The importance of the date for the Munich Attack?

I just appeared for an extensive live commentary on Press TV on events in Munich, Germany, where a terrorist attack has taken place. I pointed out that today is the 22nd of July, the most important date in the history of the Zionist entity. There are reports of 6 people dead so far. On this day in 1946, Israel carried out its first false flag terrorist attack on the King David Hotel. This day five years ago, Anders Brevik, a far-right patsy massacred dozens of pro-Palestinian activists in Norway. Professor Ola Tunander wrote a detailed study of the event for a peer-reviewed Security Studies journal. His conclusion was that the attack had been orchestrated by Israeli intelligence (Mossad).

The attacks in Munich have taken place in the Olympia Shopping Mall. Today is the 70th anniversary of the false flag terrorist attack which led to the founding of the Jewish State. I have suggested that the planners may want to pay hommage to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre, carried out by two Jewish double agents Abu Nidal and Luttif Affiv and blamed on the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. The attacks in Munich may be random, meaningless, though tragic events. But they may also be about criminalising the exposure of coercive engineered migration, Zionism’s covert war on Germany and driving hatred and suspicion between Muslims and Christian/secularists, all to the benefit of the Zionist entity and its never-ending ‘War on terror’. I will be posting the video soon and the full analysis of this new episode of Gladio.

Update: The Zionists think we are stupid; it is their fatal flaw. A friend has just informed me that the German journalist I mentioned in my last piece on the Nice Attack, Richard Gutjahr, is at the scene in Munich! This guy gets around! He is married to Mossad agent Einat Wilf, a close confidante of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Gutjahr is tweeting from the scene with a tweet in German which reads ”Stehe vor dem OEZ” I’m standing outside the Olympia Einkaufzentrum( shopping mall).” Being an intelligence journalist is obviously an exciting job.

Richard, es ist ein sehr gutes Jahr fur dich!

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is an Irish journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalisation, geopolitics and class struggle.

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  1. Wasn’t the saudi meeting yesterday at the King David Hotel with Knesset members? Yes they were…

  2.… The presume shooter is Iranian descent… Is this a subliminal message… Will we see an attack soon in Iran?

  3. Laika von old Monkshusen

    Yes, the whole founding of the Zionist entity was of course a monstrous fraud, and by way of monstrous wars, organized by them.
    WWI was organized by the AngloZionists (UK/US) to destroy Germany (& the Russian/Ottoman Empire), and Germany is in essence a Zionist colony since 1918; occupied, looted, taken over.
    So who could possibly have organized the Nazi tyranny? An anti-AngloZionist? Impossible! It is as plain as day who created and organized it.
    Schücklgruber was actually the real founder of the Zionist entity. and the plan was of course, that he’d defeat Stalin’s Soviet Union at that. The last Chancellors of Austria & Germany knew very well who Schücklgruber was, and had solid proof of that. Guess what happened to Dollfuss, von Schleicher, and Schuschnigg’s very competent wife? This was/is a taboo: . . . . . . for obvious reasons.

  4. I’m glad there’s one journalist with bit of sense.

  5. The Munich attacker is by no means Iranian he has never been to Iran and has no cultural or any ties to Iran.
    Iranian armed forces are the only true anti terrorist forces fighting the ISIL both in Iraq and Syria we have sacrificed many of our best valorous young men to clean the region from the filth of terrorism initiated by US, Saudia, Qatar and Turkey supported by many European countries specially France and Germany , psychological warfare and personality disorder are few of the sciences developed by US and Russians during the cold war these methods are being used by Israel’s Mosad to train sick, demented and lost individuals to carry out such attacks without even knowing what they are doing, think about who will eventually benefit and what people will pay the price, sick person in Nice kills people for Mosad and innocent civilians in Aleppo Syria get bombed….this whole thing is so sick……..

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