In Defense of Pesticide

Leftist alt-globalists have become the avant-garde of the most tyrannical regime in history. This article argues that radical Catholic insurgency is the only force that will defeat this spiritual and ideological pestilence.

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Billionaire Jeff Besos eating a cockroach

Something needs to be done about them. Those anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists, those who don’t believe. Our patience is running out. They need to behave. All over the global media, one hears the same refrain: All covid insurgents need to be dealt with in the interests of “public security.”

The Irish premier (I won’t call that thing a Taoiseach), said recently that anti- vaxers “need to behave”.

We won’t say any more here about the facts. If you have come to this page from the fictional world, the world of fake news, it is probably too late for you to hear about such inconveniences as facts. These lines are addressed solely at those of you who already have some understanding of what the last year and a half have been about.

They want to kill us

On 29 June 2021, French journalist Emmanuelle Lechypre said the police should abduct people from their homes and forcibly jab them.

Irish Journalist Joe O Shea has said anti-vaxers should be coerced into taking the jab. That sentiment has been echoed by many prominent Irish pundits, including Pat Kenny.

In Australia, both the Queensland and Victoria premiers have confirmed that concentration camps are going to be used for anti-vaxers.

Australians are now beginning to understand why the Government needed to disarm them under the National Firearms Agreement in 1996. Clive James once quipped that the problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts but that so many are descended from prison officers.”

How we can avoid concentration camps and possibly executions? It may seem hyperbolic to mention executions. But in some European countries, the possibility of just killing anti-vaxers is already being discussed at the highest levels. Politicians in Lithuania, for example — many of them former EU parliamentarians — are openly calling for anti-vaxers to be killed.

Vytaustas Landsbergis, former president of Lithuania, member of the EU Parliament, and “champion of human rights” said on 3 October:

There is a lunacy where rumor-mongering zealots not only promote anti-social agitation with their “Don’t get vaccinated”, but even attack those who do vaccination. What enemies are paying them?..May the Parliament change the Criminal Code so that these agitators for rapid death can be dealt with. When you are in a war, you must act like you are in a war! Until the vaccine against stupidity is invented!”

Landsbergis’ son, one of the richest men in the country, is currently the Lithuanian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

In Lithuania, citizens need an ‘ opportunity’ pass to access all goods and services. Unvaccinated citizens are completely locked out of society. This is the model we will have in a year or so in Western Europe if the elites succeed in implementing their ‘health’ plans.

The message is now coruscatingly clear: If you don’t volunteer for the death jabs, we will kill you. They have completed the first phase of the sustainability climate change agenda. The “virus” is a key element in the formation of consensus around the idea that overpopulation is the problem. And something needs to be done about that.

Boris Johnson’s father, a former Eurocrat, has not hidden his obsession with population reduction. He says he wants the population of Britain to be reduced to between ten or fifteen million. He has also quipped that a deadly virus would be the easiest way to kill millions of people.

The world rulers have hypnotized the public into committing mass suicide. But the recalcitrant conspiracists must now be dealt with.

We know from important government leaks in Canada last year that concentration camps have been erected throughout the world. There are is much video proof of these camps online. French journalist Ricardo.. even visited one of the camps.

Catholic men are leading the battle for freedom

Fabio Tuiach isource

So, what should we do? The struggles on the street are important. Italy is currently leading the struggle. Roberto Fiore’s Forza Nuova is the leading political organisation in Italy. Fiore has been imprisoned without cause. It shows the Draghi regime fears his influence. Another major leader in Italy is former heavy-weight boxer Fabio Tuiach who has a deep understanding of the necessity of both physical and spiritual combat against the forces of darkness.

Is there a revolution happening in Italy? Is there a civil war in France? Is Russia on the move? These are questions Catholic Fatimists will be asking.

The French have been demonstrating en mass for months. There is also much resistance in France against the covid passes. But demonstrations can be counterproductive. One year of mass yellow-vest demonstrations in France only strengthened the Macron regime. Many people lost their lives for nothing. Instead, constructive networks and social associations need to be set up.

In France, Yvan Benedetti’s Catholic Parti Nationaliste is leading the charge. If you believe that miserable little Jew Zemmour, who is pro-vaccine, is going to change anything, you know nothing about France!

Civitas, led by Alain Escada, is another major force organising the insurgency against the covid regime in France. Escada has managed to forge a powerful, militant Catholic organisation that is growing at a rapid pace.


In Ireland, leadership has been shown by Síol na hÉireann, the only Catholic nationalist organisation in the country. Niall McConnell is the only Irish nationalist leader who understands how to engage with Ulster loyalism to the British crown. The protestants of the North of Ireland who are resisting the New World Order must understand that Protestantism is an emanation of Judeo-Freemasonry. Ninety percent of both the loyalist and republican communities in Ireland are too stupid to understand any of this. They must be left behind. A new Ireland requires revision on both sides. It is not the time for the burning of tricolours and Union Jacks. It’s time to burn our shibboleths and delusions and unite against our common enemy before it’s too late!

The unvaxed are the new Hamish people. We need to accept that fact. It requires facing the fact that we will have to live outside the prison walls. For society is now a prison. We are outside the prison. We mustn’t allow propaganda to confuse us as to what is inside and outside the prison. The vaccinated are inside. Most will never get out. But some will. I have heard dozens of anecdotes from all over Europe of people who regret taking the jabs. Soon, those of them who are healthy enough will join the resistance movement.

We must prepare to die!

Apparecchio alla morte. Cioè considerazioni sulle massime ...

The most important thing to do now is to prepare for death. In a sleepy French village last year, run by leftists, I came across a beautiful abandoned church. Over the door, it read, “memento mori- remember that you must die.”

Everyone in the village was confined to their own houses because they had forgotten they must die, while the house of God, of eternal life stood empty.

St. Alphonus di Liguori in his book Preparation for Death says:

Oh! hasten to apply a remedy in time, resolve to give yourself sincerely to God, and begin from this moment a life which, at the hour of death, will be to you a source, not of affliction, but of consolation. Give yourself up to prayer, frequent the sacraments, avoid all dangerous occasions, and, if necessary, leave the world, secure yourself eternal salvation, and be persuaded that to secure eternal life no precaution can be too great.”

But how does one withdraw from the world? Shouldn’t we fight this evil? Of course. But a two-pronged approach is necessary. In Italy, many of the men on the front lines of the dockers’ strikes can be seen holding rosary beads. They understand that the enemy is spiritual as well as material.

To come back to the French village. I mentioned that the village is run by a leftist mayor. The ecologist authorities there are evidently proud of the fact that pesticides are not used in the upkeep of the village. Leftists are obsessed with pesticides. But a certain amount of pesticide is necessary. The etymology of pesticide is Latin ‘pestis‘ meaning plague or disease and cidire, to kill or strike.

Nature exists in a permanent state of war, not peace. Plants and insects fight and kill to survive. The survival of man depends on his ability to harness nature to his needs. That requires facing the reality of disease. Many organic pesticides are sprayed with natural pesticides. Natural pesticides are often more poisonous than synthetic pesticides.

So, it seems that the problem of pesticides is more complex than usually assumed. There is certainly cause for concern regarding the proven noxiousness of many synthetic pesticides. But there is also the problem that without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers most of humanity would starve. Ireland had a famine in the 19th century because crops had not been sprayed against pests. Correction: The Irish people were murdered en masse in the 19th century because Malthusian imperialists exported their food, while their stable diet failed due to disease.

It is, in my view, not insignificant that the most fanatical covidists, the most zealous supporters of Big Pharma, are also religiously opposed to pesticides or ‘disease killers. I am not trying to suggest industrial pesticides are a good thing. But there is a UN programme to ban pesticides. The very people who want to reduce the world’s population are also pushing “organic” farming. That does not mean organic farming is a bad thing. But it does suggest it’s part of the hygenist agenda. Now the globalists are advocating the eating of bugs to combat ‘climate change’. Perhaps it’s time to eat the rich!

Whence this leftist nosophobia, this fear of disease? Or rather, massacring more Greek, nosophoneuphobia, fear of that which kills disease? There are many Greek words for killing; the Greeks were experts in the art. Our philosophical digression on pesticides is intended to pose the question concerning a psychological condition that can be said to be characterised by a certain fear of that which kills disease.

What kills dis-ease. In Romans 5.12 St. Paul tells us:

‘ Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world and by sin death: and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned. ‘

Sin brought disease into the world. And only obedience to God can kill the disease. Every single micro disease in the world is a symptom of one gigantic macro disease: pride

Learn to love kerygmatic pesticide! For the word of God heals, kills sin, the plague afflicting the world. St. Luke who meticulously observed the miracles of Christ was himself a physician. The Gospel is a medical certificate; the only one we will ever need.

The nosophoneophobes have, by an large, consumed the poison. I recall ‘health stores’ during last year’s lockdown, all fanatically wearing masks, gloves and policing their customers with military zeal. The health industry is based on the lie that you can take control of your health. Most of them know that’s a lie. They know that powers outside their control lead to disease. But because they are too proud and stupid to believe in God, they turn to the ‘gods’, the ‘health officials’, and state bureaucrats with letters after their names. That is why so many of these organic food fanatics are double jabbed. As Mike Adams comically put it, “these people owe Monsanto an apology!”

Nonetheless, it should be stated that the movement towards organic agriculture is genuinely progressive. We should learn to live more in accord with nature. We should also develop renewable and sustainable energy supplies. The problem with the entire organic scene is that it is driven by the very forces it is supposed to supplant. The elites want to deprive the poor of meat under the pretext that cows contribute to global warming. So, they are encouraging the plebs to eat bugs and insects. Given the docility of the organic farming community to Covid tyranny, it is likely we will see organic cockroaches soon in health shops!

Jews are leading the battle for tyranny

An American Jew called Noam Chomsky is the maître-penseur of the nosophoneophobes. Chomsky is the son of the Talmudic scholar and Zionist Zeev Chomsky. Chomsky studied Hebrew and the Talmud with his father. Although Chomsky claims to be an ‘atheist’, the basis of his thought is Talmudic: He hates truth, hates life, hates Christianity. Chomsky has said Israel would be home were it not for the United States. This proves that he’s basically a Jewish ethno-nationalist.

The Chomskyites believe that man is heating up the planet. Apart from some pertinent critiques of US foreign policy, that is pretty much all Chomsky has said in the last 40 years. What is laughable about his followers is that they consider him a dissident! Chomsky was recently invited to deliver a lecture at Google where he was presented as ‘The USA’s leading dissident voice‘.

Here’s a definition of a dissident for dummies. A dissident is someone whose opinions are deleted by Google. An imperialist collaborator is someone invited by Google to speak against imperialism!

‘Anti-Zionist’ Jews

If have stated many times before that there is no such thing as an ‘anti-Zionist’ Jew. All Jews crave Mount Sion. But intelligent Jews are the ones who realise Mount Sion is the Roman Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. The New World Order is not Zionist. The New World Order is Jewish. Did I just hear a hyena scream?

If you want proof that the New World Order is Jewish, just look at Israel. The Zionist regime is murdering its own Jewish people. And the Judaized Palestinian leadership is complaining that the Zionist regime is conspiring to prevent Palestinians from receiving the jabs! That’s what the asinine Chomskyites are saying too. Israel has the highest mortality rate from vaccines and is one of the most draconian covid regimes in the world.

People forget that one of the philosophies of Zionism is linked to Marxism. Many of the original Zionists were Marxists. Israel is being consumed by class war. This is what happens in a world devoid of Logos. Judaism is a self-destructive philosophy of racial hatred. That is why Jews ultimately cannot even love themselves.

So-called ‘anti-Zionist’ Jews are for the most part, leftists. They don’t want a Jewish state in Palestine; they want a world Jewish state which would persecute and exterminate Christians.

In the true sense of the term, there is no such thing as a ‘Christian Zionist’ either. Evangelicals are not Christians because they reject Christ’s mystical body which is the Church he founded, which is the fulfillment of the Law promulgated at Mount Sion. A Christian Zionist is a heretic and an idiot who follows the Jews.

Another ‘Jewish’ world is possible!

Chomsky is an old cad. Recently, he said that people who refuse Big Pharma’s poisons should be ‘removed from society.’ He said it’s their own fault if they starve to death. Only those baptised by the vials of graphene oxide are fully human, says Rabbi Chomsky.

The fact that Chomsky is promoting the idea of mass incarcerations of anti-vaxers is ominous. Chomsky has been a key insider of American imperialism his entire life. His fake dissidence has prevented his poorly-educated disciples from understanding the real causes of human oppression. He knows camps are coming. As a Talmudist, he understands the necessity of catastrophe for the arrival of the Messiah. And all Jews believe in the ‘Messiah’ whose name is Beelzebub. Especially “atheist” Jews! I did not intend to talk about Jews in this article. So, please blame the Jews, not me!

Monsignor Henri De Lassus warned us in the nineteenth century that if we left the Church, we would be ruled by the Synagogue of Satan.

There are many covid dissidents turning to New Age nonsense: You are not consciousness! You are body, soul, and spirit, a faint and fallen reflection of the Blessed Trinity.

What we are witnessing now is the apocalypse of a world run by adherents of the lie that ‘another world is possible.’ The only world that is possible is this fallen world of creation.

Our anguish is our strength!

There was probably no need for pesticides in Eden. But when Adam fell for the ruse of the Chomskyite serpent, he cowered in fear of God. Since then, anguish has been the condition of man. The existentialists made a fetish of it. Heidegger thematised anguish as being related to our orientation towards an uncertain future and our ineluctable finitude. Fulton Sheen, however, sees anguish as the beginning of hope.

Anguish is in some way related to hope, a feeling that the universe is not vail and that the aspiration of the soul ought to be satisfied somewhere. Pessimism looks to the past which it believes cannot be redeemed, but anguish looks to the future, with a hope that the past can be undone. Anguish comes too from a realization that one has powers that have never been used, and this makes the soul look out to a higher realm where they can be summoned to exercise and action. Anguish is not born of weakness, but of strength and possibility, just as sorrow is born of limitations.‘ Sheen Thoughts for Daily Living,Mumbai 2018 p 135

Anguish is, in this sense a symptom of our potentiality for being, to borrow another Heideggerian term. That is to say, anguish reveals to us the purpose and goal of our lives. As Christians, our goal is to die well.

This is the year of St. Joseph, the patron saint not just of workers but of those who die well. The revolution taking place on the streets of Italy and increasingly in France is a revolution of workers preparing to die well. There is no better way to die than in assailing the Prince of Death himself.

Let us, therefore, prepare to die well. The nosophoneophobes are coming for the little ones. We will now have to fight by all means possible. It may seem that ‘ár ré dhearóil’ our wretched age as the poet O Díreáin put it, could not be worse. But the Bard from Stratford Upon Avon says this about worstness in Macbeth:

‘Better thus and known to be condemned, to be the lowest and most dejected thing of fortune. Stand still in esperance, lose not in fear, the lamentable change is from the best, the worst returns to laughter.’

The oligarchic weeds have reduced the masses to slavery. But the man who has lost everything stands still in esperance. Day by day, the world is being reclaimed by men who stand still in esperance, with the right fist clenched for battle and the left fist wielding the rosary, that beautiful, magnificent, and invincible pesticide! Now is the time to ‘put on your mask’, time to spray the pests.

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