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“The EU is an administrative dictatorship, it ignores national parliaments.”

“The EU is essentially an administrative dictatorship, it ignores national parliaments. It doesn’t allow them any say if they vote against a treaty they are asked to vote again. If you have an army implementing unpopular EU policy that’s a very negative prospect.” “If you merge national armies into a transnational army then it’s the transnational state that has the power.”

The Irish leadership has distanced itself from the plans for EU’s own army, media reports suggest. This came after EU’s top diplomat Federica Mogerini said that the Brexit opened the door for EU’s military structures operating autonomously from NATO. “We have the political space today to do things that were not really doable in previous years,” Ms Mogherini said, according to The Times. A detailed timetable for the project will be presented next week at Friday’s summit. The plan will bring such countries as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland to create permanent structures that will act on behalf of the EU. It could also include an EU military planning and operations centre in Brussels, which, as some experts say, may eventually result in the rise of an EU-led rival to NATO.

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