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Élections françaises: Pour qui voter si l’on est de gauche?

Tandis qu’approchent les élections présidentielles en France, nombreux sont les gens qui désirent savoir quels sont les candidats qui s’engagent à rompre clairement avec l’impérialisme atlantiste. Les électeurs doivent interroger la droite et la gauche, à cet important carrefour de l’histoire de France. Le candidat à la présidence François Asselineau de l’Union Populaire Républicaine (UPR), le mouvement populaire à la croissance la plus rapide en France, a condamné sans équivoque le bombardement US d’une base aérienne en Syrie la semaine dernière. Il a décrit le Président Trump comme étant le « Tsipras américain ». La dirigeante du Front National Marine Le Pen, …

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As the US and EU disintegrate, is it time for a French renaissance?

Things were looking good for days. President Donald Trump had reportedly sent US senator Tulsi Gabbard on a fact-finding mission in Syria and wanted to know if President Assad would cooperate with the US in defeating ISIS. Assad was willing to cooperate with the new American president. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent statement in Ankara that the US had renounced its desire to remove Assad seemed to mark a major policy shift in the right direction. French presidential favourite Marine Le Pen was unequivocal in her desire to work with the Syrian government to defeat Takfiri terrorism. France’s …

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Is Trump Killing Israel With Kindness?

We wrote a few months ago that the only good thing one could say about Trump was that he was unpredictable. Just a month in the Oval Office, President Trump is living up to his reputation. His meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the 16th of February was not particularly well received in Israel. In contrast to President Obama, Trump’s body language and rhetoric strongly suggested he, and not Netanyahu, was in charge. Trump was questioned about recent accusations that he was a ‘holocaust denier’. The American president imperiously ignored the question. Then, he dropped a bomb: The …

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Trump et la question du fascisme

Les élites européennes n’apprécient pas la victoire de Donald Trump. Les « gauchistes » universitaires pleins de suffisance en sont tout aussi malheureux. Le faux journal de gauche français Libération a dénommé le Président élu Trump « American Psycho« . Ils sont terriblement déçus que le politiquement correct puisse devenir passé de mode.

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Trumping the New World Order

The Trump victory is a blow to liberalism, political correctness and human rights ideology. It is a revolt, albeit limited, against globalisation and therefore a momentary victory for truly progressive forces.

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Trump or Clinton? The best choice for American workers

I said some time ago that Donald Trump was the only candidate in the US presidential elections one could support. He represents to a considerable extent the interests of the national bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie needs a strong manufacturing base and relies heavily upon co-opting the working class. The national bourgeoisie see that there is no future in laissez-faire capitalism. In America they can see that if they do not resurrect American manufacturing, China will overtake the United States as global hegemon. Forget all that claptrap about Trump’s supposed ‘racism’. Hillary Clinton is the racist. She is the demon …

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