Trumping the New World Order

The Trump victory is a blow to liberalism, political correctness and human rights ideology. It is a revolt, albeit limited, against globalisation and therefore a momentary victory for truly progressive forces. Today in Damascus there is at least the hope that the US might wind down its terrorist operations against the Syrian people. Today in Moscow, there is at least a pause in the anxiety of Russians who feared they were going to have to face another Great Patriotic War against Western reaction. Today in Europe, the liberal, child-raping, mass-murdering, lying scumbag establishment are uncomfortable – more so than ever before.

The French media are calling the Trump victory a ‘nightmare’ and a ‘catastrophe’. We who have stood up for the downtrodden workers of this world have long sought to turn the nightmare they have imposed on us back on them. Now, everything depends on how the national democratic movement in the US is turned into the cause of labour against capital. American labour should demand pay rises and an end to ‘free trade’. There will be no more turn-coat Bernie Sanders, no more liberal ‘anti-imperialists’, no more Wall Street ‘democrats’.

A victory for Muslims

Muslims should rejoice at a Trump victory for the Saudis banked on Clinton and lost and the Saudis are the enemies of all Muslims. Trump is unlikely to push for war on Iran. But the United States remains an empire, an extremely predatory war machine. Trump must be pushed in the direction working class people need him to go. He has said he wants to get rid of ‘foreign lobbies’ influencing US policy. It is time to talk about those foreign lobbies – especially the lobby of the Zionist regime. Muslims in the United States should seek to educated Trumpists on the real causes of the wars in the Middle East. They need to understand that Iran and Syria are not enemies of the United States and that the US government should abandon Zionism.

A victory for Blacks

Black people in the United States should be happy with the Trump victory. Black nationalists know that Trump does not care about them. But they also know that he will not impede their cause through espousal of pseudo anti-racism. Black liberation activists will now have allies against the racist, Soros-funded project of ‘Black Lives Matter’ – a programme designed to destroy the Black family through LGBT infiltration of the Black Liberation movement. The Trump victory presents a unique opportunity to expose the agenda of the people waging race war on America’s black proletariat. A halt on mass immigration into the United States will also benefit the Black lumpen proletariat and put it, through organised agitation, back on the ladder of social mobility which was deliberately sabotaged by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Trump will do nothing for Blacks but he has helped lift the weight of political correctness which has sabotaged Black liberation.

A victory for Latinos

American Latinos should also support regime change in Washington. A wall between Mexico and the United States will intensify the class struggle in both countries, to the advantage of workers. Although a wall opposing the entry of desperately poor Mexican families into the United States is undoubtedly cruel, it also hurts the oligarchs and in the long term, no change is possible without hurting them! If Trump were to follow through on the construction of the wall and his promises to end ‘democracy promotion’ in other countries, progressive forces in Latin America could re-organise and be in a better position than ever before to shake off the shackles of international finance capitalism. US isolationism and protectionism is good for Latin American liberation!

Deep state intrigue

As I pointed out before, the US electoral system is rigged and that the American deep state may have been in revolt against the rampant corruption of Washington. But there is also a possibility that senior and highly influential US imperial strategists within the Council on Foreign Relations, such as  former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Bzrezinski and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, may have secretly wanted Trump to win. Kissinger has often spoken highly of Russian president Vladmir Putin and Dr.Bzrezinski  recently published a paper entitled: ‘Towards a Global Realignment’ where he wrote of the necessity of ‘cooperation’ between the imperial powers. Could the Trump victory be part of a new ‘multi-polar’ marketing strategy of  US-led global governance? It is something we cannot rule out. Although the revelations about the crimes of the Clinton dynasty by Wikileaks are most certainly true, the exact role of Julien Assange and his organisation in the global imperial system remains ambiguous.

Looking ahead

So, what can we expect from the new Trump administration? Very little, almost nothing. Everything will depend on how popular movements throughout the world exploit the weaknesses that have been exposed in US imperialism. The leaders of America’s minorities MUST reach out to the white proletarian Trumpists. The Trumpists MUST reach out to the Black Liberation movement, to people like Dr Randy Short, Ezili Danto, Irritated Genie, Dr Umar Johnson and others. Dr Randy Short, while pointing out Trump’s shortcomings, described the republican as « what America needs » and « anti-globalisation ». Ezili Danto, a Haitian lawyer who has worked tirelessly to expose US imperialism against Haiti urged Americans to vote for Trump.

This election has, more than any other, separated genuine anti-imperialists with a strategic and dialectical analysis from the petty-bourgeois, White, urban, ‘anti-racist’, ‘anti-fascist’ mob. The Chomskyites, Trotskyites and anarchists have been trumped! Grass-roots community leaders against the values of globalisation from all ethnic backgrounds must unite against the oligarchs. They need to constantly remind Trump of the necessity of turning the Republican Party into a Workers Party. All of the most nefarious conspiracies against honest labour have been dealt a blow by this result from the global warming scam to the reactionary and racist LGBT to endless foreign wars in the name of ‘human rights’.

My prediction is that Trump will not willingly deliver on any of his promises howevere a space has been opened for class emancipation; a section of the US proletariat has given the two fingers to the liberal imperialist elite. That is something to be happy about. But watch how the Sorosite oligarchs respond. There will be ‘race riots’ and storms of great magnitude. The Saudi-Israeli backed ‘Islamic State’ will strike. There are violent reactionaries operating at the heart of Trumpism too – far too many! A Sorosite onslaught of race riots and terrorism will be grist to their reactionary mill. That is why Trumpism must become a stepping stone towards a popular front against monopoly capitalism. But we should not overlook the fact that Trump still represents ruling class interests and had considerable support from sections of the oligarchy, such as Rupert Murdoch and Sheldon Adelson.

The Trump victory is, notwithstanding all these problems, good news. There was an applause in the Russian State Duma after the election of Trump. That is an unprecedented development in international relations, which will create a major move for detente between the imperial powers and peace in Syria. There is reason to harbour cautious hope for the new year while not losing sight of the fact that only mass popular movements will bring real change to the world. Conditions today are better than yesterday for the emergence of those movements.

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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