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French corporation, Lafarge, sued for collaborating with Daesh

« Since the start of the war against Syria by NATO the French government has openly declared its support for Al Qaeda in Syria. In 2012 at a conference in Marrakesh, the former French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, described the atrocities being committed by the Al-Nusra front, which is an Al-Qaeda linked organisation, as a good job. »

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Claims Daesh used chemical weapons against the Syrian Government

« This is something that the Western public needs to be aware of because much of the media campaign against Syria, which is an integral part of the war effort by NATO, has consistently basically accused the Syrian Government of using chemical weapons, in spite of the fact there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of the Syrian Government ever using chemical weapons against its own people or anyone. » Thanks to Press TV uploaded to YouTube on the 5th of April 2016.

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