Is George Floyd a Martyr? A Response to my Critics

Police Captain David Dorn, murdered by capitalist shock troop supporters of George Floyd while trying to defend the working class

After being publicly slandered by Lebanese journalist Marwa Osman and US Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, Ajamu Baraka, I have decided here to clarify some important matters concerning imperialism and anti-imperialism

The riots in the United States, sparked after the murder of George Floyd, have raised a number of important issues. What role does race play in class struggle? Which class wields power? What is the importance of race in the struggle against imperialism?

I have come across a number of interesting people in my work over the years covering the Zionist Middle East wars. Lebanese commentator Marwa Osman is one of the people I have met in my many trips to the Islamic Republic of Iran. As we have contributed to many of the same media outlets, it is appropriate that I respond to her recent Facebook tirade against me.

First of all, I wish to be clear that this is not a personal attack against Mrs Osman. She called me a “racist fascist” for a post I made outlining some of the crimes committed by George Floyd. I will not reciprocate the vituperation. The point of my post was pretty clear: Floyd was a delinquent and should therefore not be celebrated as a victim of what is undoubtedly an unjust system, nor should he be held up as some kind of folk hero or martyr.

Mrs Osman concluded that I had endorsed his murder, or that I was implying that his murder was somehow justified by his criminal past. But nowhere in my post did I say that. In fact, I deliberately ignored the alleged murder. I say “alleged” because I have not studied the details of this event and because most of my work involves meticulously analysing fake news pumped out on a daily basis by mainstream media — liberal media in particular.

It is obvious this event is being used to foment race war in order the stop the Trump revolution. Yes, Trump has led a revolution in America. He has smashed the green agenda. He has expelled globalist organisations such as UNESCO, UNHCR and the WHO. He has cracked down on mass immigration. He has defended the right to bear arms and the principles of religious and civil liberties.

He has slowed down the LGBTP movement by taking down the LGBT flag from embassies on Gay Pride day. He has ended the economic oppression of minorities through employment opportunities. He has given people like George Floyd a second change with radical prison reform. He has cracked down on Mexican gangs trafficking children. He is the first president to stand up for the rights of the unborn.

What we are looking at now are desperate counterrevolutionary forces. They will cause much damage but they will lose. That is a certainty. No one is going back to hegemonic liberalism!

My problem with Floyd and his supporters

But let us assume for the moment that he was brutally murdered. No one, not even the UN Secretary-General, should be murdered. Just to be clear.

So, here’s my post:

“George Floyd is the new martyr for social justice. Here are some of his achievements:

1997- Arrested for drugs.

1998 Arrested for drugs and robbery.

1999 Arrested for breaking into a house.

2002 Arrested for possession of cocaine.

2003 Arrested for breaking into a house.

2004 Arrested for robbery.

2005 Arrested for drugs.

2007 Arrested for breaking into a house and assaulting a woman.

When he wasn’t robbing and doing drugs, Floyd starred in porn films. Floyd was a true revolutionary and model for our youth!”

Here’s Marwa Osman’s interpretation of my post:

“Gearóid Ó Colmáin thinks by listing the charges ruled by the same police that employs barbarians like the officer who kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes in a TAPED act of murder, then it is not a problem at all to kill George.

I automatically unfriended the fascist racist below but I would like to point out that if you share Colmain’s opinion and feelings then you most definitely also condone the killing of millions of my people in the Arab world by Israeli, US and NATO bombs, simply because some of those who died might have had a criminal record at some point. Hence, reveal your disgusting self so I can clean my feed.”

A lesson in anti-imperialism

This is, of course, a complete misinterpretation of my Facebook post above. The entire police force in the United States is, according to Osman, now a criminal organisation. To get some perspective on this, we will change gears and move to the Middle East.

When I visited Syria in April 2011, I spent an evening in a hotel with a Syrian businessman and his family. We watched a report on the BBC which showed soldiers jumping on a man’s head, beating him to death. I knew it was another outrageous piece of war propaganda. It subsequently transpired that the scene had taken place in Iraq. But the Syrian businessman said, “We support our army in this war. If this is true, it’s a criminal act. Our soldiers are well trained and are not supposed to do this. I’m outraged by this but I’m not sure if it’s true.”

The same could be said about the Floyd murder. We don’t even know if it really took place. It may have been completely staged. If it’s true, then one criminal murdered another. It is a matter for the courts and there is no reason to be outraged.

The NATO war against Libya was still when I was in Syria, and this kind of war propaganda was being rolled out all the time to justify the bombing. Meanwhile, blacks were being lynched on the streets of Benghazi, egged on by the corporate media as “revolutionaries.”

I don’t know what opinion Osman had then of the rape and murder taking place in Libya. I presume she didn’t follow Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah in calling Colonel Gaddafi a “tyrant” and therefore inadvertently supporting the NATO terrorists. It would be interesting to read her analysis of the racist war against Libya and compare it with mine.

Why I fight

There were several reasons for an Irishman like me to be interested in getting to the truth behind these wars. If I can follow Osman in talking about “my people”, I will say a few things about them.

Western European people of Christian culture have been assaulted by mass immigration for many decades now. The immigration is being fomented by imperialist policies against African nations, on the one hand, fomenting civil war, and on the other, by a deliberate policy of dividing the working class in Europe.

Those death squads operating in the Middle East and Africa are often in the payroll of the CIA, oligarchs such as George Soros and other, “racist, fascists.” The oligarchs are not hiding the fact that immigration is a war on the working class. The Irish Central Bank recently told Ireland it needed to increase immigration in order to lower the wages of Irish workers. It’s extremely clear whose class interests are served by mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Anyone with a background in Marxism will see that this is a class war, waged globally, on all possible fronts using all possible means. What happens when oligarchies like the Rothschild crime syndicate promote mass immigration? You get a scenario remarkably similar to occupied Palestine. The Jewish immigrants in Palestine were opposed by many of the Muslim leaders. They understood that the Jews would take their land and set up their own oppressive state. So, Arab countries waged an unsuccessful war to defeat the Zionist state once it was set up.

Since then, all over the world, Jewish-owned media have done everything in their power to pitch black against white, promote pornography; abortion, gay marriage and just about every other evil contrary to human nature. They have made young blacks in the United States hate white people. They have set up criminal organisations such as Black Lives Matter, not to promote the wellbeing of black people, but to push homosexuality, transgender and other sexual perversions among the black community. This fact has been well documented by me and several of my friends, including Pastor and black activist Randy Short.

Why has Marwa Osman, who claims to be a Muslim and anti-Zionist, not written about any of this? Why has she not asked to interview real black liberation activists such as the Irritated Genie? Anyone with a genuine interest in the black movement in the United States has followed his work. He, along with Randy Short, is one of the few genuine black activists talking about the root of black problems in America: the oligarchy.

Is it because Osman is too comfortable being a “politically correct” anti-zionist? She is, after all, a lecturer in the American University of Lebanon. Homophobia and anti-Semitism are not too popular in American universities nowadays. But Islamo-leftism is probably ok.

Candace Owens has no right to judge?

Candace Owens

Someone posted a video on Osman’s page of black US commentator Candace Owens. I had not seen the video. But after viewing it, I realised that I was wrong about Floyd. He was actually far worse! He had even held a knife to a pregnant woman. Owens is another emerging leader in the American black community who are rejecting the deeply racist and perverted agenda of Soros and his homophile goons.

This was the response of Osman: “No one has the right to judge the oppressed. No one!” But who will decide which group is oppressed? Patriots in my nation feel oppressed. They are attacked, harassed; bullied, threatened; calumniated, criminalised and will no doubt soon be killed. My post was also made on behalf of the oppressed and Osman has, therefore, no right to judge me.

We do not want thugs like Floyd held up as role models and martyrs to our children. And we don’t want oligarchs importing any more of them into our countries either. I have seen many videos of Black immigrants in Ireland smashing white people’s heads in. But I haven’t seen any outrage in the media. I guess their victims deserved it. No one has the right to judge the oppressed, says Marwa Osman.

So, Candace Owen is not oppressed? As a black woman, she lives in a country which believes you should be treated as a victim by virtue of your race. I can’t think of anything more racist than that. I was brought up Catholic. We believe that all men are created in the image of God and are therefore equal before Him. Therefore, no one should be treated differently because of their race. Yet that is what Islamo-leftists like Osman believe. Candace Owens has every right to call out the disgusting hypocrisy of privileged White liberals and their asinine, fake “anti-racism.”

The problem with Osman’s form of activism is that it uses Western imperialist categories and paradigms to attack some evil features of those ideologies, namely the occupation of Palestine and the wars in the Middle East. But ultimately, what they do is perpetuate the crime, perpetuate the suffering.

It is probably the reason why someone like Candace Owens, who could take an interest in African and Middle Eastern affairs on the side of the oppressed, probably has nothing but contempt for all those “pro-Palestinian” hypocrites. Can you blame her? Is there anyone today on the Left worthy of respect, anyone with a consistent and honest anti-imperialist line?

I have a lot of disagreements with Candace Owens. For example, she says that Black Americans are the only ethnic group who will protest to defend the lowest of their community. She says Jews never to that. That’s completely false. Jews do it all the time and I’ve given some cogent examples in previous articles. But, hey, Owens needs to stay in the rat race and we all know where the money is — on all sides!

I still support Owens over all the rest because most of what she says is true.

Do Muslims support homophiles?

Marwa Osman supports Hezbollah. Yet she knows that they would not tolerate homophiles like Black Lives Matter. She knows that if they tried to engage in any of that activity in Hezbollah-controlled territory or the Islamic Republic of Iran, they would be arrested. This is not a criticism of Hezbollah or of Iran. It’s a criticism of islamo-leftist hypocrisy.

Is there anyone on the Left today who will denounce the LGBTQ- P movement for the child-hating, paedophile purveyors of bourgeois decadence that they are? Is there anyone on the Left who will dare echo Frederich Engels and call their movement what it is: Schweinerei – filth?

Is there anyone on the Left who will denounce the culture of death which leaves young black boys fatherless, and subject to homosexualist propaganda in their schools and on TV? Is there anyone on the Left who will denounce the attempt to effeminise the black male and destroy the black family?

When I wrote about this for American Herald Tribune a number of years ago, George Galloway joined up with Google in objecting to my exposure of the racist, paedophile agenda of the LGBTQP. But my editor stood firm and published my five articles which expose the lies, pseudo-science and criminality behind this movement.

Sham Trotskyite that he is, Galloway did not want to be associated with “homophobes.” Now he seems to have changed his tune and has formed a political party which is distancing itself from “identity politics.” But of course, he’s still ranting about “anti-racism” and scoring cynical political points. People like him gate-keepers for the system and nothing more.

I watched the video of George Floyd’s murder with the same lack of emotion I watch fake news stories of children gassed by the Assad “regime” in Syria because I think with my brain and not my heart. You have to think with your brain in an information war because it manipulates people through traumatic images which target the heart.

When Marwa Osman was confronted on Facebook with inconvenient facts such as the fact that Antifa activist Mathew Van Dyke fought with jihadists in Syria, she asked not to be sent information about them because she hates them so much. This is surprising. After all, she is a journalist and should want to have more information about the people in America she is supporting. Then she goes on to say that she doesn’t give a damn about what happens in the United States, as long as troops leave Syria.

Well, at least things have been cleared up. She doesn’t give a damn about social justice, nor does it bother her too much to be on the same side as the people attacking Syria.

It does bother me, which is why I continue to expose the crimes of the US military abroad while defending some of the good policies of the Trump administration.

Osman’s heart is in the right place but she needs to open her mind. God made women see more with the heart than men and it for that reason men need them. I’m sure Marwa won’t mind me being “sexist.” After all, I’m a traditional Roman Catholic and she’s a Muslim; and I don’t think Muslims would be inclined to give lessons to Catholics about sexism — unless of course, they share the views of the homophile Black Lives Matter!

Ajamu Baraka supports looting the working class!

Ajamu Baraka at Oct 2016 Berkeley rally for Jill Stein - 4 (cropped).jpg

Leader of Black Alliance for Peace and former Green Party candidate for Vice President of the United States Ajamu Baraka also attacked me on social media for my Facebook post. So, I had a quick look on his page to see if I could perhaps learn anything.

He shared a post supporting black trans activists! More bourgeois decadence disguised as socialist revolution. Is it any surprise that a man who in the past denounced the UN and NATO for invoking the criminal Responsibility to Protect doctrine to bomb independent nations is now using the same principles to call for UN intervention in America? These people are pathetic!

In an interview with Telsur, he was asked about where the movement stands in terms of capitalism and class struggle. I only heard him mentioning the black working class. I don’t know what ideology Baraka claims to hold, but that’s identity politics, not Marxism. None of this is particularly surprising from Baraka when you consider who funds the Institute for Policy Studies of which he is a member: Jewish bankers Stern, Warburg and Rubin!

Baraka told Telesur that the elites had robbed the people during the great bailout of the banks in 2008. He’s right of course. It’s just a pity he didn’t mention some of the names of the infamous bankers who run the world!

The struggling workers and middle-class business owners who have been through hell these last few months to feed their families are nothing for Baraka because they are not on the payroll of Stern, Warburg and Rubin!

Baraka commented on my post, ” I told ya he was a right-winger” Here’s my response to Mr Baraka: You’re a wrong-winger! You’re on the wing of the bankers. I’m on the “right” wing, the wing of the working masses.

Things I care about

There were several stories during these riots which did move me. I was moved by the case of a police officer who broke down during a press conference after Anifa tried to prevent the fire brigade from rescuing a family with a child in a house they had burned down.

I was moved by the horrible lynching I saw of shop owners, men with families to feed.

I was moved by the case of a 77-year-old Black police officer in St Louis David Dorn, shot dead by the rioters as he attempted to defend a small store owner from the looters.

It reminded me of all the stories I covered in 2011 of Syrian police officers being shot by “peaceful protesters” and snipers while the corporate media egged them on.

I didn’t see Osman or Baraka denouncing any of these crimes in America. But it’s clear Osman doesn’t give a damn about people in America because she’s not a true internationalist and certainly not a true anti-imperialist.

I guess they didn’t see it on CNN and therefore it doesn’t matter. After all, just like all those children blown up in Syria, and elsewhere by “peaceful protesters”, the little child in that house was probably “pro-Trump” and therefore deserved to die. Luckily, she was saved, thanks to the police.

The afore-mentioned Ajamu Baraka told Telesur that the looting was unimportant. You see, Baraka is a “revolutionary” who is going to bring capitalism to an end — with a little help from Soros!

This is the same revolutionary who swallowed every morsel of CNN propaganda during the COVID-19 hoax and even denounced people for not wearing masks while I was supporting Tanzania, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar for denouncing the imperialist World Health Organisation.

The Empire today is not a nation-state. It is not America. It is not China. It is a complex of networks constituted by an international billionaire class which is rapidly moving up to the trillionaire rung of the global hierarchy. When they get there, there will be queer kind of “socialism” for the masses, as much of it as they can impose, while the elites live in Sybaritic opulence. And they’ll have plenty collaborators on the Left — brigades of petty-bourgeois thought police and mindless misgendered goons!

Asymmetric ideological warfare

My analyses tend to veer from the far left to the far right. As a Catholic, I am both. Our Lord condemned usury and upheld the Moral Law.

The left/right political strategy is shared by many of the people Osman supports. For example, when I met Hasan Abbasi, the director of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps centre for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis a few years ago, we discussed how rootless cosmopolitans were ruining America and Europe.

He praised France’s “Manif Pour Tous” movement for standing up for the family and against gay marriage. He said France needs to revive the spirit of Joan of Arc. This is someone who understands who the real enemies of humanity are, and while I don’t agree with all his ideas and policies, real revolutionary politics always takes place in the interstices of ideological contradiction.

Of course, Abbasi is an inveterate enemy of Trump and I am a critical supporter of the American president. But how can one possibly support both? The elites in the world tend to back both sides in engineered conflicts. To effectively oppose them, one needs to do imitate that strategy.

Geopolitics does not, to borrow postmodern terminology, operate on “binary logic” and “essentialism.”

Many of the values shared by Muslims and blacks are far closer to Trump than Black Lives Matter because the values of family, nation and work are the universal basis of civilisation and no amount of globalist propaganda will ever change that fact.

So to hell with your George Floyds; David Dorn is my martyr, my working-class hero and he should be yours too!

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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