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When Alexander Lukashenko was elected in 1994 as the President of the newly-formed former Soviet Republic of Belarus, poor farmers, unemployed workers, and all those who had lost everything they had worked for after the fall of the Soviet Union had great hope for the future.

A former director of a collective farm who stood up against corruption, Lukashenko opposed the dissolution of the USSR. He knew that corrupt cadres had taken over the Communist Party and that the privatisation they were proposing was simply a ruse to line their own pockets, at the expense of the Soviet worker.

While people in Yeltsin’s “free” Russia were starving and freezing to death, Lukashenko kicked out the corrupt oligarchs from Belarus and rapidly set out on an economic recovery programme which gave power back to the working people. As anyone with an elementary (and I stress elementary) grasp of Marxism knows, the bourgeois press hates leaders like Lukashenko, because the bourgeois press is owned by the bourgeoisie. It’s the first lesson one learns in « Marxism for dummies. » But the problem is that most Marxists are actually dummies!

Is it any wonder, therefore, that you have either never heard about Alexander Lukashenko from soi-disant leftists or, if you have, you probably believe he is — that’s right, Hitler!

As wages rose in Lukashenko’s Belarus, and free public education and health care were preserved, the Western liberal press began a long campaign of demonising the Belarusian president. He was called “Europe’s last dictator.” There were only a handful of journalists in Europe during the past twenty or so years who took a serious interest in the national democratic revolution taking place in Belarus under Lukashenko — almost none on the left.

I was privileged to be among that small group and was invited to a conference there in 2011 where I met former Soviet officials and leaders of the Eastern Block such as former Premier of the GDR, Hans Modrow and former Head of the GDR’s State Council Egon Krenz.

In his speech at the conference, Hans Modrow emphasised that in his negotiations with Mikail Gorbachev, and with the West, regarding the reunification of Germany, he had insisted that NATO not move one inch to the East. That promise was given — and immediately broken!

Typical of his generation, Krenz gave a speech in perfect Russian apologising for the “crimes of Stalinism,” absolving his role in those supposed crimes. The GDR under Krenz’ leadership had always been a bourgeois-democratic state with several political parties and state-capitalist relations of production and exchange.

De-Stalinization in the 1960s was always about waging war against the working class and socialism.

The revisionists made a career out of calling everything that was wrong with their phoney system “Stalinism”, whereas, in fact, Stalin had never endorsed the division of Germany into two states, nor the attempt to impose “socialism” in the backward eastern half of Germany. It was the ultra-leftist policies of Walter Ulbricht which led to the division of Germany and the construction of the Berlin wall, policies contrary to united bourgeois-democratic Germany under US/Soviet supervision paying reparations to the USSR, which Stalin had advocated.

This is important because there were many things which worked in socialism, just as there are many things that work in capitalism. For example, Stalin’s rapid industrialisation policies led to some of the most remarkable modernisation of any country in history.

I gave a talk at the conference defending Stalin’s legacy, denouncing the side-lining of the Red Army’s role in the defeat of Hitler and the importance of Belarus as a positive example of that legacy. As I spoke, Libya lay in ruins and Syria was engulfed in a full-scale Western-backed war. Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus has always been a friend of these peace-loving nations. He formed a close relationship with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who described Belarus as a “model state.” It is a pity, however, that the Venezuelan revolution never achieved anything comparable to Stalin, whose legacy can still be seen in Belarus. Lukashenko has been critical of corruption in mismanagement in the Venezuelan government since Nicolas Maduro took over. But there are many other disagreements with Latin-American style socialism. For example, climate change is not a real concern for Belarussians: They have sensible agricultural policies which favour small and medium farmers and produce good food, but anthropogenic climate change and its degenerate social movements are practically non-existent.

Most students I spoke to there in the country’s top administration school told me climate change was a scam. Belarus is ecological but not ecofascist. The distinction is important because climate pseudoscience in the service of oligarchy is now the main cause of Western and Latin American leftism.

Lukashenko defends the family

In Belarus, men are men and women are women. Thus is there is no gender change either. There are two main reasons for this: Belarusian communists were trained in Marxism-Leninism. That is to say, they actually read the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. They have always seen genderism as bourgeois decadence, as something which manifests itself in neoliberal consumerist societies. But there is an even more cogent reason for the hostility to this ideology in Belarus: Christianity is the basis of state morality. Now, the statement needs qualification. Firstly, the Christianity we are referring to here is Orthodox Christianity, which is in schism from the Roman Catholic Church and therefore tolerates divorce and other evils. It should not surprise us, therefore, if abortion in a disgustingly liberal form, is permitted in Belarus. These are the contradictions one often finds in these countries.

Officially, Belarus is a secular state. Although abortion is still permitted, numbers of abortions have dropped dramatically since Lukashenko took over; and this is largely due to the fact that the Government has a strong pro-natalist policy. For example, there is a prize for women who have up to five children.

There have been several attempts by globalists such as billionaire George Soros and the various imperialist agencies he controls to topple Lukashenko. In 2010, I covered the attempt to oust him using mercenaries bussed in from other countries. It failed as the KGB had infiltrated all of their communications.

Belarus is a Christian democracy

At the above-mentioned conference in 2011, I also met many prominent officials from decidedly right-wing institutions and organisations. They too admired Lukashenko but for different reasons. They saw him as someone fighting for the survival of nation, family and work, the values of Christianity. It took me many years to realise they were right and I was wrong. Lukashenko’s Belarus is not a socialist country; it is a national patriotic country whose mode of production is far closer to Pope Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum or Pius XI’s Quadragesimo Anno than Marx’s Communist Manifesto. In my own ideological trajectory, I realised that these were the values I had always sought in socialism but were, in reality, contrary to its diabolical spirit. For the spirit of socialism is just like capitalism: utterly diabolical.

Leftists in their ignorance of theology often describe Christ as the “first socialist.” They claim that Acts 2.44 where it says that believers had « all things in common » prove socialism is the aim of Christianity. But these passages only prove that altruism and communal living are an essential part of the spiritual life of the religious orders, not the basis of working man’s life. The monastic orders of the Church are the best places to explore this type of communism. But we cannot all be monks and nuns. Some of us must work in the secular world and raise families.

The first duty of the working man is to raise a family and provide for them. He cannot do that unless he has a certain amount of private property.

The Church teaches that there are four societies: the family, the enterprise, the city and the nation. Our first duty is toward the family. Healthy and moral families will form good enterprises; good enterprises will form good cities and good cities will administer good nations.

In fact, Christ refutes communism in John’s Gospel. When Mary Magdalene pours expensive oil over Christ’s feet, Judas criticises her saying she could have got 300 dinars for the oil and given it to the poor. But Christ defends her largesse, saying « The Poor you will always have among you, but you will not always have me. »

The Greek word ptochous which Our Lord uses for poor or destitute also includes the sense of spiritual poverty and destitution. As man is soul and matter, so poverty can be both spiritual and material.

Christ is saying that man will always be poor without Christ: Matter is not the be-all and end-all of life. St John tells us that Judas was really only thinking of himself. Though they claim the contrary, leftists always put themselves first, because they have nothing other than themselves to live for. For the leftist, pretending to stand for social justice is the easiest way of pretending to be virtuous. In reality, socialists believe in nothing, except themselves. Christianity transcends the infantile categories of left and right: Natural law comes before political ideology!

Thus, every agenda contrary to life is promoted by the leftist — from gay rights to abortion to the hysteria that man is a blight on the environment. Now, leftists believe that the smallest, most minuscule thing in the world — a thing no scientist has ever actually isolated according to Koch’s postulates — is out to get them. They have crawled into a world of fear and paranoia and want everyone to behave as pathetically as themselves. In Stalin’s USSR, these people would have been the first to face the Gulag and rightly so!

We must not confuse Stalinists with petty-bourgeois leftists. The Communist Party of Workers in Belarus supports Lukashenko because their Marxism is based on class analysis and Lukashenko has always been good for the working class.

Consider John’s epistles. In 1 John 4: 16-19, he says:

« God is love….There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The man who fears is not made perfect in love.” Is it not because of what they sense is coming, the great chastisement for their sins, that modern men fear? Is it not because of their determination to explain all through the infinite analysis of nothing that total fear of everything has become their most prominent characteristic? Is not the obsession with the tiniest particle as the supposed origin of death the corollary of rejection of the infinite plenitude which is the origin of life? »

Does it surprise us that countries with a strong faith in Christ such as Belarus, Tanzania or Burundi, have no fear of elementary particles?

The last free nation in Europe

During the coronavirus hoax, Lukashenko said the virus was nothing more than a common cold and that the West was suffering from psychosis. He recommended a drop of vodka and a sauna and said it is better to die standing up and fighting than cowering. There was no lockdown in Belarus, no restrictions, no hysteria, and nothing much to report about “COVID deaths” either.

Lukashenko said the COVID-19 hysteria was a political and economic agenda and had nothing to do with public health. It was a bridge too far for the oligarchs. So, they organised one last push, one more attempt to destroy the last free nation in Europe. Lukashenko said the future of the nation’s children is at stake.

Children in Belarus are not told to social distance. They are not told there is a virus out to get them. They are not told to wash their hands all the time and be afraid. They are not forced to believe in stupid delusions of a fear-ridden, effeminate political class.

They still have a future; they still have dreams. Our children have none. Our children are facing hell on earth and most parents will consent to the psychological and sexual abuse of their children in New World Order schools. The real war on our youth is about to begin in September. A few of us will fight to protect our children, not from coronavirus but from the mentally-infected commissars of anti-national miseducation systems.

President Lukashenko loves to play ice hockey. He keeps fit and is a big believer in the importance of sport for health. His strong physical stature and common sense during the coronahoax contrasted conspicuously with many of the so-called « health officials » in the West who are either obese or look like they are dying of cancer.

The fascist Sorosites and the leftist collaborators in the West may bring the Republic of Belarus to its knees. But Moscow will be forced to honour its security commitments to Minsk. A Russian intervention would open another proxy war with the West. Time will tell where this goes.

Russia claims to have a vaccine for COVID-19 but the only effective vaccine for the global oligarchy is nuclear annihilation. If the war against Belarus continues, US President Donald Trump will be drawn into another intractable and unwinnable war, right before the November elections. It could be a potential nuclear war with Russia. The globalists are going down. The only question now is how many innocent lives they will take with them.

If there is one thing you should remember about Lukashenko, it is this: He worked hard to build a future for the nation’s children. He helped heal and restore a sick and dying nation. But Dr Death will ensure all of those facts are buried in a cemetery of lies.

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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