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My response to geo-political events as they happen.

The US/Israeli War of Terrorism On Iran

( Picture above Hassan Abbasi and Gearóid Ó Colmáin in Tehran, 2017) The recent US designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps as a “terrorist” organisation marks a new low in US foreign policy. Now the armed forces of another sovereign state have been declared illegal. Iran has never attacked the United States. On the contrary, since the 1979 revolution, the country has been attacked several times by the United States. In 1980, the US forced Sadaam Husein to invade the country with a proxy army called the Mujahedeen Al Khalq. The Iran/Iraq war lasted for over 8 years. Iranians were …

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Europe’s Valley of the Fallen: Reflections on Franco, Feminism and the End of Man

  International Women’s Day has become more militant in recent years. As European civilisation enters a period of terminal crisis, feminism and gender confusion have become the key components of class dictatorship. We have returned to the chaos of the Fall; except in this episode, Eve kills Adam, blocking out all hope of salvation.   On 8 March, International Women’s Day, I visited the Valle de los Caídos – the Valley of the Fallen, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, outside Madrid. A gigantic 500 ft Cross stands on the cupola of a basilica carved into the Sierra de Guadarrama …

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Turkey and Venezuela: A New Geopolitical Alliance

source:https://www.mena-watch.com/venezuelas-maduro-in-tuerkei-als-vorbild-gepriesen/ In a tweet on 6 January, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that had made a telephone call to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who assured him of Turkey’s support for Venezuelan sovereignty. As President Maduro is inaugurated for a second term, does this mark the beginning of a new strategic alliance between the two nations and what would such an alliance mean for Turkey’s relationship with the United States? A strategic alliance between Turkey and Venezuela appears contradictory, given Turkey’s imperial ambitions and belligerent stance against Syria. But, as I have pointed out before, under Erdogan’s leadership Turkey has …

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Brazil’s new president is an opponent of globalism, not a puppet

Photograph: Pilar Olivares/Reuters He was never going to be the kind of man the oligarchy could promote: homophobic; misogynist; racist; nationalist; eco-sceptic and, worst of all, white; Christian and heterosexual –  Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro is anything but cool! Reaction with a capital ‘R’ has come to Brazil. How did this happen and what does the future hold? When leftists were jumping up and down supporting elite-funded regime change protests in 2013, I warned what would happen: regime change would open the door to further globalist penetration. But the Empire had banked more on a Brazilian Obama such as …

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Love your enemy!Reflexions on the Pittsburgh massacre

  The recent mass murder of Jews in a Pittsburgh Synagogue have shocked and horrified the world. The attacks highlight, once again, America’s psychotic pandemic and the seemingly unstoppable proliferation of evil and hatred in a godless society.   President Trump has strongly condemned the attacks, yet the leaders of organised Jewry such as the Anti-Defamation League have blamed Trump for the rise of what they refer to as ‘white nationalism’. But little or no mention is made of Trump’s close relationship with Israel, the so-called ‘Jewish State’. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former Chief Strategist, was the editor of Breitbart News …

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Trump and the Disease of Middle-Class Leftism

As mid-term elections approach in the United States, President Trump’s political future is at stake. In this essay, I argue that these elections are not only about Trump’s future but the future of reason and civilisation in a world where madness has seized the reins of power. This is perhaps the first time in modern history where expressing support for the US president could get you fired from your job, or abruptly excluded from polite company. Ask any respectable middle-class person what they think of Trump and you are sure to hear negative feedback: how could anyone defend such an …

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Wildcats and Persian Cats: Trump’s Twitter War on Iran

Since assuming office in 2016, President Trump has surprised and outraged many of his liberal critics. His latest incendiary tweets against Iran have perplexed fans and foes alike. But the Trump administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran have far more in common than their rhetorical outbursts would suggest. So Donald Trump is ranting and raving about Iran again. The liberal media are saying he’s trying to distract their attention from his recent ‘evil’ encounter with Vladimir Putin. He’s trying to appear tough again. But Trump’s pronouncements on Iran are so bizarre, so disconnected from any reality, that they just …

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The Helsinki Summit and Future of Syria: Is Trump a Peacemaker?

The liberation of the city of Daraa by the Syrian Arab Army signals the possible end of the 7-year war which has devastated the country. Daraa, a city along the Lebanese border, was the scene of the first violent confrontations between armed groups and police in March 17 2011. I visited Syria in April of 2011 and had the opportunity to investigate the events of that day. Syrian state media showed aerial footage of snipers shooting into the crowd and at police. I discovered that the technique of hidden snipers had also been used in Egypt and Tunisia during the CIA’s …

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French Workers Need More Diversity and Carbon Taxes!

Many media outlets regret that the Spirit of 1968 is lacking among today’s youth. I argue that leftism since 1968 is essentially a culture of death and moral turpitude. What is lacking today is coherent class analysis. For the past few months, there have been major strikes in France’s SNCF railways. The Macron government wants to privatise the railway; French workers are resisting. French railways are among the achievements of post- 1945 France. The dirigiste economic model started under General Pétain and continued under his protegé and later rival Charles de Gaulle; it’s an inconvenient truth for many on the …

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