Liberals are peculiar individuals. Last week I was asked to a seminar in Ireland by a ‘peace’ organisation called Shannonwatch. Shannonwatch monitors US war planes who are violating Irish neutrality by using Shannon airport as a refuelling depot for US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US government has flouted the Irish constitution with the complicity of craven Irish governments. There are many decent, honest and forthright people involved in Shannonwatch. The organisation seems well-intentioned. When I glanced at their website, however, I noticed to my horror that they had no links to objective information and analysis of NATO’s recent imperial adventures. The Soros and Ford Foundation funded ‘Democracy Now’ was listed as a reliable information source! Anyone with a modicum of critical intelligence can see that Democracy Now is a fake opposition media source; they are key allies of NATO’s information war. There was nothing on the Shannonwatch website on Libya, nothing on Syria except for condemnations of the ‘bombing of Aleppo’ by the Russian and Syrian air forces! I began to suspect they had they had made a mistake in inviting me – unless they were simply interested in hearing different points of view.

Willful Ignorance

We are five years into NATO’s genocidal assault on Syria. Antiwar activists who can think for themselves can read all the independent Internet media about how US NGOs and human rights organisations orchestrated the so-called Arab Spring in order to create a ‘New Middle East’ in accordance with US/Israeli geopolitical interests; how French, British and American special forces and Gulf State mercenaries invaded and destroyed the Libyan Jamahiriya in 2011, Africa’s richest and most egalitarian nation , spreading death and destruction on a massive scale all the way from Benghazi to Bangui; how false flag terrorism started the Syrian war in 2011 and crimes committed by NATO-backed death squads have been unceasingly blamed on the Syrian army who have the undying support of the Syrian people. All of this information is freely available on the Internet. All it takes is time, patience and critical intelligence to understand why news stations are now publishing reports of imminent world war and blaming the Russians for everything!

I was puzzled when I read on Shannonwatch’s website that they were affiliated with the Irish Anti-War Movement and Amnesty International. The latter is, as I have repeatedly pointed out, a criminal, racist organisation responsible for providing propaganda in the service of imperial wars disguised as humanitarian interventions.

I contacted Amnesty International Ireland in 2013, denouncing their mendacious reports based on ‘activists’ inside Syria, who have never had a shred of evidence to back up their claims against the Syrian government. In an utterly fruitless email exchange where I asked the organisation if it condemned Saudi Arabia’s support for terrorists in Syria,Amnesty’s spokesperson told me he welcomed Saudi Arabia’s efforts to resolve the conflict!

The Irish Anti-War movement are a group of Trotskyite buffoons who, when NATO were launching their Blitzkrieg against Libya in 2011, came up with the slogan, “Up the Libyan revolution, no to NATO intervention!” Their leader Richard Boyd Barret actually believes the Arab Spring was a threat to Israel! That would explain why Jared Cohen, Bernard-Herni Lévi, Gene Sharpe, Mark Zuckerberg, and the entire who’s who of international Zionism were such ebullient fans of the ‘spontaneous’ and ‘popular’ uprising of the Arab masses!

That would explain why former US Secretary-of-State Condolessa Rice said in her memoirs that the Arab Spring was part of President George W. Bush’s ‘democratisation’ programme for the Middle East. That is why the leaders of the Egyptian ‘revolution’ met with Hillary Clinton two years previously to report on how the ‘revolution’ was progressing– Hillary Clinton who admits in her leaked emails that the US wanted to destroy Syria on behalf of Israel. The Zionist entity must indeed have been trembling at the revolutionary uprising of the Arab masses! But there’s never a good spontaneous uprising without the soon-to-be-followed ‘revolution betrayed’ and ‘revolution hijacked’!

Fake peace-activists in the service of imperialism

Before flying to Ireland for the seminar, I emailed John Lannon, the organiser, and asked him if his organisation was political or if political organisations would be present. I did not believe a Marxist-Leninist would be welcome at an event attended by Trotskyites. He assured me that the event was not affiliated to any political organisation. I was reassured and delighted that Shannonwatch were an independent-minded organisation genuinely interested in informing the Irish people about what NATO and Israel are doing to our world.

The organisers of the conference had great difficulty finding a venue. They had to book the event three times as all three hotels cancelled the room booking without explanation. John Lannon sent me email notification of what he considered to be an attempt to silence freedom of expression. I agreed and said I would write something about it. The event was eventually held in a tent outside Shannon airport!

When I arrived in Shannon after a two-hour drive from Cork, I was told I could not speak as they had heard from their ‘affiliated ‘ organisations that I was “anti-semitic” and “homophobic”. Some semi-literate imbecile had read something I wrote, misunderstood it and suddenly the event’s guest speaker was persona non grata!

An organisation which had denounced three hotels for violating their freedom of speech deprived their guest of his freedom of speech as some of his opinions were different to their own! I was not surprised as it had been clear all along that Shannonwatch was a liberal organisation with no interest in confronting imperialism. My mistake was believing liberals and communists could share a common platform. That may have been the case in the 1930s but it is no longer the case today. Fascism, in its contemporary form, is called anti-fascism and fascist anti-fascism is the ideology of the petite bourgeoisie. The petite bourgeoisie are the objective allies of the comprador elites; they are imperialism’s useful idiots – whether in the form of rainbow peaceniks or the mindless mobs of urban hoodieutionaries, frenzied petty bourgeois leftists are the tools used by oligarchs to destroy what is left of the nation state and working-class militancy.

But some good, intelligent and well-informed people had come to hear me speak. During the question time with the other guest Robert Fantina, I took the opportunity to tell my audience from the back of the tent that I was not allowed to speak. In moments that brought back passions I had felt from 5 years of exposing the crimes of the Arab Spring wars and their pseudo-leftist supporters – in the name of all the dead children of Libya and Syria – I denounced the organisers of the event for the frauds that they are. How dare they pose as peace activists while silencing those who have risked their lives exposing war criminals! How dare they claim to support Palestinians while backing all of their enemies! My speech and the complaints by other activists against Shannonwatch’s censorship were filmed but subsequently deleted.

Many activists present at the seminar were outraged at the attempt by the organisers to silence me. Some such as the poet Fred Johnson supported the way I was treated, claiming on social media that it was impolite of me to protest the fact that I was not being allowed to speak!

It seems the organisation had invited a writer to their event whose work they had not read! I fully stand over everything I have written about the central role of the Jewish Lobby on US foreign policy and the reactionary politics of the LGBT. There is no greater enemy of Jewish workers than the institutions of international Zionism in their neoconservative and pseudo-leftist guises, and no greater hater of homosexuals than the LGBT.

The articles I wrote on those two issues were conceived from the perspective of a communist. I would not expect liberals to agree with me on either issue. The articles were written for communists and anyone else with an open mind. The articles on the Marxist view of sexuality were well received by some of the most important Marxist intellectuals in France. In fact, the Organisation Communist de France (OCF) published Laurence De Forge’s French translations on their website. Prominent leaders of America’s Black Liberation movement such as Dr. Randy Short contacted me and asked me to participate in an international conference on the topic.

Homosexual dissidents

One gay friend on social media was angry and attacked me for my series on the Marxist view of sexuality.Others disagreed but continued to support my work. Some agreed. Some still remain undecided but have thanked me for opening up new ways of thinking about the relationship between sexuality and politics. I value the friendship of those people. They know that my friendship with them is based on values we share as human beings, not differences of opinion about the meaning of sexuality. They also know that I do not consider them to be homosexuals as I believe the condition has a social and not a biological origin. That is the view of most of the peer-reviewed science. I know that they believe I am deluded. So we will have to work together on things we agree on, on what my great Chadian friend and revolutionary Dr. Ley Ndardigal Djimadoum calls the ‘minimal platform’. That is something Trotskyites and liberals will never understand.

It was due to the iron-fisted courage of American Herald Tribune’s Editor-in-Chief, Professor Anthony Hall, that the articles on sexuality were published. He is now a victim of Zionist thought police thanks to his questioning of the official 911 story and jas been suspended without pay from the University of Lethbridge.

Some columnists in the AH Tribune tried to get me fired. George Galloway left the newspaper after reading the first installment. Galloway is a disgruntled petty bourgeois leftist with his eyes on the Labour leadership. He would not want to be associated with a newspaper who would publish articles by a ‘homophobic Stalinist’ like Gearóid Ó Colmáin. But we will invite him to our international Paris conference where he can explain why he believes people critical of the right-wing and racist LGBT movement should be silenced. Let’s see if he agrees to come! Google also threatened to remove advertising for this newspaper if it proceeded to publish my articles. But in the end, our courageous editors published the articles and proved that American Herald Tribune is a journal for free thinkers with no glossaries for those inculcated by liberalism’s stultifying catechism.

The human rights sham

The seminar’s other speaker, Robert Fantina, is a human rights activist who seems concerned with the rights of Palestinians. Denouncing the censorship of Russian journalists, Fantina says ‘Free speech isn’t quite as free in some places as it might be’ yet after the ShannonWatch farce Fantina wrote on his Facebook page that the event was a ‘great success’. I would never describe an event I was invited to as a success if another guest was prevented from speaking due to a difference of opinion on an entirely unrelated matter! I arrived to talk about the crimes of US imperialism and was asked if I supported the “rights of homosexuals”!

That is why I am not a human rights activist. Human rights, as Marx argued, are always the rights of the bourgeoisie. Freedom of expression for them means the freedom to express opinions consistent with the principles of bourgeois ideology. Human rights is the ideology of the ruling class. No Marxist would advocate human rights. Human rights advocates claim to be trying to end war but it is capitalism which is driving war and human rights is the moral justification for capitalism.

As I write, the battle for the future of humanity is taking place in Aleppo. The freedom of working people is being crushed under the Iron Heel of oligarchy. They have turned human values inside out. The Syrian Arab Army is defending the workers of the world from fascism. Only reactionaries would refuse to defend them – only left liberals!The only way for men and women to fight back against Western imperialism is through the construction of that minimal platform. Hammer in hand, it is the duty of every communist to help build it.

About Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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  1. Laika von old Monkshusen

    Seems almost to have been some sort of childish set up to pester you (Gearóid Ó Colmáin), no doubt related to these unpseudoscientific articles you wrote about homosexuality and bourgeois decadence, which is strictly verboten, no doubt. I think I now also know what the main reason is that Prof. Anthony Hall, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is being terrorized by these Nazi/ISIS goons & charlatans.

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