The Occupation: Reflections on a Recent Trip to Iran

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Excessive emotional focus on the brutality the Israeli Defense Forces in Palestine, while justified, nevertheless serves to mask the deeper forces driving the world to war: Jewish eschatology, anti-Gentilism, and the Israeli occupation of the Western mind. It is time to break the taboo.

I visited Iran last week for the Sixth International New Horizons Conference in the religious city of Mashad. The New Horizons conference is organised by an Iranian NGO and invites writers and intellectuals from all over the world to debate and discuss problems in international relations. This year’s conference focused on the recent US embassy move to Jerusalem.

I wrote a paper for the conference book entitled ‘The Noahide Laws: Bedrock for a Planetary State called Israel’ arguing that many Jewish rabbis and influential oligarchs wish to see Jerusalem as the capital of a world government which would have one set of laws for Jews and another for gentiles. I described how the legal mechanisms of Jewish-dominated global governance are already being implemented at UN level, unbeknownst to most of the world’s population. Globalisation is as much a matter of a certain religious fanaticism as it is of monopoly capitalism – a fact dialectical materialists cannot and will not ever comprehend.

This was my fourth trip to Iran, the third on an official basis. Mashad is home to the tomb of the Eight Shiia Imam. The city never sleeps with pilgrims arriving all the time from all over the world. I visited Mashad university with former US Psychological Operations Counterterrorism analyst Scott Bennett where I delivered a lecture on the history of European anti-Semitism.

I argued that European anti-Semitism was principally due to the cruel behaviour of Jewish financiers who repeatedly and relentlessly got princes and paupers into debt through the illicit practice of usury. One simply needs to read the extensive literature on the topic written by Jews such as Bernard Lazard, Heinrich Graetz, Werner Sombart, Cecil Roth or Gershom Sholem to understand why gentiles distrusted and despised Jews. Since Christ cleared the money-lenders from the temple, Roman Catholic teaching has proclaimed usury to be a mortal sin equivalent to murder.

Jews are encouraged by the Talmud to lend to the gentile at interest: it is the fundamental difference between the Jew and the Christian,  a fact understood by all Europe’s great philosophers from Augustine to Aquinas and from Nietzsche to Marx, but lacking among the craven clique of contemporary philosophasters.

In most cases, those who denounce anti-Semitism have never read any of the relevant literature.

Multipolar chaos or Christian world order

There were important disagreements at this conference. Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin contended that a multipolar world of traditional civilisations would resolve many of the problems of the current world disorder. But Catholic intellectual E. Micheal Jones, Tehran-based Islamologist Blake Archer Williams and this writer argued that the natural tendency of the world is towards unification.

To be sure, national democratic revolutions propelled by populism can open avenues of resistance to globalisation but only on an extremely limited scale. For example, Trump’s presidency has allowed debate on the origins of climate change to flourish. Now, thousands of important dissenting voices in the scientific community can finally be heard and the project for one-world government – the driving force behind climate pseudo-science is weakened.

Nonetheless, I believe we will have a global super-state in time whether we like it or not. Multipolarity has not brought global peace, nor did the multipolar order of 1913 prevent the first world war.

Only a return to traditional Roman Catholicism could offer the prospect of overcoming the challenges of multicultural Europe. For the basis of European civilisation is constituted, as Alain Soral has wisely noted, by the Greek logos and the Roman caritas which are united in Christianity. Today logos has been buried in liberal and atheistic irrationalism and pseudoscience, while we have lost all sense of the beauty and necessity of Christian compassion or charity.

The Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church was intended by God to be the guide of humanity, a link between heaven and earth guiding all men to their salvation. It was meant to be a one-world government under God. Since the Enlightenment ( a revolt against reason rather than for it) godless elites have striven for the creation of a universal republic, a Promethean dream of humanist supremacy, a universal Anti-Church- a world government under Satan.

Communism can deliver man from the tyranny of capital but it cannot deliver man from his fallen nature if it is not the communism of Acts 4 -32-35. In Stalin’s USSR and Enver Hoxha’s Socialist Albania, valiant efforts were made to encourage self-criticism and altruism but the revolutions were overthrown. At the conference, I met Olsi Yazeji , an Albanian political commentator. He told me that the successes of Hoxha’s socialist revolution were undermined by state atheism. According to Bill Bland, Hoxha never supported the introduction of state atheism. In fact, he supported Khomeini’s revolution in Iran. But Ever Hoxha was not a dictator; he had to conform to the ‘wisdom’ of the party. It was the ultra-leftist democratic will of the people to make atheism the state doctrine. Democracy becomes tyranny when the collective will is based on individual ignorance.

As Chesterton points out in his book ‘The Everlasting Man’, Marxists are deluded into thinking that man’s primary need is material; nay, man’s primary need is to understand why he is here.

 Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that communists in the USSR during Stalin’s time were far more like Christians than Americans; but they carried a cross without Christ, whereas Americans wanted Christ without the cross. Sheen’s strategy to defeat communism was ironically similar, mutatis mutandis, to Stalin’s attempt to spread it: build a revolutionary Christian society in one country and the world will follow.

Today, the ‘Left’ is comparable to the Roman soldiers at Golgotha: they leer at, mock and torment anyone who upholds the value of truth. They are smug middle-class conservatives with no theory for change; a pompous troupe of lily-livered social degenerates incapable of lifting anything of value, let alone a cross!

 In Iran, Shiia theologians see Islam as the path to Christ. It is on that basis alone that Muslims and Christians can form an alliance -albeit agonistic – against the Luciferian world disorder.

The very fact that New Horizons Conferences exist in Iran is an attestation of a multi-polar world but it is a world teetering on the edge of the abyss as the prospect of war looms. Roman Catholics do not want a multi-polar world; we want a divine world order which is the mystical body of Christ. Russian Orthodox Christianity is vital to that unification but only if Russia is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mary, according to the vision of Fatima. In his last visit to the Vatican President Vladimir Putin is reported to have asked the Apostate Pope about the Third Secret of Fatima. If it is true, it shows that Putin’s Russia sees its historical and eschatological role in the framework of a Third Rome.

According to Father Kramer, the Apostate Francis refused to discuss Fatima with President Putin.


Jewish and Israeli organisations have played a key role in promoting ‘multiculturalism’ in Europe. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is acculturation. I say this as someone who began his writing career as a propagandist for multiculturalism. Polyglots love diversity. It is what attracts us to foreign languages. Multicultural Europe, however, is total homogenisation. But we should not fall into the trap of those godless alt-rightists who blame the victims of globalisation.

Many African migrants in Europe keep our churches open and they are far more moral than many of our indigenous citizens. Europeans and Africans will only achieve a higher civil synthesis through faith. The current war in the Holy See between Cardinal Sarah and the ‘Apostate’ Francis is symbolic.

Sarah, an African, appears to be one of the few cardinals currently defending the Roman Catholic Church against the perverted sycophants of the Bishop of Rome. Traditional Roman Catholics, whom petty bourgeois leftists slander as racists, are praying for Sarah to become pope. I am not saying we in Europe should be happy about becoming an ethnic minority, which if mass immigration continues, we will certainly become.

Only fools and self-hating petty bourgeois White leftists seek the annihilation of their own race. But we should look at our situation in world-historical terms. The Goths and Visigoths destroyed the Roman Empire, but they also helped build a far more important civilisation: Christendom.

A return to Christianity will bring about a return to natural law, reason and the scientific method based on proofs, not consensus.

The populist movements are a step in the right direction in so far as they challenge EU centralisation. But many of those movements are in alliance with the Jews against the Muslims. There must be an alliance of Muslims and Christians against the Zionists. The alliance must be Leninist in form. That is to say, the Christians must seek to convert Muslim immigrants. There cannot be several truths. Either Christ is the Messiah or he is not. For Roman Catholics, Islam is a Christian heresy; it is what all the Church fathers taught. The Muslims, on the other hand, also have the duty to convert the Christians. They have every right to do so.

Our alliance will not be easy. But we should see Muslims and Christians as committed to two versions of Christianity. We need to work on our common ground. Muslims, through their espousal of family values; of the religious way of life; of a belief in charity and generosity, are our brothers and sisters. This agonistic alliance is already happening in Paris, the ‘capital of subversion’, where traditional Roman Catholic priests are going into working-class Muslims communities to preach the gospel and are being warmly received there.

Is Trump Iran’s ally?

Those who voted for Donald Trump have far more in common with the values of the people who revere Imam Khomeini. In many respects, both political revolutions represent a rejection of the bourgeois liberal catechism of human rights and the specious dogmas of modernity. Trumpism and Khomeinism both represent a resurgence of the reality principle in a world of postmodern chaos.

To be sure, Trump is doing the bidding of the ultra-Zionist Jews Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer who have partly funded him. But the liberal wing of international Jewry is far more powerful. French Jew and self-professed Satanist Bernard-Henri Lévi recently compared Trump to Emperor Diocletian, who some Rabbis claimed took revenge on the Jews while in power after being bullied by them in his youth.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is under no doubt about who runs the USA.

‘There is a law that governs the relations between the Jews and the rest of the world. That law was articulated in one form at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, when the great Jewish thinker Gershom Scholem faulted Hannah Arendt for falling short of ahavat Israel” — for showing insufficient love of the Jewish people.This love is precisely what is required of an American president in dealings affecting Israel.’

Love for Israel and the Jews is the sacred law which must govern the rest of the world. But Bernard-Henri Lévy does not believe Trump really loves the Jews. For Lévy the election of Trump is strengthening:

the most shortsighted and therefore suicidal fringe of Israeli politics. It may send the wrong signal to those who would be only too happy to see the United States set the example of making unilateral, unnegotiated decisions, thereby opening the way to other shows of force. In the United States, it may generate an overly enthusiastic embrace by pro-Israel Jews of a volatile president (one likely, depending on the needs of his deals, to change his mind), one who is so deeply unpopular with so many Americans that his embrace of Israel, however fleeting, could endanger the bipartisan consensus that has been so beneficial to Israel over the decades

A nation which dominates another cannot be free because it constantly lives in fear of revolt. Now the entire liberal intelligentsia in Europe can see that Israel is the real reason for Trumps hostility to Iran; that Zionism commits mass murder with impunity; that ultra-Zionist populism endangers Jewish power in the world. Given Trumps bad cop image, it is more difficult for the liberal press to justify his measures  – to the benefit of Israels enemies.

The fact that so many European and American intellectuals at the Iran conference preferred Trump to Clinton proves that Bernard-Henri Lévis anxieties are well-founded. Internationalist liberal values are the fons et origo of Jewish power in the world. The gentile rebellion against those fake values, while ensconced in ultra-Zionist discourse, nevertheless represents the possibility of a deeper apostasy from political Judaism. No matter how much largesse Trump bestows upon the Jews, they will not be at peace until Rome falls and Judea triumphs. We are not suggesting Trump is somehow ‘ on our side’ or that he represents a major rupture in US imperialism. We are simply pointing out that the Zionists want to replace the United States as the ruling state in the world, a fact alluded to repeatedly by Sheikh Imran Hosein. To that end, the last vestiges of Christendom must fall. Jewish intellectuals have a considerable advantage over many of their gentile critics: they are well-read in the history of Western civilisation. In his book ‘l’Esprit du Judaisme’ Bernard-Henri Lévy argues that the Jewish spirit is the eternal enemy of ‘Rome’.  Rome is the world empire that became Christian. Lévy wants to see a Jewish world empire. He does not disguise that fact, nor should we.

During the conference in Mashad, we had the opportunity to see a video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging the US Congress to bombard Iran through strategically-placed satellite dishes with the Jewish-owned entertainment industry, in order to corrupt the values of the nations youth. The Jews boast about the fact that they use the entertainment industry to dominate the gentiles. Are gentiles afraid to speak of such things? A majority that fears a minority deserves to be enslaved.

As I write, historian Hervé Ryssen is being arraigned before a French court for having simply described what Jews say about themselves. He is guilty of “malicious intent” and has broken the law which says you must love the Jews more than God. When fools rail at us for anti-Semitism we must denounce them for anti-Gentilism! For that is what political Judaism is: one vast conspiracy against gentiles and Christianity in particular.


Jewish gatekeepers


I have noted before that Jewish, left-liberal Palestinophiles often have a note-worthy tendency to deflect attention from the obvious elephant in the room when we talk about the occupied territories: the role of the Jewish Lobbies in the West; Jewish-controlled media both mainstream and ‘alternative’; Jewish finance and supremacist Talmudic ideology.

 Jewish gate-keepers in the pro-Palestinian movement will try to make you believe the Jewish Lobby does not exist. They are always viscerally opposed to ‘conspiracy theory’; they have a good reason! You will learn nothing from them about Israeli false flag operations; Israel’s role in 911 and subsequent false flag terrorist attacks. But there is one conspiracy theory they like to propagate: those who wish to discuss these problems are Nazis and have been put into the pro-Palestinian movement by Israel to discredit it!

They never produce any evidence to back up their claims. I just hope all those Mossad payments to my Paypal are not discovered! The Jewish gatekeeper’s role in conferences is to interrupt and bully, Goebbels-like, those who do have the courage to broaden the parameters of the debate on the Jewish Question. For them, there is no Jewish Question; there is only the Palestinian Question. But it was two millennia of Jewish hatred and opposition to Christian civilisation which turned Palestinians into refugees. There was never a Palestinian Question before 1948. The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas is well read in that history and is not afraid to say it.

But you won’t hear about it from the Jewish ‘pro-Palestinian’ gatekeeper. As the Israelis say ‘ By deception we wage war’.

To those who would call Catholic Judeologist Mark Glenn and me, ‘Nazis’, it is imperative to quote from Father Fahy’s 1935 book ‘The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society’ for the correct Christian view on the heinous ideology called national socialism:

‘ The Jews, as a nation, refuse to accept the Divine Plan for order. They, as well as the National-Socialists, want to impose on God their plans for the glory of their race and nation. They deify their own nation. Hence both the Jewish Nation and the National-Socialist movement reject our true divinization, through our lord Jesus Christ.The ideals and aims of both these sections of the naturalistic army are opposed to the Catholic idea and infinitely inferior to it. And both these forces are being used by Satan to bring disaster on the world. There is laughter in hell when human beings succumb once more to the temptation to the temptation of the Garden of Eden and put themselves in place of God, whether the new divinity be the Jewish race or the German race’.

 It is the Zionists who are the Nazis, not traditional Roman Catholics!

Deicide is the supreme crime

The Palestinian uprising against the Jewish State’s attempt to make Jerusalem the capital of a Satanic world order must be accompanied by a worldwide awakening to and rejection of political Judaism’s methods of mass manipulation: Hollywood and the entertainment industry; the mass media, and bourgeois liberal consensus politics.

There is no long-term political solution to the occupation of Palestine; it is a manifestation of a global psychological occupation which inverts reality, making us perceive our servitude as freedom. French theologian Monsignor Delasus in his 18th-century book ‘ La Conjuration anti-Chretienne’ warned that if men left the Catholic Church they would be ruled by the Jews. The dispossession and genocide of the Palestinians is an intimation of humanity’s fate extra ecclesiam. 
 That Judaism has entered and corrupted the Catholic Church since the heresies of the Vatican II council, there can be no doubt.The Jews boasted about their conquest!

Until the publication of the heretical encyclical Nostra Aetate in 1965, traditional Catholic teaching on the Jews was that they were destined to wander the world until they accepted Christ as their saviour. Nostra Aetate is not based on Catholic doctrine: it provides no Biblical evidence to support its outrageous claims.

Catholic doctrine is crystal clear that the supreme crime of history is deicide: the crucifixion of Christ; and the Jews were responsible for that crime. It is our duty as Roman Catholics to politely remind our Jewish friends that this and only this can count as history’s greatest murder. Jews must never be harmed; they must be protected, loved and we must pray for their conversion so that their souls may be saved. There is no ‘Judeo-Christianity’;  Christianity and Judaism are the opposite of each other. For Christians, the crucifixion is the only historical fact which is both an object of worship and study. The sufferings of the Jewish people are a matter of history and are thus subject to the rigour of study and critical analysis; they cannot and should not ever be the object of worship.

Since the 1960s, these key doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church have been abandoned. Traditional Roman Catholics cannot support and collaborate with Zionism as the Jews have no right to Palestine.  To be sure, the Vatican is, and has been for some time, occupied by a homosexual, free-masonic cult of Satanists but the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, as the mystical body of Christ, the only institution in the world founded by God, is divine, eternal and indestructible; and it is the salvation for all mankind. The Church was a corrupt failure before it was even founded; Peter betrays Christ three times! That is why it is the truth of humanity. The corruption of the clergy has always been surpassed by the truth of the doctrine.

Persia and Rome versus Judea!

 Only a Catholic revolution will save Europe from ‘the occupation’. The social cohesion promoted by Iran’s Islamic Revolution; its particular form of theocratic democracy or religious politics; its humility and quest for knowledge, has made it the centre of a global movement against Zionism and political Judaism. Europeans have much to learn from Persia for it will take a far more radical and fundamental revolution in Europe to liberate us from ‘the occupation’.

This is the deeper significance of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and why it leads the struggle for the liberation of the Middle East and the world: Iran rejects the bourgeois liberal order and its fake religion of human rights, democracy and freedom  – all of which mean the opposite.

That is why international Jewry will do everything in its power to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran and its people. We say international Jewry as we are not simply talking about Zionists such as Netanyahu here; we are talking about ‘internationalists’ George Soros and other banksters, most of whom are Jewish and see their Judaism as fundamental to their worldview.

Iran understands that this is a religious war waged by the Great Satan against those who love and fear God. Soros, though an ostensible enemy of Israel, does far more to push Jewish power in the world, than Benjamin Netanyahu. While the latter props up terrorists in Syria, the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch blames their crimes on their victims while playing the same role as the Jewish gatekeeper: keep critics of Israel focused on Gaza and away from the question of Jewish power.

The Jews say that anti-Zionism is tantamount to anti-Semitism. They are correct. For to be anti-Semitic is to be opposed to a system called Semitism, which we translate as Jewish supremacy. That does not make us opposed to all semites, whether Arabs or Jews. We should also point out that Iran, a predominantly Indo-European nation, counts many Jews and Arabs among its Semitic religious minorities. In fact, Iran’s Jewish community is the largest in the Middle East outside Israel and it supports the Islamic Republic. Last year I interviewed a well-known Jewish deputy in the Iranian parliament, which you will see in my forthcoming documentary on Iran.

Who is afraid of being called anti-Semitic? What a noble thing it is to be against Semitism, against Jewish racist supremacy! It is a compliment to be called anti-Semitic!

Polite liberal claptrap about human rights and international law will do nothing to end ‘the occupation’. The problem lies at the very core of Western civilisation which is on its deathbed. Palestine is crawling with NGOs and well-meaning ‘activists’ who bravely stand before tanks and gunfire, organise conferences and events but who have no knowledge of the Jews and their history. Those people are motivated more by emotion than reason. Take the pathetic example of French Trotskyite Olivier Besancenot, crying on television when he was called an ‘anti-Semite.’

Abby Martin is another case in point. She rants and raves about the “fascist” Israeli regime; yet when asked why the United States supports it, pathetically responds, “ I don’t know”. How can she not know! It seems the whole point of her vituperative tirade against Israel is to preclude open, honest, calm factual analysis of the problem. The Israeli Defense Forces are a minute symptom of the far more complex, global phenomenon discussed here.

What we need is a virile response to the Jewish occupation of our formerly Christian minds, of our schools, media, courts and universities. We need to learn the history of Jewish anti-Gentilism. As Roman Catholics, we must love and respect all individual Jews. We cannot succumb to hatred of any other human beings.

In Bull ‘Sicut Judaeis’ Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) writes:

[The Jews] ought to suffer no prejudice. We, out of the meekness of Christian piety, and in keeping in the footprints of Our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman Pontiffs Calixtus, Eugene, Alexander, Clement, admit their petition, and We grant them the buckler of Our protection.
For We make the law that no Christian compel them, unwilling or refusing, by violence to come to baptism. But, if any one of them should spontaneously, and for the sake of the faith, fly to the Christians, once his choice has become evident, let him be made a Christian without any calumny. Indeed, he is not considered to possess the true faith of Christianity who is not recognized to have come to Christian baptism, not spontaneously, but unwillingly.
Too, no Christian ought to presume…to injure their persons, or with violence to take their property, or to change the good customs which they have had until now in whatever region they inhabit.
Besides, in the celebration of their own festivities, no one ought disturb them in any way, with clubs or stones, nor ought any one try to require from them or to extort from them services they do not owe, except for those they have been accustomed from times past to perform.
We decree… that no one ought to dare mutilate or diminish a Jewish cemetery, nor, in order to get money, to exhume bodies once they have been buried.
If anyone, however, shall attempt, the tenor of this decree once known, to go against it…let him be punished by the vengeance of excommunication, unless he correct his presumption by making equivalent satisfaction

 The key to resolving the occupation of the Middle East is for Europeans to adopt a Christian attitude towards the Jews. There is no other solution to the problem. Secularists cannot and will not ever solve the problem of the Jewish occupation of Palestine because they do not understand Jewish eschatology; they naively believe the problem is secular Jewish nationalism and far-right American Christian evangelism. The problem is far more complex.

According to French oligarch Jacques Attali, the project of moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem is part of the attempt to make the city the capital of a future world government in preparation for the return of the Jewish Messiah. Attali also believes non Jews are subhuman; it’s a common Talmudic belief. Christians should not lose sight of the fact that Jerusalem is our sacred city too.

The New World Order is the future triumph of evil on this earth. It is the dream of those who say they are Jews and are not but are the Synagogue of Satan’. (Revelation 3.9).

The Western mind is an Israeli-occupied territory. We are are living under Jewish occupation. But in these dark, end times, a new horizon has opened in Persia where imams are calling for the return of Christ and an end to the global, Satanic propaganda machine, an end once and for all to the occupation.

About Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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  1. Incredible, in this day and age, the Catholic Church is the answer?
    The Battle of Askalon results in 200,000 non-Christians killed « in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ », 8/12/1099.
    Bernard of Clairvaux, at the request of Pope Eugenius III, preached a new crusade of, « Total extermination of the Heathen – or definitive conversion! » in 1115. Bernard is also famous for the Christian doctrine that all pursuit of knowledge was a sin unless directed by the church. The church, based on Ecclesiastes, declared that all that man needed to know was already known, and considered any new search for knowledge heresy.
    Pope Julius III said in the 16th century:
    « I implore you to recognise the Church as a lady and in the name of the Pope take the King as lord of this land and obey his mandates. If you do not do it, I tell you that with the help of God I will enter powerfully against you all. I will make war everywhere and every way that I can. I will take your women and children and make them slaves…The deaths and injuries you will receive from here on will be your own fault and not that of his majesty nor of the gentlemen that accompany me. –« The Requirement », read by Spaniards (in Latin) to native tribes they encountered in the New World

  2. Bravo Gearoid, bravo a thousand thousand times. The truth few want to hear.

  3. I used to love your Dissident Voice column, but now you’ve shown your true batshit-crazy colours. What about the cruelties committed in the name of every religious and ethnic group ever? You masturbate to virulent Judeophobia and theocratic fantasies revolving around the most corrupt church in the world, you posted a bloodthirsty anti-gay screed on the American Herald Tribune, yet you have the nerve to call the Turkish president « a neo-Ottoman Islamist sultan » (who is now partnered with Syria/Iran/Russia, and rejected recent IMF loans, by the way?)? I’m done with you. Hail Satan (who doesn’t manufacture fundamentalist drones to the extent of the Abrahamic faiths).

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