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The recent threats from the French president to ‘shit all over’ the lives of those who refuse untested vaccines, is a declaration of war against a section of the French population that is likely to lead to atrocities. But national leaders are puppets of faceless financial decision-makers. Who can doubt that now?

It will surely go down in history as the moment Western democracies had officially become totalitarian dictatorships, led by criminals. French President Emmanuel Macron’s grotesque statement on 4 January to Le Parisien newspaper that he wanted to enrage and immiserate (emmerder in French means ‘make shit’) those who refuse to take Covid-19 vaccines, has deepened anger and division in a society on the brink of civil war.

Although this statement was widely reported by the media, an even more invidious statement was made previously when Macron said that those opposed to the vaccines should be deprived of citizenship. To deprive someone of citizenship is to essentially reduce them to the status of slaves. This is in effect what the French president implied.

Among those who will soon be counted among the unvaccinated are citizens who already received two doses of the vaccines. From 15 January they will be required to receive a  booster shot in order to update their sanitary pass. There are many reported vaccine injuries in France and far too many deaths. But soon those suffering from myocarditis, Guillen-bare syndrome, and many other severe health complications due to the vaccines will be required to continue receiving injections.

ANSM, the French national agency for medical surveillance has admitted that 68,000 cases of serious side effects were registered with them last December. Many thousands more are listed on their website. If the public was informed of the risks of the vaccines, they would probably be far less uptake.

Vaccine injuries and deaths are consistently minimized by the media. Instead, we are being told that unvaccinated individuals with Covid-19 are overflowing in the hospitals.

But as Vincent Gouysee shows, official government data tells us that between the 8 November and the 5 December 2021, while 52 % of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 were among the vaccinated with 38% of deaths, fully vaccinated individuals accounted for 47% of hospitalizations with a staggering 60% of deaths. That means the French government’s own figures show that Covid-19 deaths from November to December last year were almost double among the fully vaccinated.

It is hard to imagine any regime in history which has so openly flouted basic human rights. According to the CDC website, the vaccines are officially in clinical trials until 2023. That means that those taking them are essentially part of the clinical trials. Since when is one obliged to be part of a clinical trial?

The survival rate from Covid-19 is 99.97 %. That means it is no more dangerous than the common flu or a bad cold. Yet, for the last two years, it has become forbidden to state this. Right now, all over Europe, people are experiencing heavy colds and flues. It seems almost everyone with the flu tests positive for Covid-19. With so many people falling ill, contact tracing has become meaningless; Almost everyone knows someone who has it or had it at some stage.

Now we are being told that the omicron variant is something we should also fear. This variant is said to have spread from South Africa, a country that has largely rejected vaccination. But the media largely ignored the statements of the South African health minister Joe Phaalha who said that the omicron variant was really nothing to be worried about. Nothing much has changed in South Africa since the arrival of the omicron variant.

Yet, the mainstream media would have us believe the country is on the verge of chaos. If there’s chaos in South Africa, it’s due to soaring homicide and poverty, not omicron.

Dr. Angelique Coetze who discovered the Omicron variant said that the symptoms were mild and the Western reaction was ‘totally over the top.’

Professor Didier Raoult said this week that of all the cases of Omicron in his clinic, one person died, and that person was a very aged person who had been triple vaccinated!

In his Le Parisien interview, Macron said that he would not ‘forcibly vaccinate’ people. He would just make their lives hell on earth. That’s nice of him! What exactly does he mean by ‘forcibly vaccinating’ people? Is he saying that he will not send armed police or military to people’s houses, to tie men, women, and children down and stick needles in them against their will? One would have thought that such actions would be impossible in a country that preaches to other nations about the ‘rule of law’. Yet, the fact that Macron mentioned this after vowing to turn people’s lives into hell is worrying. Is he indicating that if turning the lives of those who refuse the injections doesn’t work, that if they continue to resist, then he will proceed to physically assault them?

Few can doubt that now. But it looks like Macron’s chances of reelection may be slim. Not only is he hated by a large segment of the population, but rumors about his wife’s sexuality suggesting she might be a transexual, are also likely to affect his credibility for a second term. Faits et Documents, one of the leading French investigative magazines, wrote an extensive report on Macron’s mysterious wife, which has gone viral on the internet.

Many pundits are now suggesting that the oligarchs might favor Valerie Pécresse, who is likely to be even more tyrannical than Macron!

As things stand, the sanitary pass, needed for access to most social and leisure activities, will soon become a vaccine pass. You see, the Government doesn’t care if you’re perfectly healthy and can prove you don’t have covid-19 with a test. The Government only cares about your compliance. Macron promised a ‘revolution’ in his eponymous pre-election book. A revolution has indeed taken place. The first French revolution inaugurated liberty, equality, and fraternity, the bourgeois values of the Republic, which replaced the real values of the French people, namely, faith, hope, and charity.

What we are witnessing now is a second revolution in which, in a sense, updates the first. Henceforth, security will precede and override equality and fraternity. And the Government will always decide what is in the interests of our security.

There are millions of French people who believe global capitalist investor groups such as Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street rule the world because they own almost every major multi-national corporation on earth.

They argue that the oligarchs in those investor groups are ruthless and evil, that they are bent on shaping the planet according to their own interests. They also believe these groups own most of the shares in the world’s biggest pharmaceutical corporations such as Pfizer and Moderna, whose lobbyists are ‘advising’ our governments.

They point to the fact that the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen’s husband Heiko Von der Leyen is the medical director of Orgenesis, a US biotechnology company that specializes in mRNA vaccines. In the normal world, that’s called conflict of interest but perhaps not in the ‘new normal.’ Those conspiracy folk seem to have a big problem with these wonderful new norms.

 People who believe in the existence of these groups are called conspiracy theorists. As terrorists raved Syria in 2016, conspiracy theorists pointed out that there was a high degree of collusion from Western governments. That turned out to be true too. To a frightening degree.

Many politicians wanted those accused of terrorism to be deprived of French nationality. Macron, however, was vehemently opposed to this move. He said then that terrorists should be punished but not deprived of nationality. But men, women, and children who refuse injections are to be made non-citizens deprived of all rights?

How ironic that a regime that accuses other governments of ‘killing their own people’ is now waging full-scale psychological warfare and appears to be preparing to wage physical warfare on millions of its own people!

It should give pause for thought that anyone the Government declares to be a terrorist can be ‘liquidated’. Accused terrorists are rarely if ever arrested and charged. The unvaccinated may soon find themselves hunted like terrorists. It won’t take too long, perhaps a few years, before we hear reports of ‘far-right’ anti-vax terrorists ‘liquidated’ by our benevolent security state, keeping us all safe with endless restrictions and drone surveillance.

Macron has it coming. For more and more people in France are realizing that it is not a virus that is making their lives ‘merde’, it is a group of ruthless capitalists who have taken control of the levers of state power; and Macron is their representative.

French overseas territories such as Guadeloupe and Martinique are already in a state of mass revolt against the Macron regime. The anger has now reached boiling point in the ‘Métropole’. Guillotine replicas are often seen in many demonstrations. If there is to be any future for our children, this evil regime will have to toppled. In the next weeks and months perhaps Macron will come to regret calling his book ‘Revolution’ as he is hoisted with his own petard.

About Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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