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My response to geo-political events as they happen.

In Defense of Pesticide

Leftist alt-globalists have become the avant-garde of the most tyrannical regime in history. This article argues that radical Catholic insurgency is the only force that will defeat this spiritual and ideological pestilence. Billionaire Jeff Besos eating a cockroach Something needs to be done about them. Those anti-vaxers and conspiracy theorists, those who don’t believe. Our patience is running out. They need to behave. All over the global media, one hears the same refrain: All covid insurgents need to be dealt with in the interests of “public security.” The Irish premier (I won’t call that thing a Taoiseach), said recently that …

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Doctor Death comes for Belarus

When Alexander Lukashenko was elected in 1994 as the President of the newly-formed former Soviet Republic of Belarus, poor farmers, unemployed workers, and all those who had lost everything they had worked for after the fall of the Soviet Union had great hope for the future. A former director of a collective farm who stood up against corruption, Lukashenko opposed the dissolution of the USSR. He knew that corrupt cadres had taken over the Communist Party and that the privatisation they were proposing was simply a ruse to line their own pockets, at the expense of the Soviet worker. While …

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Is George Floyd a Martyr? A Response to my Critics

Police Captain David Dorn, murdered by capitalist shock troop supporters of George Floyd while trying to defend the working class After being publicly slandered by Lebanese journalist Marwa Osman and US Green Party Vice Presidential candidate, Ajamu Baraka, I have decided here to clarify some important matters concerning imperialism and anti-imperialism The riots in the United States, sparked after the murder of George Floyd, have raised a number of important issues. What role does race play in class struggle? Which class wields power? What is the importance of race in the struggle against imperialism? I have come across a number …

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Is the UN Preparing Children for Abduction?

The COVID-19 crisis has had a traumatic impact on children. Now, the corrupt UN appears to be preparing children for separation from their families.  The UN’s Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IGSC), which overseas humanitarian assistance to war-torn areas, has just published a children’s book about coronavirus titled “ My Hero is You.”The book has been translated into several languages and is recommended for schools. While it is claimed that the story was a collaborative effort between parents, caregivers and children from around the world, the underlying theme is sinister. The storybook’s main protagonist is a “friendly” dragon who comes to comfort a child …

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