Genocide in India’s Assam State: Islamo-Leftists are Responsible


“If we don’t stop it now, we may end up in refugee camps. » That’s what one Assamese citizen told journalists in the documentary ‘Assam- The Silent Genocide’. Assam is a state in India’s north-eastern region. Since the country’s independence from Britain in 1947, the Muslim population of the state has increased exponentially. Several of the regions of Assam which lie along the border with Bangladesh are now majority-Muslim.

What was an insignificant minority during the 19th century has now, through mass immigration, become one-fifth of the state’s population. The predominantly Hindu population of Assam say their lands are being taken over by illegal immigrants. They have accused the immigrants of occupying government land and stealing their state subsidies.

Fear of Muslim immigration spurred the formation of the All Assam Students Union (AASU), which militated against immigration. In the run-up to the 1983 elections, Assamese Hindus noticed a massive spike in electoral registrations. The increase was due to Bangladeshi immigrants. Many suspected the Congress Party was using immigrants as a vote base and demanded an end be put to manipulation of immigration for political and financial gain.

On 18 February 1983, India experienced the worst riots since its foundation: 2191 Bangladeshis were slaughtered by Assamese Hindus and Lalung tribes. The attack became known as the Nellie Massacre. No group claimed responsibility for the attack. In spite of the Congress Party’s good standing with the Bangladeshi community, the 600-page dossier from the Commission of Inquiry was never made public, and no one was ever prosecuted. The gruesome attacks did much to discredit the Assamese anti-immigration movement, but it is odd that a government who benefited from Bangladeshi immigrant support would not want to have all the facts of the genocide known to the public.

Consecutive Indian governments have attempted to deal with the Bangladeshi immigration problem. In fact, legislation requiring residents to register with the state authorities has existed since 1951 when the National Registration Commission (NRC) was set up.  But one would not have that impression from the misleading international press reports on this issue. Instead, we are led to believe that the Indian government is pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing in Assam. The Guardian completely ignores the complex origin of the immigration problem and instead focuses on convincing its readers that India is becoming Nazi Germany.

Bourgeois leftist « activists » on Democracy Now! are claiming that poor people are being exploited by lawyers, in order to prove their citizenship rights — a bold lie. In fact, New Dehli has set up NRC centres where citizens can register free of charge. Tribunal Courts of appeal have been established to deal with those who find themselves excluded from the register.

The problem in Assam is similar to the crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine state; there, thousands of illegal Bangladeshi migrants have crossed the border in recent years and are committing atrocities on a regular basis against the indigenous Rakhine Buddhists and Hindus who have now become tiny minorities. Thousands of Hindus flee Kashmir every year due to ethnic cleansing by Muslims. In the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Pandit Hindus were ethnically cleansed from Kashmir. These inconvenient facts are scrupulously ignored in most reports on India’s ethnic conflicts.

Hindu activists in Assam say that if illegal Muslim immigration from Bangladesh continues, they could well become refugees in their own country. The Assam and Rakhine state crises are acutely important case studies of the tragedy that ensues when a religious and ethnic majority becomes a minority in its own land.

Muslims, due to the vast wealth of the Gulf States, have extensive lobbying groups, NGOs, and international media outlets which propagate fake news; emotive rhetoric and politically-correct moralising about « Islamophobia » in countries they are aggressively taking over.

The Sunni Muslim community is largely under the control of the Islamic version of Freemasonry known as the Muslim Brotherhood. They are in cahoots with Western Freemasonry and that is why so-called “secularists” in the West are allowing Wahhabi-funded mosques to be constructed all over Europe where hatred of “infidels” is regularly preached. These globalist and Islamist organisations are responsible for the genocide of millions of Muslims in Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen and other Muslim-dominated countries. We should never forget that the biggest victims of Islamist terrorism in the world are Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Takfiri barbarians have tarnished all Muslims with the label of terrorist. Israel has benefitted from this policy as it enables the Zionist entity to justify its brutal occupation by discrediting Palestinian resistance. Islamic countries and organisations who are fighting terrorism such as Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah are a threat to the globalist Jihad and its Freemasonic partners.

What needs to be understood when discussing the problem of Islamisation in Europe and throughout the world is that Israel is presenting itself as the “ally” of those fighting the Jihadis; whereas Tel Aviv is, in fact, facilitating their proliferation, and it is agencies of the Zionist regime which are responsible for major acts of terrorism such as 9/11.

A common mistake many Muslims make, however, when analysing these conflicts is to assume that because the state in question has military and intelligence links to Israel, that means those opposing them are similar to the Palestinians. For example, the Burmese military has bought weapons from Israel in the past. Muslim and leftist activists use that fact to suggest that the Rohingyas are similar to the Palestinians, when in fact, it is the Rakhine Buddhists who most resemble Gazans.

Why Celts need to listen to Hindus

Now India is facing a massive crisis in Assam and few writers have understood its importance. A quarter of the Assamese population are now Bangladeshi foreigners. Indian analysts predict the state’s indigenous Hindus will become a dispossessed minority in a few decades — civil war is likely.

The Modi administration has a strong democratic mandate because it is – at least in some respects – attempting to serve the interests of India’s majority. In Ireland, we have a Prime Minister(Taoiseach) Leo Varadkar who is half-Indian, but he doesn’t even half-serve Irish interests. Instead, His ministers such as Finance Minister, Pascal O Donohue and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney attend secret international meetings such as Bilderberg, unbeknownst to the Irish population. In those meetings, they discuss how to increase mass immigration into Ireland. Why doesn’t anyone in Dáil Éireann challenge them about these secret and illegal meetings?

When he was caught coming out of Bilderberg a few years ago with former UN Special Representative for International Migration Peter Sutherland, Simon Coveney said he didn’t believe in conspiracy theories, which is all the more reason for him to clarify why he, as an elected Irish official, was attending secret meetings with some of the most powerful people in the world.

The World Bank has said Ireland will have to increase its immigration in order to keep the wages of Irish workers down. All of the “left-wing” parties support this policy and use “anti-racism” and “anti-fascism” as weapons against the working class. We need to show solidarity with Indian patriots; some of them may even be working in Ireland. There are many cultural, linguistic and mythological similarities between Ancient Hindu and Gaelic cultures. Gaelic scholar Myles Dillon in his work Celts and Aryans noted those similarities. For example, Old Irish is the closest relative of Sanskrit.

Hindu patriots were sold out under successive liberal and globalist regimes — just like Ireland. Many Hindu scholars now reject the Aryan Invasion theory; they say it is a myth invented by the British to legitimise their rule in India. But many other scholars in Iran and Ireland hold the Aryan invasion theory to be valid. Whichever is correct, one thing Irishmen and Indians have in common today is the realisation that population replacement in the service of finance capitalism is not a myth but a reality which has reached a crisis point.

 European patriots need to learn more about struggles in other countries so that the majorities in every country can work together to overthrow a global minority regime rapidly turning the world’s nations into refugee camps.

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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