Terror at France’s Champs-Elysées: Which candidates will benefit?

So, terror has struck Paris again. Karim Cheurfi, a 39-year-old recidivist, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, has been blamed for the murder on the 20th of April of a policeman in the French capital’s grand boulevard Champs Elysées. Cheurfi has a similar profile to previous terrorists. He was released from prison after previous attacks on the police. Mohammed Merah had reportedly worked as an informant for French intelligence in Afghanistan before opening fire on a school in 2012. Salah Abdeslam had also been on a watch list of the Belgian authorities before the terrorist attacks there in 2015. We could mention many more.

The Champs Elysées is the French translation for the Greek Elysian Fields. In Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields were a conception of the afterlife of ease and pleasure for those chosen by the gods. As presidential elections approach, could yesterday’s attack suggest whom the gods of money are banking on?

Fear and finance and fakes

Security is rapidly becoming the political programme of politicians in the West who no longer have any alternatives to offer the over-worked, indebted, alienated, and brainwashed masses. The decline of scientific socialist theory in the 1950s has led to the total financialisation of Western societies, whereby the parasitic financial sector has ransacked the productive, industrial economy.

In order to perpetuate its power, finance capitalism has produced a plethora of NGOs and fake “anti-capitalist” media to divert the masses from the kind of serious scrutiny which would undermine its power. Finance capitalists thrive on war as war leads to primitive accumulation of capital. The genius of finance capitalism is its ability to incorporate dissent as the very motor of its production. Billionaires such as George Soros finance human rights organisations and fake “anti-capitalist” media outlets, such as Democracy Now!, whose role is to steer dissent with the current order into pathways which perpetuate and deepen capitalism’s domination of the working class. Nuance and subtlety are conspicuously lacking in the majority of the world’s media consumers.

So, when they see an intellectual such as Noam Chomsky explain the war against Syria as a “civil war” whereby a “brutal dictator” is being opposed by “revolutionaries”, whom Western finance capitalists are supporting for their own cynical interests, they immediately believe him. The reason is because bourgeois universities promote mediocrity in critical research – just enough analysis to describe the current order, never enough to change it. In that context what can and cannot be discussed is set by gurus such as Chomsky and his sycophants.

The Noam Chomskys of this world have been the most important collaborators of fascistic finance capitalism in the last century. It would take either an idiot or shameless imperialist lackey to automatically attribute the recent Syrian gas attacks in Khan Cheikoun to the Syrian Government. Yet that is precisely what Democracy Now! and its staff philosopher Chomsky do – the constant, deliberate and callous manufacture of dissent.

The manufacture of dissent is the reason why French progressives who read the French equivalent of fake opposition media such as Mediapart or Le Monde Diplomatique or Fakir have NO idea just how serious and dark and grave the phony war on terrorism has become. They will vote for the Trotskyist Mélenchon in the coming election as they have neither the political acumen nor intellectual rigour to see him for what is is: An agent of finance capitalism whose role is to prevent real social, economic and political change. If Mélenchon did not exist, finance capital would have had to invent him. He is absolutely vital to its survival.

Le Pen’s security card

What about Marine Le Pen? She seems to be enjoying the increased publicity since the recent attacks and is hoping people will listen to her message – namely that French people need security. To her credit, Marine Le Pen is far more anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist than Mélenchon and it does appear that her stated opposition to globalisation is the reason why the entire bourgeois intelligentsia in France appears to be against her. I went to Paris’ biggest bookstore recently to find literature by or about the presidential candidates. I read two books about Marine Le Pen. Both were hostile. There were no pro-Le Pen books on the bookshelf, not even her autobiography! There were many publications on Jean-Luc Mélenchon; none of them described him as a “danger” or a “threat.”

So, what does all this mean for Sunday’s election? It is hard to understand how so many people in France could vote for Marine Le Pen, in spite of the fact that so few of the media support her. As French politician Philippe De Villiers has pointed out, polls are regularly bought in France by the politicians themselves. The entire polling system is a fraud, yet Marine Le Pen has been consistently ahead in the polls.  Does she have hidden oligarchical funds? She claims she could not get any loans from French banks and had to rely on a private Russian bank. Are they helping her to buy polling statistics?

Le Pen’s pro-Russian and pro-Syrian stance suggests her administration may reorient French geopolitics towards Eurasia and away from the necrophiliac Atlantic axis. But, like Trump, her rampant Islamophobia drives the Zionist agenda of the “clash of civilisations.” Given the fact that abstentionism among France’s youth is at an all-time high, what better way to re-enforce confidence in the bourgeois electoralist scam than for a fake “anti-establishment” victory in the presidential election?

Up to 70 percent of French people don’t trust the corporate media. In recent years, some major publications supporting Marine Le Pen have appeared in kiosks; but none of them ever identify the collusion of the Deep State with Takfiri terrorism and how that collusion drives support for Israel and its quest for world power, nor do they focus on the nefarious influence of the Jewish Lobby on French foreign policy. If they are sincerely patriotic they will have avoided those issues for strategic reasons but I fear the contrary.

The dictatorship of the bobotariat

Mélenchon is now rising in the utterly spurious and corrupt polls. He may yet face Le Pen in the second round. If that happens, perhaps the best way to save the New World Order is to bring out the Je-Suis-Charlie mob of ecolo-bobos (bobo = bourgeois bohemians) on to the streets, install “far-leftist” Mélenchon and let the masses gradually come to see the truth they never wanted to see about social democracy and the “left-wing” of social democracy. By the time Mélenchon will have dutifully betrayed every promise he made to the bobotariat, France and the EU will have collapsed due to terrorism, mass immigration, “humanitarian interventions », and incurable Je-Suis-Charlism.

Arch-bobo of the 4th arrondissement of Paris, Christophe Girard, has blamed the terrorist attack on a conspiracy by the Kremlin to get Marine Le Pen elected. Homosexual activist and friend of EU deputy and pedophile Danielle Cohen-Bendit, Girard has tweeted that the murdered police officer was an activist for LGBT rights – proof if needs be that “homophobic” Putin was behind the attack. We are living in queer times!

Meanwhile other bobo-crats are working on a « Je-Suis-Policier » type response to the attacks. Edwy Plenel, the editor of the Trotskyite, fake independent website Mediapart, has been photographed with activists wearing a T-Shirt supporting the police already.

Source: Twitter

Like all prominent Trotskyites, Plenel has always been close to the police and secret services. Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas told journalists that Plenel was an agent of a « foreign power ». He was told directly by President François Mitterand. You can be certain Mitterand did not mean Moscow!

We need a popular republic

If  Mélenchon or Macron wins, France will collapse upon its own festering social and political contradictions. In the following election Le Pen would focus on winning the civil war, which would suit the military-industrial complex. Working-class Muslims will suffer. But they, in turn, would be misrepresented by a Muslim Brotherhood party supported by the Gulf States and the Zionists. The scenario is outlined in Michel Houellebecq’s novel ‘Submission’. I told RT after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 that Houellebeq’s book was released on the same day. I thought it somewhat significant.  If Marine Le Pen is not elected now, she will be elected in the future but will not have to focus on social security – just an internecine religious war. France, by then, will have become a failed state and the people will crave global governance. We will have arrived at a post-human, post-modern, post-political, post-truth, Ziono-Wahhabite « democracy. »

I have said that the only candidate I support in this election is François Asselineau and his Popular Republican Union (UPR) movement. I support UPR as a communist who believes that the first step towards class liberation is via the national democratic revolution. The only hope now for a real future is Asselineau. Voters should support him and abstain from the second round if he is not elected. There is no point in voting negatively to get one candidate out. Asselineau is sincere and competent and represents a real mass movement. There is no point in debating the problems of mass immigration until the decadent Euro-bureaucracy and its anti-social agenda is lifted from our shoulders.

Le Pen is proposing to stop mass immigration. That policy will please many people in Martinique, Guyane and Mayotte who have been targeted by coercive engineered migration in recent decades – perpetuating their misery. But with Asselineau, French people will understand the real forces underlying mass immigration as he proposes to have a national debate on the issue and until now, no real debate has been possible due to the dictatorship of the bobo-tariat.

The EU is a dictatorship in the service of finance capitalism and imperialism. On French TV, Asselineau tore up the EU document GOPÉ ‘Grands Orientations de Politique Économique (major orientations in political economy) which the EU commission will impose on whomever is elected. An Asselineau victory is now the only thing that can save Europeans from media lobotomisaton, social collapse, and perhaps world war.

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