Great Britain or Little India? Richi Sunak and the British Em-Pyre

Louis Edward Fournier (1889) The Funeral of Shelley

It is widely publicised that the reason Richi Sunak was selected as British Prime Minister was to copperfasten the elite project of population replacement in the UK, and prepare the way for digital tyranny. But perhaps the Hindu god Shiva is at work here too: Sunak’s role is to destroy the old Protestant Britain with its rigorous class structures and violently create the new system which is more akin to Hinduism, that is to say, a system based on caste.

In the new system there will no longer be class struggle and the spurious political parties that claim to represent those classes; there will rather be one tightly-knit political overclass, with near infinite means of repressing everyone else —the ‘untouchables’.

Sunak’s billionaire family own InfoSys, a company which has developed the blueprint for digital currency-run social credit system. Stanley Johnson, the father of the Boris (whose real name is Kamal and who is Jewish) recently said that very soon a plebeian who has eaten too much meat may be told he cannot fly. It is, he enthused, part of the ‘national plan’.

It is rather odd that this Turkish Jew should even refer to a ‘national’ plan, unless of course he is referring to the plan of the supreme Nation!

So, what should we make of this Hindu turn in British politics? Is Sunak’s religious and racial background relevant to the New World Order agenda?

The emergence of India

There is no doubt that we are seeing the emergence of a multi-polar world. The emergence of the BRICS political alliance in recent years is just one example of a major shift in geopolitical centres of power, from the traditional Anglo-American ‘West’ towards the so-called Global South. 

The catastrophic domestic and foreign policies of the West have precipitated its social decline and disintegration. Today, India’s confident Hinduism regime is turning towards Moscow and away from the west. But India is also recovering and perhaps in some senses rewriting its own history. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unveiling of a statue to Subhas Chandra Bose, India’s nationalist leader during World War Two, is an example of an attempt by the Hindu nationalists to break with the stagnant liberal myth about a ‘pacifist’ Indian resistance to British imperialism under Gandhi.

Bose, known as Netaji (the Leader) is a controversial figure because he was a key ally of Nazi Germany during the war. The Netaji met the Fuhrer during his stay in Germany from 1941 to 1943. 

The rehabilitation of Bose is part of Modi’s robust attempt to promote Hindu pride and patriotism. But much of Bose’s success as a Indian national leader was his due to his education in the Baptist Mission’s Protestant European School in Cuttack Ravenshaw Collegiate School and the University of Calcutta, institutions founded by the British.

But that is an aspect of Indian history Modi’s hinduists would prefer to forget. For it might lead to the crux of the problem facing our multicultural world, namely, the problem of what exactly constitutes a nation.

Empire and caste

No one can deny the rapacity and cruelty of the British in India. But no one can deny either that it was the British, for the most part, who put an end to the horrible caste system. Did British imperialism liberate India from congenital slavery? There’s a question to be going on with!

I say the British liberated India from caste slavery, ‘for the most part’; for it was the glorious empire of Portugal which was the first to introduce the idea of a God of love in the pagan Indian subcontinent when thousands of Catholic priests accompanied Portuguese conquerors to India during the 15 and 16 centuries.

There is, strictly speaking, no such thing as a Hindu religion. Most indologists will point out that Hinduism is an amalgam of sundry pagan beliefs and philosophical schools.

Catholic missionaries were the first to give Hindu gods their proper titles: demons. There is much discussion in the West and in India about colonialism but little honest debate about the legacy of what was until the 1960s the world’s oldest colony, namely Goa, the Portuguese enclave in India

Catholic India was free

When Pope Paul VI visited India in 1964, it considered an insult by the Portuguese government whose territory had been invaded by the Indian Union State in 1961. Pope Paul VI was promoting a new form of humanism in the Church which would result in massive de-Christianisation in the West. At the time Goan Catholics were already experiencing repression under the new Indian government.

Portuguese leader Antonio Oliveira Salazar had tried to explain to the Hindu nationalists and the liberal international community that Goans, who were largely of mixed race, were fully Portuguese with the same rights as citizens of Portugal. Salazar also noted that the it was the Japanese militarists of the 1930s who had initiated the attempt to rid Asia of the white man. Today, it is often forgotten that a key aspect of Japan’s 1930s rhetoric was that if Japan did not kick the Europeans out of Asia, the Mongoloid race would disappear.

Subhas Bose was an ally of imperial Japan. Liberals like to forget about Salazar’s Portugal and its ‘lusotropical’ empire. That’s because Salazar condemned German national socialism and Italian fascism alike. Portugal’s Estado Novo was a new type of state built on catholic social principles. 

While there was much that was wrong in Portugal’s colonies, there was also something fundamentally right: children of all races mixed and received a good Catholic education. 

Hindu nationalists, already eager to lampoon liberal views as anti-patriotic twaddle, seem unaware of just how much liberal trash they themselves have imbibed, perhaps from those many schools and universities founded by the British.

Take for example, the so-called Goan Inquisition. In the 16th century, the Spanish and Portuguese governments opened Inquisitions into anti-Catholic activities in their kingdoms. One of the key problems in Spain was posed by the country’s Jewish minority. They often pretended to convert to Christianity, only to continue Jewish practices such as usury and, sometimes even infanticide, in secret. These conversos often fled from the Iberian peninsula to overseas colonies such as Goa.

St Francis Xavier, who gave his life to the conversion of India, was deeply aware of these nefarious activities in Goa and supported the Inquisition there against them. Today, respected historians such as Henry Kamen will tell you that much of what we think we know about the Inquisition comes from Protestant and Liberal anti-Catholic propaganda. 

Today this propaganda is peddled by Hindu nationalists to discredit Catholicism. Although there were excesses and mistakes during the Inquisition, Catholics should be proud of noble aims of the trials: to root out the enemies of Christ.

The kind of people St. Francis Xavier opposed in India were people like Boris Johnson, a crypto Turkish Jew whose wife practices Satanism. Those types of people were preventing Indians from learning about the Way, the Life and the Truth in Christ. 

It was the European Catholic who introduced the concept of universal love into India, and with that the concept of the family which as father, mother and child reflects the unity of the Blessed Trinity.

The ‘Indian State’ under Portugal was the nearest any part of India will ever be to freedom. Thousands of Indian Goans were liberated from the cruel caste system. For the first time they were considered as human beings made in the image of Christ. Today, Catholic Goa is being ethnically cleansed and the Hinduists are pushing a British-inspired mythology which demonises the Catholic Church and its great civilising mission in India.

De-Christianisation of the West

What does this have to do with Richi Sunak’s Little India? First of all, we are justified in calling Sunak’s Britain Little India because all Indologists agree that Hinduism is inextricable from the Indian subcontinent. Hinduism is that set of beliefs and practices which originated in the valleys of the Indus River, and Richi Sunak is a practising Hindu, from the upper castes. And he is about a British as a bowl of rice.

With the de-Christianisation of the 1960s came the Western hippy fascination for India. In the West, Jewish popular music promoters such as Sid Bernstein did much to glamorise Indophilia in the hippy movement, with the Beetles dressed in Indian garb and signing to sitars. On the surface, this was presented as the European mind opening up to other cultures and traditions, which of course can be a good thing if those cultures and traditions are superior to your own. For example, Irish people learning how to eat and drink from the French or Greeks learning how to save money from the Germans. I am not suggesting here that there is nothing to learn from India. On the contrary, its ancient philosophies and literary tradition is of great interest. But the importation of Indian practices into the West was not about deepening our knowledge of the Upanishads or the Baghavad Gita, it was about promoting the dissolution of Christian identity in the West. And those ‘conversos’ had a lot to do with it.

John Lennon, to his credit, did seem to realise who his controllers were when he stated eloquently that “Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion”. From the Protestant revolution to the Indophilic Hippy Movement, Jews were always determined to promote everything which stood against the Europen mind’s embrace of the Divine Logos.

The Cremation of Care?

A poignant example which comes to mind is the practice of cremation. 50 years ago, most people in Europe would have been horrified at the idea of cremated a dead body because Christianity teaches us about the resurrection of the body at the Universal Judgement. The body is to a certain extent just as important to a Christian as the soul. Cremation desecrates the human body, depriving the deceased of the dignity of Christian burial. Today, cremation has almost become the norm. 

Ecologists are now saying that everyone should be cremated. Some are even suggesting that people’s bodies be used for manure, to ‘save the planet’. 

Richi Sunak is Prime Minister of Britain because the British have become a barbaric people, a bunch of pagans on the edge of Europe whose supreme value and pastime is sodomy. The average indigenous English man takes pride in bending the knee before other races before bending over. The vulgarity of the description is apposite here.

There is a plethora of literature in India today explaining how homosexuality was practiced by the gods of ancient India. Hindu nationalists, who to their credit, cling to a realist view of sexuality, will have to admit that the British also made a contribution to civilisation in India when they outlawed the practice, not to mention Catholic Portugal.

And if they want to be proud of the fact that there is an Indian at the helm in Britain, they should consider that he is the prime minister of a nation of sodomites. In fact, he is not even the prime minister of anything resembling a nation. He is the CEO of a failed state in a collapsing civilisation and nothing more.

Soon the Indian Sodomite Taoiseach of Ireland Leo Varadkar will meet with his ‘British’ counterpart Sunak to discuss the contentious issue between the islands, ie Northern Ireland. Indian Paddy and Indian Tommy meet to discuss the future of Ireland; isn’t that a bit Irish?!

But here’s what Ulster loyalists and British nationalists need to consider: At the very moment Catholic missionaries were converting Hindus to the one true religion, Protestants all over Europe were laying the foundations for the cultural void in which we now live —the void being filled by Muslims, Hindus, and every other false religion.

And they got plenty money and help from the Jews in their stupid hate-filled war on Catholicism. Britain is disappearing because the average Brit cannot understand that it is the Jewish-backed Protestant revolution which destroyed the Englishman’s capacity to think.

Neil Oliver tried to theorise the beginning of the rot of the British mind by claiming that the Brits need to go back to the values of Knox and the Scottish Enlightenment. On the contrary, it is precisely this revolution against Catholic British which led to the cultural and political catastrophe we are now witnessing.

To put things somewhat crudely, all of this is happening because Cromwell let the Jews back in to Britain. The only remedy to this cultural and spiritual catastrophe is conversion to the one true faith, the faith that brought the very idea of universality and love to the world. A unified world under a single order is possible if that order is under Christ. 

Now that cremation and other barbaric practices common in India are normalised here, cannibalism will soon follow. The liberal media are already raving about the ‘beauty’ of Indian Hindu sects such as the Aghors who eat dead bodies. Everyone knows some of our degenerate elites practice it.

In an interview in the 1970s French oligarch and government advisor Jacques Attali extolled cannibalism and claimed perhaps jokingly that he had eaten human flesh himself. I say ‘perhaps jokingly’ as one can never really tell with these evil oligarchs, especially when they find nothing wrong with the barbaric act.

Why not put those aborted babies to some use and package them off to supermarkets? 

There is a ceremony held in Bohemian Grove every year where elites meet to discuss the affairs of the world. They burn an effigy of a baby in front of a statue of Moloch. We want to assume it is an effigy of a baby. But our doubts are justified. The ceremony is called the Cremation of Care.

Catholicism or death

As the death rate explodes in Europe, crematoria are also increasing. In 2021, the British government ordered several crematoria in preparation for the mass deaths to come.

India contains half of the world’s slaves. Richi Sunak’s Britain and Leo Varadkar’s Ireland will soon be no better.

The English man will not survive this century unless he follows in the footsteps of Cardinal Newman, Chesterton and many other great English converts to the Catholic faith. Our Lady of Fatima predicted that whole nations would perish during the Great Chastisement. It is also foretold in Catholic prophecy that England will convert.

There are many analysts and gurus out there who have made a career out of exposing many real aspects of the New World Order conspiracy. David Icke, for example, is one of the most influential. But Icke is promoting the same New Age non sense the elites want people to believe. You are not ’consciousness having an experience”; you are flesh and blood, body and soul. And you are called to sainthood and martyrdom. You may as well join Richi Sunak in a Diwala ceremony outside Number 10 than attend an Icke concert if you want to oppose the New World Order. For it is most importantly a battle of the soul ; and traditional Catholics are the only people with the spiritual armour for the fight.

That is why we must defend the great achievements of Catholic history. Against Sunak’s Little India we defend Catholic Goa and the Inquisition.

St. Francis Xavier was one of the greatest saints. He raised people from the dead. His body is still preserved incorrupt in Goa. He is ultimately the complete antithesis to Western man today. In this season of Advent we ponder the third and final coming of Christ when he comes in his glory on the last day to judge the living and the dead. That’s why Richi Sunak’s premiership is symbolic. Perhaps Shelley’s lines penned in 1819 against the British ruling class have never been more relevant than today:

’Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,

But leechlike to their fainting country cling.’

But even Shelley who would chose cremation for himself, realised that the grave held out the possibility of resurrection:

‘graves from which a glorious Phantom may burst to illumine our tempestuous day’.

Britain is dead. It needs miraculous resurrection.

Sunak hasn’t come to put a nail in old England’s coffin. That was done by Blair, Cameron and Johnson. No, he’s come to put it on a pyre and set it alight, so that in the end there is nothing left to resurrect.

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