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Le cartel narco-socialiste : Morales, le Pape et le chaos en Bolivie

novembre 28, 2019Par Gearóid Ó Colmáin Dans cette série en trois parties, je vais dévoiler les crimes du régime de Morales en Bolivie et démontrer qu’il a été un atout de l’impérialisme, plutôt qu’un opposant. Partie un : un écologiste narcotrafiquant menant une guerre contre la classe ouvrière L’éviction du président bolivien Evo Morales le 10 novembre dernier par l’opposition de droite soutenue par les États-Unis, a été décrite comme étant un coup d’état classique de la CIA. Etant donné la reconnaissance immédiate du gouvernement par intérim de Jeanine Anez Chávez, le changement de régime semble être une victoire pour l’administration Trump. …

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Narco-Socialist Cartel: Morales, the Pope and the Chaos in Bolivia

In this three-part series, I will expose the crimes of the Morales regime in Bolivia and show how he has been an asset of imperialism, rather than an opponent. Part One: A Narco-trafficking environmentalist wages war on the working class. The ousting of President Evo Morales of Bolivia on 10 November by the US-backed right-wing opposition is being described as a classic CIA coup. Given the immediate recognition of the interim government under Jeanine Añez Chávez, the regime change appears to be a victory for the Trump administration. Addressing the Sao Paulo Forum, former Spanish Prime Minister José Luís Rodríguez …

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Chile’s Protesters are Tools of Neoliberalism

source: The social uprising which has occurred in recent weeks in Chile has made unanimous news: rising living costs, soaring inequalities, privatised public services, poor pensions — these are the reasons Chile’s masses are on the streets. The average salary in Chile is $778 a month, while the cost of living is comparable to Western Europe! 1% of the country’s population owns 26.5% of the wealth. So, there is no doubt about the necessity to radically reduce inequality in the country. But is this social movement part of a revolutionary uprising in Latin America against capitalism? I will argue here …

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La France abandonne-t-elle l’Afrique pour des objectifs européens?

Une rencontre secrète s’est tenue entre le secrétaire général de l’Elysée Alexis Kholer et son homologue camerounais Ferdinand Ngoh Ngho source: en.wikipedia.org Le 19 août dernier, Alexis Kohler, le secrétaire général de l’elysee et plus proche conseiller du président Macron, à l’occasion d’un voyage d’agreement de 48 Heures en Suisse à rencontré fortuitement dans un hôtel son homologue camerounais Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. La rencontre aurait été organisée par l’un des amis et conseiller du secrétaire général de la présidence Camerounaise le député européen Jean-Luc Schaffhauser. Ce dernier lors des élections présidentielles françaises, était intervenu pour l’obtention des prêts russes en …

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Is France abandoning Africa for EU Objectives?

A secret meeting between the Cabinet Chiefs of France and Cameroun sacrifices French interests in favour of the EU. Source: r1.mu On 19 August, Alexis Kohler, Macron’s cabinet chief, met with his Cameroonian counterpart Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, while ostensibly on holiday in Switzerland. The meeting was apparently organised by Jean-Luc Schaffhauser who had previously organised Russian loans for France’s far-right Front National leader Marine le Pen. It is unclear if the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the meeting. Family Business The meeting discussed the takeover of Douala port by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and its subsidiary Terminal Investment Limited (TIL). MSC is owned …

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Genocide in India’s Assam State: Islamo-Leftists are Responsible

Source: enewsroom.in “If we don’t stop it now, we may end up in refugee camps.” That’s what one Assamese citizen told journalists in the documentary ‘Assam- The Silent Genocide’. Assam is a state in India’s north-eastern region. Since the country’s independence from Britain in 1947, the Muslim population of the state has increased exponentially. Several of the regions of Assam which lie along the border with Bangladesh are now majority-Muslim. What was an insignificant minority during the 19th century has now, through mass immigration, become one-fifth of the state’s population. The predominantly Hindu population of Assam say their lands are being …

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The Kashmir Crisis and the Information War against India

On 5 August the Indian government issued a presidential decree abrogating Article 370 of the Constitution which granted special status to the disputed Jammu Kashmir region, a territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. But the international press coverage of this story has been almost universally hostile and one-sided. It has been practically impossible to find out from the international press reports what the Indian Government’s side of the story. The BBC, Aljazeera, New York Times, CNN have all joined the Pakistani government in condemning India’s “invasion” of Kashmir. Many pundits are even predicting that the move could cause a …

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