My response to geo-political events as they happen.

Is George Floyd a Martyr? A Response to my Critics

Police Captain David Dorn, murdered by capitalist shock troop supporters of George Floyd while trying to defend the working class After being publicly slandered by Lebanese journalist Marwa Osman and US Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, Ajamu Baraka, I have decided here to clarify some important matters concerning imperialism and anti-imperialism The riots in the United States, sparked after the murder of George Floyd, have raised a number of important issues. What role does race play in class struggle? Which class wields power? What is the importance of race in the struggle against imperialism? I have come across a number …

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Is the UN Preparing Children for Abduction?

The COVID-19 crisis has had a traumatic impact on children. Now, the corrupt UN appears to be preparing children for separation from their families.  The UN’s Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IGSC), which overseas humanitarian assistance to war-torn areas, has just published a children’s book about coronavirus titled “ My Hero is You.”The book has been translated into several languages and is recommended for schools. While it is claimed that the story was a collaborative effort between parents, caregivers and children from around the world, the underlying theme is sinister. The storybook’s main protagonist is a “friendly” dragon who comes to comfort a child …

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The Tempter’s Melting Pot Regime

PCR tests don’t test viruses The word test comes from the Latin root testum, “pot.” A testum was a pot in which metals were tried, a melting pot. Since the outbreak of the corona hysteria pandemic, the imprisoned people of Europe have been told that they will have to undergo tests in order to be able to circulate. The tests are called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests. They were invented by the Nobel prize-winning biophysicist Dr Kary Mullis. But there is one problem: Mullis says the tests cannot be used to detect viruses! So we will undergo tests which do …

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A Poisoned Crown: St Corona and World Government

The following reflection argues that France needs to come to terms with its own history if it is to lead Europe again, while Christians should study the culture that venerated St Corona, a culture of valour rather than fear. You probably have it, and if you don’t you probably will. Coronavirus from the Latin coruna, crown and virus, poison is one of the millions of bits of scrap DNA floating around in our bodies. The human body is a metabolic machine which takes in nutrients and expels toxins all the time. Disease (or rather dis-ease) occurs when that metabolic process gets …

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