CNN says Al-Qaeda are  »heroes »

In an interview with Charlie Rose on the 10th of August 2016, CNN’s Middle East « super-correspondent », Clarissa Ward, said that the Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group, Japhat Al-Nosra (now known as Japhat Fatah Al-Sham) were the only  » heroes » in the mislabeled Syrian Civil War. Ward told Charlie Rose,  » … even though some of these more extremist factions are not hugely popular with everyone living in rebel-held areas, they are also the people who have unfortunately, Charlie, emerged as the so-called heroes in this narrative because they are the ones who have stepped in to fill the void. So the reality is in rebel-held Syria, these Islamist factions have emerged as an important force. Now if the U.S. was to decide to join with Russia to take out those more extremist factions, that would certainly be extremely unpopular with the Syrian people that the U.S. would purportedly be trying to actually help. »

Clarissa Ward – Charlie Rose
This is not the first time a major Western broadcaster has publicly backed the terrorist group. Since Syria was invaded by foreign mercenaries in 2011, backed by U.S./NATO/Israel, with the objective of breaking up the country according to NATO’s geopolitical interests, the terrorist group are systematically described by the Western corporate press as ‘moderate rebels’. When asked if the Japhat Fatah al-Sham, have really severed their ties with Al-Qaeda, Ward states that it is unlikely as they praised Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri in their recent videos. But she still advocates US support for the terrorist group by describing the Lebanon’s Hezbollah who are supporting Assad as « terrorists ». According to that logic, if Assad is using « terrorists », so should the U.S! Now, as the battle for Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, heats up, the terrorists are again being marketed by their puppet-masters as  » heroes ».

Hezbollah was formed in Lebanon after the Israeli invasion of that country after 1982. The organisation participates fully in the electoral, democratic process and respects the political rights of all Lebanese citizens. To therefore suggest that two law-abiding nation states and a mass democratic organisation of legitimate resistance to colonial rule, are the equivalent to head-choppers, rapists, marauders and mass murderers in the pay of the retrograde regimes such as Saudi Arabia, is another cogent reminder of the moral bankruptcy of the Western military alliance and its media disinformation agencies.

The United States who created Al-Qaeda – a fact admitted by Hillary Clinton – are the puppet-masters of the death squads who have overrun Syria since March 2011. It is claimed that a ‘spontaneous uprising’ against an ‘undemocratic’ regime was met by brutal violence from the security forces. That was the big lie which launched the war on the country. The Syrian government did not repress peaceful protests. I visited Syria two weeks after the violence broke out in 2011. I had the opportunity of witnessing some protests in Karfanbel outside Damascus. The Syrian security forces behaved in an extremely professional and orderly manner. On March 15th in the town of Daraa in the South of the country, snipers opened fire killing several police and protesters. The snipers were in the pay of the Muslim Brotherhood- a terrorist organisation linked to the United States and Israel, Turkey and the Gulf dictatorships. The Western press made no effort to investigate the origin of the violence in Syria. The Syrian government was blamed for repressing ‘peaceful protesters’. Human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and subsequently White Helmets, played a key role in the lies and disinformation which the terrorists used as cover for their slaughter of the innocents in Syria.

Only the willingly blind and ignorant could view the U.S./NATO/Israeli role in the destruction of Syria uncritically. Since the arrival of IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on the Syrian war theatre in 2014, the intensity of the conflict has escalated. IS – another creation of the United States – was used by NATO as a pretext for a bombing campaign against Syria, when the lies and propaganda campaign against the country failed to provide the Western military alliance with the opportunity to launch a carpet bombing campaign against the Syrian state.

In 2012 CNN’s ‘super correspondent’ Clarissa Ward reported from Aleppo. She wore the chador as she was ‘reporting’ from what had previously been a modern, secular, cosmopolitan city now occupied by U.S.-backed Wahhabi death squads. CNN actually promote this fact as evidence of how great this spokesperson for terrorism and genocide is!

Before the Western-backed occupation, Syrian woman wore whatever they liked and the state promoted secularism and non-religious attire. Mrs Ward is not just an outrageous liar; if the Nuremberg Principles governing the conduct of journalists in war were applied to her in a court of law, she would be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Western public are being told by corporate media giants like CNN et al, that their freedoms have to be curtailed in order to win the war on Islamist terrorists while the very same terrorists are being openly and unashamedly described as « heroes » when they commit atrocities in Syria. On September 11th every year the same news agencies will remind you about the « threat » of Al-Qaeda and the « heroes » fighting them. They will never tell you who those real heroes are; they are the men and women of Syria who are defending their country against the foreign invaders.They peacefully congregate en masse in public squares to wave the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic and the leader they believe to be an incorruptibly loyal patriot, Dr. Bashar al-Assad. Heroes are motivated by love, not hate.To understand why there is a catastrophic war in Syria, you just need to listen to what hateful people like Clarissa Ward say. And Clarissa Ward has told you that the Syrian rebels are terrorists and that terrorists become  heroes when they serve U.S. interests.

Do you understand now?

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  1. So alqaeda heroes? So the US killed osama bin laden for nothing then!? The US lies so much it doesn’t even know or care anymore! Americans are to busy eating or watching shit tv shows to care!

    • Laika von old Monkshusen

      Yes, gorging themselves on Nazi GMO ‘food’. « None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free », Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Westerners didn’t, and many still don’t realize that the whole system (& the JM$M) is monstrously lying to them, and has been so for centuries. This Clarissa Ward woman is just like the filthy lying old hag which Hansel & Gretel met in the forest. She’s a Nazi, and an ISIS terrorist . . . . . . Zion is actually in Yemen, by the way. See Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, Egypt.

  2. « … as the so-called heroes in this narrative because they are the ones who have stepped in to fill the void.. »

    She said « so-called heroes », not heroes.

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