doctors have been demonised by the press for debunking the state’s reasons for our confinement.

Dr Raoult, who is the director of the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire in Marseille, has irked the government in the past with his heretical views on Darwin and climate change. He has also accused the former French Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn of conflict of interest due to the fact that her husband Yves Lévy was director of INSERM, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research during her term. Lévy opined a Franco-Chinese research laboratory in Wuhan in February 2017. Buzyn classified hydroxychloroquine as a venomous substance in January of this year, two months after the virus had broken out in China.

The usual, infantile aspersions have been thrown about Raoult being “far-right” and “pro-Trump” etc. Again this infantile mentality is the real virus.

Christ says we have to be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. Emmanuel Macron says we have to be like children to be good citizens. But there is a difference here. Christ has authority and a good child is fed and raised by legitimate authority. But monsters emerge from the tutorship of tyrants. What this crisis shows is that public infantilisation is the chief health crisis of our time.

Those who follow Macron and his neoliberal and “anti-neoliberal” collaborators won’t emerge stronger from this crisis; those who follow Christ will. President Trump says he wants to see American churches full on Easter Sunday. Whether or not the Q-Anon conspiracy theory is true, ( I hope it is), Trump is the first president to openly oppose the “sacrament” of abortion and many of his closest collaborators from the First Lady to Steve Bannon, Mike Pence are Catholics. That might or might not mean something positive in the long term but we can reasonably hope that it does in the greater scheme of things.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, explained in a video that the whole pandemic is a hoax. Most of the people dying have underlying conditions and coronavirus is nothing new. Wodarg explained how over-ambitious virologists in Wuhan who had identified another strain of coronavirus started the hysteria by fooling the Chinese government.

You will, of course, read much about “big pharma” and corruption on the leftist websites but never anything concrete which would enable you to actually understand how such corruption works; nothing, for example, about Dr.Wodarg who, in 2010, called for an inquiry into the influence of pharmaceutical corporations over the World Health Organisation during the last great media hysteria: H1N1.

It is perhaps curious that is it French science and French medicine which contains the key to smashing the poisoned crown. Since the defeat of Napoléon, the French have mourned the loss of their greatness. But greatness comes from authority. Napoléon had power, potestas but he no authority – just like our rulers today. St Louis, on the contrary, helped build the greatest civilisation the world has ever known because he had auctoritas.

The attempt to ban, to pass laws against different types of thought, to banish heretics etc so prevalent in France –the tolerance which must eliminate intolerance — is due to its inevitable world-historical role as the eldest daughter of the Church. In other words, the French left have not lost their Catholicism: they understand that heresies must be wiped out with the full force of the state because heresies can infect the body-politic.

Catholics agree with the petty-bourgeois leftists. Freedom of opinion and freedom of speech are not Catholic values. We too believe in censorship and repression. But we uphold authority and truth, while the leftists want to affirm the belief that there is no truth by making that article of faith the new moral law. What we are now experiencing is the final disintegration of the liberal disorder. Gordon Brown says we need a world government. Catholics agree. The Catholic Church was established to be the world government.

President Macron’s mentor, Jacques Attali has said he wants to see a world government with its capital in Jerusalem, according to Jewish Messianic tradition. He has also said that a global pandemic will enable elites to construct that world government. The key, as Aldous Huxley noted, is to make people want to be imprisoned.

St Corona and Christian world government

detail of the coat of arms of the Vienna Commercial cooperatives, c.1900, featuring the martyrdom of Saint Corona; by Hugo Gerard Ströhl; swiped from Wikimedia Commons

The drive for world government is uniquely European. Charlemagne in the 9th century revived the Roman Empire. France since the baptism of Clovis in 485 is intimately related to the mystique of Rome. The appellation “eldest daughter of the Church” goes back to the time of Charlemagne when French kings were buried in Rome in the chapel of St Petronilla. She was believed to have been the spiritual daughter of St Peter. There was a dolphin carved on the side of her sarcophagus. The term dauphin, dolphin would be used to describe the successors to the French thrones.

St Corona of Damascus was invoked against epidemics. Her remains were laid in Aachen cathedral by Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor around 1000AD. Otto III grandfather, Otto I had sought to revive Charlemagne’s Francia or Holy Roman Empire, after a century of moral decline and political chaos.

Corona, whose name is probably a Latin translation for Stephania, was martyred around the time of the emperor Diocletian. She had nursed a Roman soldier called Victor based in Syria, tortured to death for his faith. She was tied between two palm trees, folded and quartered to death.

She is particularly venerated in Austria and Bavaria. In Feltre, Italy, one of the most beautiful monasteries in Europe is dedicated to her. It was built during the First Crusade. Perched spectacularly on Mount Miesna, the monastery contains frescos by Giotto depicting the lives of the saints, the resurrection of Christ and the ascension to Heaven.

la rocca del Santuario

In the sculptures at Feltre, Corona is depicted holding a palm leaf. In the ancient world, the palm tree was associated with the triumph over adversity. Before his Passion, Christ enters Jerusalem and is showered with palm leaves. St Corona and St Victor symbolised together, the victory of the Crown.

For centuries, the best men Europe ever produced venerated St Corona and died trying to build God’s kingdom on earth — the only legitimate world government.

We would do well to meditate on the fate of this Syrian woman in a period where the world empire has wrought so much suffering and martyrdom in Syria. A rapacious empire which murders innocent women and children then mocks their dead bodies by blaming their deaths on those dying to protect them deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth.

St Corona should help us think of the very opposite kind of men to Emmanuel Macron; men who took up arms to fight for Christ and built churches and monasteries to honour martyrs like St Corona — the antithesis to the godless Untermenschen of our emergent globalist regime!

L'arca contenente le Reliquie dei Ss. Vittore e Corona

Otto III revived the Roman Empire in a period with the Roman pontiffs were just as corrupt and pathetic as Pope Francis and his conciliar predecessors. He marched on Rome and deposed the anti-Pope John XVI. Later under Otto’s “world government”, the great French pope Sylvester II sat on the throne of Peter. Sylvester II was one of the greatest scientists of his age; mastering the Greek classics centuries before the so-called “renaissance”.

Western civilisation was on the brink of collapse but Otto III revived it through the sword and the psalter. St Corona was revered again when Rome was restored and men sought the treasure of eternal life, disdaining the rule of mammon.

The Garden or the Kingdom

When the Pharisees sent soldiers to arrest Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene, they were protecting the world government. No one wanted to hear what he had to say. He was apprehended by a man called Malchus whose name means both lord and slave. Peter cut off his ear but Christ repaired it. In cutting off the ear of Malchus, the first pope was affirming the temporal over the spiritual realm.

But the duty of the Popes would not be to prevent men from hearing the Word. Their job is to develop the doctrines of revealed truth. Now, the successor of Peter is roaming forlornly about the garden of Gethsemane in a semi-comatose state. He even seems to believe that the garden is Christ and not God. Pope Francis, like Peter, is a complete failure: therein lies the truth of the Church. Peter, like Pope Francis, wanted world government without Christ because he tried to prevent Christ’s crucifixion.

By raising the sword, he proclaimed the rule of man, unwittingly trying to prevent man’s salvation. The Church, which is the mystical body of Christ, is now going through its passion. The chapels are closed. Peter has fled.

The world government which emerged from deicide was nothing Rome could have imagined. It took centuries for the principles of Christianity to become enshrined in men’s souls. Now, every moral argument atheists throw at Christians is ineluctably Christian in origin.

Peter, James and John are asleep and the Pharisees have sent troops to capture truth and put it to death; the truth which sets men free. When truth is dead, fear infects the mind and life becomes a quarantine.

The Kingdom is the land where each slave is a king and each king a slave — Francia, the land of free men.

Satan is the prince of this world — the virus, the poison in men’s souls. We will have world government in time. The question is, Who will wear the corona, Satan or Christ the King?

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