CETA is step towards a Corporate Land called ‘Euramerica’

The signing of the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with Canada (CETA) on the 30th of October marks the beginning of North America’s annexation of Europe. The negotiations for the treaty were carried out behind closed doors. For over 751 deputies in the European Parliament, there are more than 30 thousand lobbyists. The Society for European Affairs Professionals (SEAP) – the organisation which lobbying on behalf of multinational corporations – this is the real power block in Europe. The European worker has absolutely no say and henceforth he will lose the right to join unions. Multinational corporations will have unlimited power over European workers, who will see the destruction of what is left of social gains won from over a century of class struggle.

Will European workers lie down and accept this imposture? What concrete policies would weaken the stranglehold of corporations over European workers? Which parties in the current political landscape hold policies which, if implemented, would weaken the transatlantic stranglehold?

There are currently no political parties running in the major European elections with candidates who genuinely represent workers’ interests. But there are some political movements which threaten the corporate ‘power-elite’. We will mention them below.

There are two important geopolitical processes to consider here. The first is the East-West corporate , geopolitical axis. America is pulling the European peninsula away from the Eurasian continent. With the installation of a neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, Washington attempted to re-create an ‘Intermarium’ from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea and down to the Eastern Mediterranean – driving a permanent wedge between Russia and Germany.

In order to facilitate the social transformation of Europe into an ‘America Minor’, millions of ‘pilgrims’ are necessary. Hence, the deployment of coercive engineered migration as a tool to replace class- conscious European workers with deracine youths – in some instances educated enough to do the low-paid work assigned to them and acculturated enough to pose no problem to the ‘Power-Elite’.

In the new Trotskyite language of this imperial order, any leader who attempts to stem the tide of globalisation through populist appeals to tradition and national identity is ‘fascist’. Fascist is a loaded term which generally connotes evil in the public mind. In each European country, there is a ready-made army of youths from wealthy families whose job is to don hoodies, attack police and scream ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’ at working-class people desperately trying to find a way out of this nightmare. These ‘antifa’ are the modern equivalent to Oswald Mosley’s fascist gangs in the 1930s; they represent the same class interests .Petty-bourgeois leftism is the New World Order’s avant-garde.

A favourite pastime of the ‘Antifa’ mob is throwing stones at police officers. One can only gain acceptance in the anti-fascist gang by showing how much one hates the ‘pigs’. So, police officers from honest working-class families get burned alive while the anti-fa mob chants slogans from the Spanish Civil War. Such violence is now a regular occurrence in demonstrations. The agents provocateurs often receive help from the intelligence services. French police are finding it hard to cope with the chaos developing all over French suburbs. They complain that they are not sufficiently equipped and do not have the powers necessary to deal with the growing violence from delinquents. They have been demonstrating in Paris. They have been calling for an end to the control of the French police by freemasonry. Exacerbating the problem is the deep-seated racism of many police officers who target Black youths with spot-checks – very often without reason.

The recent demonstrations by French police in France against poor working conditions and low pay strongly suggests that there is the possibility that the rank and file of the French police could be waking up to the reality that France is governed by a criminal gang. After the Magnanville terrorist attack in June where two police officers were killed, a police officer at the funeral of the deceased refused to shake the hand of President Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls. It was a highly significant act of insubordination.

The police, who in capitalist societies are the guardians of the ruling class, are beginning to realise the criminality of the people they are protecting; they are perhaps beginning to understand that the role of the state is to impose the dictatorship of one class over another – that of the minority of super wealthy over the labouring masses.

Many of these dissident police officers are linked to Le Pen’s National Front. A reliable source in French intelligence informed me that the secret services spend more time watching the far-right than the so-called ‘far left’. They see the far right as a real potential danger to the ruling order, whereas the far left present no danger but are in fact a key component of ruling class ideology. From the ‘Arab Spring’ to Nuit Debout, the far-left are the life-blood of capitalism. The potential of a major split between the national and compradore bourgeoise of imperial states for prospects of working-class gains is something that needs more study.

What should we make of all this in the context of CETA? As I have said on numerous occasions, the far right in France are and always have been political opportunists who exploit the despair of the masses; they serve the interests of the national bourgeoisie. But the National Front are regularly denounced by the media, not for being right wing. Rather, they are dismissed as being closer to the far left. The prospect of raising worker’s salaries, nationalisation of key industries and a halt on the importation of cheap labour appeal to working-class families.

As I have pointed out before, looking at a debate between the Trotskyist Jean-Luc Melanchon and Marine Le Pen in 2011, one would have thought that Le Pen was the leftist and Melanchon the right-wing militarist. Melanchon shamelessly defended the NATO bombing campaign of Libya, while Le Pen opposed it!

Civil war on the horizon

The right-wing presidential candidate Philippe de Villiers has said there are plans afoot to divide the French territory between Muslims and non-Muslims. He quotes Francois Hollande’s own writings to back up his claims. Everyone is talking about an imminent civil war. In the bars and cafes of Paris, one can hear more and more disgruntled French citizens talking about media disinformation, the demonisation of Russia, the homogenisation of thought and the criminality of the ruling class.

The scene has never been more propitious to a populist takeover of French politics. But one should not have illusions about the National Front; they are following the mendacious Zionist narrative on the war on terror: Muslims are the problem. The party’s vice-president Forian Philippot is close to the ultra-Zionist lawyer Gilles-William Goldnagel, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Philippot recently condemned the comments of presidential candidate Jean-Frédéric Poisson who said Hillary Clinton presented the greatest threat for the world as she is in the pay of the Zionists. Poisson was subsequently forced to kneel before the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) where he sought forgiveness. He was told he would be forgiven but they would never forget! In spite of the National Front’s anti-Muslim bias, an increasing number of Muslims are voting for the party. Many Muslims prefer the National Front as they are sick and tired of being patronised and manipulated by the left – with their pseudo ‘anti-racism’ and ‘humanitarian’ wars.

There have also been major strikes by police in Ireland for similar reasons to France. French workers are losing everything and will soon become a lumpen proletariat. Meanwhile, the French government has programmes in place to encourage migrants heading to Britain to stay in France. The Socialist Party is creating a new electorate. It is a wise move for them because after the next election abstentionism will be the norm and the indigenous lumpen proletariat will resent the migrants. The oligarchs will keep the masses in bondage through GMOS, Takfiri anti-Islam and total reification of life. CETA is the beginning of the end for social hope. It is the prelude to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – the most evil trade deal in history.

French vice-president of the Trilateral Commission Herve de Carmoy wrote a book in 2007 entitled ‘L’Euramerique’ – Euramerica, where he argues for the formation of what amounts to a transatlantic super-state run by a financial oligarchy. CETA is the prelude to that project.

This article first appeared on the American Herald Tribune on the 5th of November 2016. No reproductions or reprints without express permission.

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