Fires in the Amazon Jungle: Could they be arson?


Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has accused NGOs of starting fires in the Amazon rainforest. He says NGOs are trying to discredit his economic development policies in the Amazon which have been opposed for decades by international environmental groups.

The mainstream media have completely dismissed the Brazilian president’s accusations, claiming that he has no evidence. Is there any plausibility to the claims? Yes, there is. For decades, powerful NGOs linked to high finance have attempted to internationalise the Amazon rainforest. Those attempts have been opposed by successive Brazilian governments. One of the NGOs pushing for internationalisation is the World Wildlife Fund, (WWF) which was co-founded in 1961 by former Nazi Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Julien Huxley and Godfrey A Rockefeller, among others. The WWF wants the Amazon rainforest to become an international trust under their control. That would effectively mean that the Brazilian state would no longer have sovereignty over the area, sabotaging the country’s economic future.

Another wealthy organisation vying for control of the Amazon is Greenpeace. This is not an environmentalist foundation; rather, it is a front organisation for financiers which serves to wrest sovereignty from nation-states and transfer that power to globalist elites. Greenpeace has in the past admitted to engaging in acts of terrorism, torture and mass manipulation.

The organisation’s criminal activities have been exposed by its co-founder Patrick Moore. In November 1991 Forbes magazine quoted one of the mottos often used by top executives of the organisation: « It does not matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true. » Like the Sierra Club, the objective of Greenpeace is global governance and population control, and they will use whatever means necessary to that end — including setting fire to rainforests.

As I explained in my 2013 series « Brazil’s Vinegar Revolution: Left in Form, Right in Content », globalist environmental NGOs have managed to stop economic development in the Amazon for over half a century. These reactionary policies by leftist groups in the service of finance capital have resulted in the urbanisation of the country’s peasantry and indigenous populations, leading to the proliferation of slum towns, extreme poverty and malnutrition. Every attempt to bring economic and industrial progress to these people has been opposed by these wealthy NGOs who are obsessed with the promotion of every ideology that opposes human life: abortion, LGBTQPZ, de-industrialisation, primitivism etc.

Although the United States was clearly involved in sabotaging the Roussef presidency and imprisoning former president Lula de Silva, President Jair Bolsonaro has also become a target of globalist organisations and mass media demonisation. The reason for this is quite simple: Since the 1960s, both right-wing and left-wing regimes in Brazil have attempted to industrialise some of the country’s rainforests. Elitist environmentalists want to live a global « Garden of Eden » with very few people and unlimited natural resources. Bolsonaro is not proposing the destruction of the entire forest but rather the industrialisation of backward parts of the country, which is essential for the reduction of poverty. The current restrictions on the development of the Amazon jungle are being imposed by international organisations who have no interest whatsoever in protecting the environment and promoting culture. It is a racket run by an international cartel of banks and corrupt NGOs which has resulted in the impoverishment of millions of people.

Although many aspects of Bolsonaro’s politics are highly objectionable, including his overt pro-Israeli stance, his right-wing populism has already produced some positive results: For instance, Brazil’s children will now be protected from sexual abuse in schools as gender theory has been outlawed. That policy boldly defies UN guidelines on the « education » of children which is now advocating for children to become sexually active as young as nine; to choose their genders in school, and experiment with homosexuality. It is exceedingly disgusting to think that practically all those writers who claim to be on the « Left » and have accused me of being a « fascist, » have never had the guts to address this issue. Yet many of them are happy to appear on Russian TV whenever the Kremlin needs a soft, petty-bourgeois version of « anti-imperialism », in order to cull some favour in leftist circles.

Those gutless opportunists have no idea what imperialism really is. Children who cannot even tell the difference between a man and a woman will never, ever be able to challenge global imperialism. Every Marxist worth his salt knows that — except for most soi-disant Marxists.

The war on the diet of the poor is another issue that must be addressed here. The attempt by environmentalists to criminalise the use of meat for poor people on the pretext that cows produce too much CO2 has been met with a staunch riposte by Bolsonaro’s pro-beef administration. Now, Bolsonaro is threatening to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords, stating that the Trump administration has already shown that the entire climate change agenda is a hoax. No amount of leftist « climate-change-is-real » hysteria is going to change the fact that the entire theory is based on lies and manipulation.

Bolsonaro is crude, rude and, in many respects, despicable. But one thing he is not is stupid. It is highly likely that his accusations against international NGOs are true. Perhaps the greatest achievements of right-wing populists have been the way in which they have foregrounded the rotten cynicism of our ruling degenerates. The Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Leo Varadkar has said that Ireland will not import Brazilian beef agreed under the recent EU-Mercosur trade accord until Bolsonaro « protects the environment. » This is a cynical public relations stunt by a leader who is nothing but a rent-boy for global bankers, a bailiff for corrupt landlords and an icon of the sexual perversion being pushed on our children.

Varadkar recently caused an uproar in Ireland when he claimed that he had reduced his meat intake to reduce the risk of cancer. The Taoiseach should consider other lifestyle changes if he seeks longevity! Although a short-term vegan diet can arguably be beneficial, Dr Natasha Cambell Mcbride has shown that the long-term effects of veganism can be devastating for human health.

Varadkar’s regime is now pushing veganism on the Irish population. There will soon be taxes on meat which will mean only the rich will have a balanced diet. Studies in Denmark have indicated that there is a strong likelihood of cognitive dysfunction in children who are deprived of meat in their diet. No human civilisation has ever been vegan.

French President Emmanuel Macron has just announced that France will renege on the EU/Mercosur deal due to Bolsonaro’s alleged failure to protect the Amazon. It is perhaps not entirely insignificant that the greatest politically correct, smug little environmentalists also happen to be homosexuals in the case of Varadkar, or victims of paedophilia and alleged homosexuals in the case of Macron. I will go further. It is perhaps fitting that men who would accept such a homocratic mob of green puritans would see a sixteen-year-old autistic girl in pigtails as some kind of global leader; for what does Greta Thunberg symbolise but the ineluctable reality that Western men are rapidly and perhaps irreversibly turning into a bevvy of whinging teenage girls!

European elites are now attempting to destroy our farmers by importing Brazilian beef under the EU/Mercosur free trade agreement. Naturally, Bolsonaro is happy for Brazilian exports to flood our markets; but it will destroy European agriculture. Now, as a form of controlled opposition to that policy, our criminal rulers are threatening to pull out of the importation agreement due to « environmental concerns. » They have no real intention of pulling out but they are trying to deflect attention from the real issues.

Just as the drafters of the 2016 Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) deliberately excluded reference to climate change policies in their document, so as to facilitate the pre-packaged controlled opposition to that treaty — namely, the leftist delusion that elites are actually trying to ignore global warming –now those same rulers are exploiting the Amazon rainforest agenda to deflect from their own criminal policies.

The leader of fake leftism in the United States, Noam Chomsky has made much of the omission of global warming in the CETA treaty. France’s leading Trotskyite oppositionist Francois Rufin recently made a pretentious speech ranting and raving about how the CETA treaty ignored global warming. Chomsky is on record stating he would accept a global fascist dictatorship if it was necessary to save the planet. Now all the ageing anarchist talks about is the coming extinction of the species due to global warming. These left-globalist intellectuals and politicians are the enemies of the people.

Last year’s fires in Spain, and the recent fires in Brazil and the Arctic have been widely touted as due to « man-made global warming. » What the corporate media have refused to highlight is that fact that all three fires have been the subject of criminal investigations. Why have the media failed to inform the public about this? It is quite possible that all these fires are being caused by well-connected arsonists with an agenda, and that agenda might just be to push the emerging global green regime one step further.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said the Amazonian fires are an international crisis. Bolsonaro has accused him of neo-colonialism. Although staunchly opposed to the Left on societal issue of grave importance, Bolsonaro is ultimately being pushed in the direction of the Latin American anti-imperialist tradition by asserting national sovereignty against globalist megalomania.

The ideological problems of Latin America between the leftist and right populists are similar to those in Europe: they simply cannot meet and debate their differences for the common good. Only the Italians have managed to come up with a left/right compromise, under Matteo Salvini’s leadership. That is largely due to the fact that Salvini is a former communist and therefore sympathises with left-wing causes. In politics, there is no good and evil, just what works and what doesn’t work. In the current era, right-populism is, far more than any other ideological trend, fighting the worst excesses of globalist imperialism.

There is much I detest about Jair Bolsonaro –his interference in Venezuelan affairs; his defence of torture, his Free Masonic connections and his craven submission to Israel. But, like Donald Trump, he represents a resurgence and possibly even the last stand of the reality principle in international politics. That is why he is a threat, and it is most probably why criminal environmentalists would set fire to the Amazon rainforest; for the globalist NGO-industrial complex is a terrorist network which has maintained the developing world in poverty for far too long.

About Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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